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Supernatural Episode: "Southern Comfort"

Season 8, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean encounter an avenging ghost responsible for a murder.
Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2012
Guest Cast DJ Qualls: Garth
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Season 8, Episode 6
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Length: 41:59
Aired: 11/7/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Southern Comfort" Season 8, Episode 6

Dean and Sam track down a lead in Kearney, Mo., where grudges are serious business; their pal Garth turns out to be the new Bobby; and Sam and Dean have the opportunity to do some venting...with their fists.

Wow, I thought the title of this episode was "Southern Comfort." There wasn't much comfort going on at all. Well, Garth did his best, but by the end of the hour, I needed a shot of Southern Comfort to calm my nerves. Before I dissect and analyze the brotherly battle that goes down, I want to talk about the return of Garth. We first met the quirky, perky dude in "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!" And then ran into him again in "Party On, Garth."

In the year Sam and Dean were out of the family business, some things have actually changed. Garth has gotten strangely competent. He always was but it's different now. Apparently, he's transitioned into the new Bobby (or at least he's trying to). This means, he's the lifeline to hunters everywhere, he gives them advice, and helps them out of jams. Plus, he's wearing one of Bobby's hats and he's continued to do the hunting solo thing. Oh, and then there's the appropriating of some Bobby-isms like saying "balls" and "idjits." It did make me miss Bobby, but I give Garth an "A" for effort.

I love Sam and Dean's reactions to running into their hunter pal. The looks on their faces as they adjust to this new existence are classic. They don't know what to make of Garth. Plus, they're in a bit of denial -- or at least Dean is -- about his taking on this expanded role in the wake of their mentor/father figure's death. Garth is hurt when Dean basically gives him the "I know Bobby and you are no Bobby" speech:

Garth: "Bobby belonged to all of us, Dean. Not just you and Sam."

I know a lot was revealed about the late hunter in "Weekend at Bobby's." He helped whoever needed it whenever it was needed. But, because what we continue to watch week in and week out is the story of Sam and Dean, I must say, I will always feel Bobby had the strongest connection to the brothers over any other hunter. Having said that, I love that Garth wants to be more integral in the hunting world, especially after having learned the guy not only went to college, but he became a dentist. A dentist that happened to kill the tooth fairy. Did I hear that right? I like that Garth is a unique hunting individual -- he hasn't let this life get him down.

The case of the week is what leads us to another Winchester smackdown. The spectre of an unknown soldier causes people to take their grudges out in brutal fashion. For example, a wife runs over her husband who cheated on her back in the day. Some of these grudges or betrayals are trivial -- someone wants money that's owed to them; another is sick of doing their boss' reports. Sam and Dean burn the bones of the poor soldier (who was killed by this brother who fought on the opposite side of the Civil War) but that doesn't do anything. A penny keeps the spectre alive. Whoever touches the penny goes all dark side and when the cloud of vengeance lifts, they have no recollection of what they've done.

Dean's forced to hold the evil penny. And, once again, something supernatural enables us to find out what the brothers are thinking (kind of like in "Asylum" and "Sex and Violence," to name a couple episodes). With gun in hand, Dean says Sam should have looked for him in Purgatory. What makes this all so extra hard is that I can't stop sympathizing with both sides.

-I get where Sam's coming from with Benny. Dean once said to Sam and Cas (separately) that if what they were doing wasn't wrong, then why did they feel the need to keep it a secret. I keep thinking about that with Dean. If he didn't think his alliance or friendship or whatever he has going on with Benny wasn't wrong, then why didn't he tell Sam right away about how he got out of Purgatory? Why has he told Sam virtually nothing about what went on over there?

-You have to bring up Amy, when you talk about Benny. I get why Sam's angry...up to a point. Amy killed her mom in order to save Sam. That bonds people. Only thing is Amy and Sam, ultimately knew each other briefly. Dean and Benny fought alongside each other for the better part of a year. Benny's the reason why Dean got out. Since Sam wasn't looking for him at all, how was his escape going to happen if he didn't make the decision to trust a vampire? Dean says if Benny slips up and another hunter kills him, then cool. It's implied he's not going to be one to do it. Sam says don't be surprised if he ends up being the one. Is it because it's the right thing to do? Or is it because Dean did what he did to Amy?

-I would love it if Dean would acknowledge that Sam deserved to live the normal life. He may not have liked it but he has to see that after what Sam's been through -- losing his soul and being Lucifer's meat suit and all the way back to losing Jessica -- he deserved it. Constantly throwing the year off in Sam's face isn't very healthy either. I will say I don't know if Sam has completely sold me on why he didn't look for Dean at all. I don't know if the show has done enough to sell me on why just yet.

-I feel if Sam and Dean would truly talk about what each of them has been through the past year, they would understand what's going on better. And it needs to happen without the yelling and without the fists. There must be a better line of communication here. Who knows? Maybe this battle of the brothers will set the Winchesters on a better path.

"Southern Comfort" is a fun and slightly frustrating episode at the same time. It's fun for the Garth factor and frustrating because we're still talking about the past since the boys haven't dealt with it properly. Man, they need to salt and burn all that baggage pronto, right? Give it a hunter's funeral and let's be done with it.

Random Thoughts

-The deaths were particularly brutal and bloody in this episode.

-Loved the MC Hammer tune as one of Garth's ring tones.

-Sam's still eating salad.

-As much as I liked the music video that told the tale of the penny, it was unnecessary. I would have loved to have more of Sam and Dean battling. That part felt too short. As much as I hate when the boys fight, some of Jared and Jensen's best scenes are when the brothers get physical -- they really make the punches look real. So, for me, the scene needed to go on a lot longer.

-Garth punching Dean while under the influence is the only way he'd get away with punching Dean.

-Sam flashbacks. I love that he gets his normal life -- or as normal as he can get under the circumstances. We now know Amelia lost her husband who was off fighting in Afghanistan. He tells her he lost his brother. I don't know. I feel like I need to see more of just how lost he was without Dean. I wish we would get another glimpse of Sam's normal life that didn't have to do with Amelia.

-Garth hugs are the best, right?

-The promo for the next episode looks awesome. Cas!!!!

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Dean and Sam track down a lead in Kearney, Mo., where grudges are serious business; their pal Garth turns out to be the new Bobby; and Sam and Dean have the opportunity to do some venting...with their fists.

Wow, I thought the title of this episode was "Southern Comfort." There wasn't much comfort going on at all. Well, Garth did his best, but by the end of the hour, I needed a shot of Southern Comfort to calm my nerves. read more

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