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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Devil May Care"

Season 9, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Dean kidnaps Crowley in order to find the demons on earth. Meanwhile, Abaddon reappears and plans to take over hell.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2013
Guest Cast Osric Chau: Kevin Alaina Huffman: Abaddon
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Season 9, Episode 2
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Length: 41:19
Aired: 10/15/2013
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Supernatural Recap: "Devil May Care" Season 9, Episode 2

Sam's "better" meaning he's healing with the help of Ezekiel...unbeknownst to him, of course. But there's no time to rest as he, Dean and Kevin deal with a captured Crowley. Plus, Abaddon's back and as badass as ever. Do Sam and Dean have what it takes to walk away from a confrontation with this wannabe ruler of hell?

This was a tale of two halves for me. While I was totally cool with the first half of "Devil May Care," it was the second half that had most of my attention. The first part of the episode involved Dean getting Sam up to speed on all things fallen angels, human Cas and Crowley. The brothers Winchester locked up the King of Hell and left him alone to stew in his self-proclaimed "delicious juices." And then there was the matter of resurrecting Abaddon.

It was all well and good but once Sam and Dean faced Abaddon and her military demon henchmen -- that's when things didn't just get interesting they got deep, beautiful and action-packed. Four scenes really stood out for me:

1. Dean vs. Abaddon: "You're the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas."

I think Alaina Huffman's Abaddon is my favorite demon in a female meat suit since the Nicki Aycox version of Meg Masters. She and Jensen share tons of chemistry. I almost feel bad that Abaddon and Dean are massive enemies because they look so good together. She needs to be around all season. Pretty please, Jeremy Carver? Yet on that note: Abaddon possessing Dean. Can you imagine if that ever happened? EPIC.

2. Dean and Zeke talk: "I am in Sam's head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know, that what you did, you did out of love."

This was a beautiful conversation, in my estimation. It's natural for Dean to take on the guilt. That's what the Winchesters do. He feels he talked Sam out of shutting down the gates of hell. So every death inflicted by a demon? He's going to feel responsible. But Ezekiel, in Sam's body, with Sam's voice, he assured Dean that what he did was right. He did it for love. He did it to protect his brother. He even assured Dean that having Zeke possess Sam to heal him was the right thing to do. That just hit me hard. It was good to hear someone reassure Dean that he was making the right decisions. Especially in an episode where Dean spent time trying to bolster other people's spirits. And for the record, I'm going to trust Ezekiel too. He better not betray Sam, Dean or me. Jared did a great job playing Ezekiel, by the way. Loved his reactions. And his confidence. He found a way to make himself sound different from Soulless Sam.

3. Dean inducts Kevin into Team Free Will: "Because you're family. After all the crap we've been through. After all the good that you've done. Man, if you don't think that we would die for you. I don't know what to tell you. Because you, me, Sam and Cas -- we are all we've got."

This conversation just about did me in. Crowley had messed with Kevin's head. Said his mother may be alive. Had him thinking the Winchesters were only using him. But they're not. Yes, he's valuable to them. But he's more than that. He's family. He's a friend. He's someone they want to protect. And as for Dean, his speech made me realize how much he's matured. Yes, he still has self esteem issues. Yes, he's still drinking (but it was only a small one). He's taking responsibility. He's making tough decisions. He's protecting those that need protecting. And he's letting them in even though Dean's not good at the whole "love" thing like he said earlier in the episode. For someone who isn't good at it, he sure knows when to pony up and show how much he cares. Kevin was tearing up. So was I. Jensen just blows me away with each episode. He's incredible.

4. Sam and Dean share a drink: "I look around and I see friends and family. I am happy with my life for the first time in...forever."

Hearing Sam say things are good and that he's happy was so satisfying. But I want him to remember this feeling. When the fit hits the shan and Dean's secret is outed -- I want him to think back to this moment.

Random Thoughts

-I don't think I've said anything about the Supernatural title page yet. Loved the angel wings effect. I approve.

-It was odd seeing other hunters in the mix. I sometimes forget that there are others out there. My focus is purely on Sam and Dean (and Cas).

-Mark Sheppard was his usual awesome self as Crowley (that near-breaking point scene was stellar). And it was so good to see Osric Chau. Crowley and Kevin's scenes were so good. What does Crowley mean about Kevin being his new favorite toy? And I do love Crowley telling Sam and Dean they have no "leverage" considering Sheppard was on TNT's Leverage a few times before the show went off the air in late 2012.

-Zeke (in Sam's body) going angel-errific all over those demons' asses was simply amazing. And I love it every time they show angel wings.

-Poor Sam having to be faced with Tracy's story about her parents killed by demons celebrating "some dumb kid who let Lucifer out of his cage."

-Andrew Dabb did a fantastic job with the dialogue. It's great to see how he's developed as a writer from his first SPN until now.

-I would have liked to have seen Crowley alone a little longer. Just to see what would have happened.

-A Hunger Games reference and Avenger aliases. And Kevin Solo anyone? Love this show.



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Sam's "better" meaning he's healing with the help of Ezekiel...unbeknownst to him, of course. But there's no time to rest as he, Dean and Kevin deal with a captured Crowley. Plus, Abaddon's back and as badass as ever. Do Sam and Dean have what it takes to walk away from a confrontation with this wannabe ruler of hell?

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