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Supernatural Episode: "Citizen Fang"

Season 8, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Dean comes to Benny's defense when it appears that a vampire is responsible for some deaths.
Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2012
Guest Cast Ty Olsson: Benny Jon Gries: Martin
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Season 8, Episode 9
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Aired: 12/5/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Citizen Fang" Season 8, Episode 9

Is Benny a true blue vampire again? That's what Sam wants to know when a body turns up dead and Dean's Purgatory pal is the suspect. Plus, it's almost an entire episode of Sam vs. Dean. Who's right? Who's in the wrong? And how does Amelia figure into things? We find out whether she's real or simply Memorex in "Citizen Fang."

Well, I don't know about you guys, but that was a pretty painful episode to watch. I'm not quite sure I have the stomach for these brotherly battles anymore. I am sorry I'm repeating myself for the millionth time, but every time I think it can't get worse between the Winchesters, it does. I cannot believe the crimes against brotherhood that Sam and Dean perpetrated in "Citizen Fang":

-Sam getting Martin to track Benny was a bad idea from the beginning. It just was. Martin's unstable. He's fresh off the loony bin boat. It's no wonder he went off the deep end at the end of the episode.

-Dean faking an SOS text from Amelia to get Sam out of the way — while clever — was utterly cruel. I know Sam was being hardcore about going after Benny but what Dean did was such a low blow. It just wasn't cool in any way.

-Yes, it was Martin who decked Dean. But Sam went with it. And they handcuffed him to the radiator, too. Sam may have taken the hard line with Martin after the fact. But, fact is, he let him do it. He didn't go back and uncuff his brother. He decided going after Benny was more important. Boo.

-I don't know if Benny killing Martin means what Sam might think it means. A rogue vamp was responsible for the dead bodies. But Martin put a human in danger in order to get Benny. I just don't think Martin was in his right mind — there was something weird going on there. If Martin hadn't pushed things to the nth degree, Benny wouldn't have killed a human. I'm torn on this. And I'm trying to figure out how each brother is going to react when Supernatural returns in 2013. Will Sam continue to go after Benny? Will Dean continue to fight him at every step?

-There just isn't enough trust going on between the brothers. A small amount of it was present ... at first. Dean asked for a couple hours to work out this Benny thing. Sam gave it to him. Dean said he'd keep in touch. He did -- and he told the truth about finding Benny with blood on his hands. But then everything went off the rails. Partly because I don't think Sam wanted to believe in Benny's innocence. Partly because Martin wasn't getting the Purgatory connection that existed between Dean and Benny. And partly because in Dean's world, he'll have faith until you show him a reason not to have faith.

-Although I do agree with Dean that just about everyone in his life has let him down at one time or another, I do have a problem with him saying Benny has never let him down. That statement may be true but he's only known the guy for a year. I know that it was a doozy of a year. They developed a strong bond. It probably feels like they've known each other forever. But it's still been a year. Benny may let him down yet. I hope not. But one never knows on this show.

I think "Citizen Fang" was a good, intense episode. I loved the Benny and Dean interaction lots. And I'm wondering if Sam's going to achieve some closure with Amelia. But, in the end, I do think that your level of enjoyment for "Citizen Fang" depends on your threshold for seeing these brothers at odds. Me? I love drama and angst and can't wait to see how dark a show can go. But, at the same time, I also miss the fun Winchesters vs. the World (and Beyond) we used to get...a long, long time ago.

Random Thoughts

Sam told Dean: "Benny's a vampire. And any hunter worth his salt isn't gonna let one just walk around freely." Lenore much, Sam? Granted, Lenore seemed very into the animal blood thing in Season 2's "Bloodlust." Even though it wasn't her fault, in Season 6's "Mommy Dearest," we learned she did end up feeding on a human. That is something that could have been prevented had they ganked her back in the day. So did Sam learn his lesson? He's not tracking down the lady werewolf from "Bitten." Why is he so adamant about Benny?

When Martin was walking back to town after Sam ditched him, didn't he sound different on that phone call with Dean? At first, I thought some rogue vampire that wasn't Desmond turned him. Turned out he was just cray cray. I think.

Loved seeing Kathleen Munroe again. This is a recycle I don't mind at all. Remember her? She was Lisa's friend in Season 3's "The Kids are Alright" -- the one with the scary kid who was making her life hell. She tried to drown her child in a lake in order to get rid of her. I thought she did such a fantastic job in that episode. Since starring on Supernatural, she's gone on to appear in a number of shows. She was one of the Audrey Parkers on Syfy's Haven. More recently, she was Dr. Rosen's messed up super-powered daughter on Syfy's Alphas. And she played Don Flack's troubled sister in a few episodes of CBS' CSI: NY. In "Citizen Fang," I liked her little flirtation with Dean (and the pie talk). Too bad she was Benny's great granddaughter. And too bad she's been baptized in the sick and twisted world of the supernatural. She looked like a mess at the end.

We got more Sam/Amelia flashbacks. The transitions into them were a little better but continued to be slightly awkward. And, yes, still no chemistry between Sam and Amelia.

I like how they show Benny struggling with the bloodlust. It's a constant battle for an on the wagon vampire.

Did Sam play the martyr so Amelia could have another go with Don? That Sam and Don conversation at the bar was a very adult one. It may have convinced Sam to take himself out of the equation. Is that how things ended between the two? Amelia and Don certainly looked like things worked out in the present.

For everybody who thought that Amelia wasn't real and was a figment of Sam's grief-induced post-wall crumbling imagination -- what do you think now we know she really exists?

I do love the fact that Dean kept telling Benny not to underestimate Sammy. That's so true.

I think Sam was surprised Dean gave in so easily and agreed to go to Louisiana to check out the Benny case.

Loved Martin's first appearance in Season 5's "Sam Interrupted." Not so much in "Citizen Fang." What did he mean when he told Dean "I'm long gone, too?"

Seems like Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin are writing separately these days. Dabb wrote "Huneri Heroici"; Loflin wrote "Citizen Fang."

More Big Daddy Winchester talk. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, where are you?

The brothers are distant. Sam is finally facing Amelia in the present. Let the winter hellatus begin. Supernatural Season 8 returns Wednesday, January 16 at 9/8c on the CW.

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Is Benny a true blue vampire again? That's what Sam wants to know when a body turns up dead and Dean's Purgatory pal is the suspect. Plus, it's almost an entire episode of Sam vs. Dean. Who's right? Who's in the wrong? And how does Amelia figure into things? We find out whether she's real or simply Memorex in "Citizen Fang."

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