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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "There Will Be Blood"

Season 7, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean must locate three key items to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, and Castiel aids them in their request. Meanwhile, Bobby attempts a new ghost trick that turns out to be extremely dangerous.
Original Air Date: May 11, 2012
Guest Cast James Patrick Stuart: Dick Roman Rick Worthy: Alpha Jim Beaver: Bobby
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Season 7, Episode 22
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Length: 42:30
Aired: 5/11/2012
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Supernatural Recap: There Will Be Blood Season 7, Episode 22

Sam and Dean Winchester are on a mission to track down the necessary blood to create a weapon that can do away with the Leviathan. Hence, the return of a couple of welcome faces from the Supernatural universe. Plus, Bobby's vengeful tendencies are increasing in strength. How do you think he handles things when the Winchesters try to bench him? Let's just say not well.

It's the second to last episode so it's all about dealing with the Leviathan and their quest to turn the human population into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dick Roman has acquired a company called Sucrocorp (remember the fake commercial from "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo?"). This allows him to take his plan to a more global level. The Leviathan have moved beyond dosing humans turducken-style in restaurants and are targeting everywhere food is sold. They are turning humans into walking slacker zombies by lacing the high fructose corn syrup with their own special recipe, which, ultimately, will make it easier to serve humans up as barbecue or whatever style of cuisine they choose.

Meanwhile, Bobby appears to Dean in the bathroom of all places. He's not looking good. His anger is triggered way too easily. I don't like seeing Bobby this way at all. It's about as painful for me to see him like this as it is for Dean and Sam. I don't really want to see Ghost Bobby go all vengeful on us. I just don't. I want to remember him as Sam and Dean's faithful father figure. However, he does manage to help the brothers out with the intel on the blood that is needed for the Leviathan-killing weapon:

Bobby: "The only way to kill the Leviathan is with a bone washed in the three bloods of the Fallen. It's got to be from a human as light and good as the Leviathan are hungry and dark."

Dean: "Yeah, good luck with that."

Bobby: "The rest is doable. And doable now. You've already got the fallen angel blood. Next up is the blood from the ruler of fallen humanity. Now, the best I can tell, that's Crowley. Numero tres is the Father of fallen beasts."

Dean: "Which means?"

Bobby: "You got to bleed an Alpha."

Dean: "But they're all dead."

I do find it odd that Ghost Bobby had to help Sam and Dean figure out they need Crowley's blood as well as the blood of an Alpha. You think they'd be able to figure that part out themselves. I guess it gives Bobby a purpose as he slowly descends into vengeful mode. What the Winchesters really need help on is deciphering the "human as light and good as the Leviathan are hungry and dark" part. I guess that'll happen in the finale. Until then, Sam and Dean have some work to do:

-They summon Crowley, who tells them he'll be more than glad to donate his blood to the cause. Just not yet. He doesn't want his blood out there for an unprotected amount of time. He'll give his blood last. He also gives them a way to locate an Alpha. In this case, it's the Alpha Vamp, who isn't as dead as Sam and Dean had thought. The return of the Alpha Vampire means another Rick Worthy appearance. Yay!

-Sam and Dean find the Alpha's lair but he isn't there. They do find a young woman who has been one of the Alpha Vamp's "special girls" since she was eight. It's all very creepy and disturbing. She eventually leads the brothers to the vampire.

-Apparently whenever vamps feed on the dosed-up humans they get affected and it's easier to get rid of them as well. The Leviathan basically want to be the only game in town. So it's not only humans in danger of being eliminated. It's just about everyone and everything.

-The Winchesters bench Bobby but he finds a way out anyway (he possesses a woman's body) and he disappears. He's probably after Dick Roman.

-Sam and Dean try to warn the Alpha Vamp about Dick and the Leviathan. He doesn't think there's a problem. He thinks Dick will leave him alone.

-When Roman's henchman -- Edgar -- shows up, the Alpha has Sam and Dean locked up so he can confront his frenemy. They even bring up Eve -- the Mother of All. Haven't heard her name since last season.

-Sam uses his considerably awesome lock-picking skills to get them out of their room and back into the action. They end up beheading Edgar.

-In return for disposing of this particularly evil Leviathan, the Alpha Vamp gives them his blood. Sam and Dean save a little boy as well. He was one of the Alphas special kids.

-Dick Roman traps Crowley just when the Winchesters need him.

"There will be Blood" is a strangely low-key hour of television, with bursts of emotion here or there, mainly when Bobby gets vengeful. I would have preferred if more had happened now instead of saving it all up for next week. Having said that, I think it's still one of Supernatural's better penultimate episodes. Next stop: the Season 7 finale.

Random Thoughts

-Poor Kevin Tran, the prophet we were introduced to in "Reading is Fundamental." Dick threatens to kill his mom unless he translates the Word of God.

-You know how everything we've ever known and loved about Supernatural (the Impala, the rock aliases, Bobby and Cas) has taken a back seat for much of this season? There's one more thing that was targeted in "There will be Blood." Junk food. Dean's existed on the stuff since the beginning of the series. And now, because the Leviathan are tainting the corn syrup found in food, Dean can't have his pie. The only thing that's safe to eat is natural food like fruit (the horror!). Sam's cool with it I'm sure. He's used to eating healthy. But, if this had to happen, can they please just give us the Impala back? It's almost the finale! I can't believe we've gone an entire season without Dean's baby. That's just cruel. (And, yes, I know I'm a broken record when it comes to the Impala.)

-Does Crowley not know Cas is back?

-Dean's new leather jacket? I approve. I absolutely approve. Wow.

-I say this every episode he's in, but I'm just full on enjoying James Patrick Stuart's portrayal of Dick Roman.

-Love the dosed-up cop listening to "Why Can't We Be Friends" and using his siren to play along.

-I think my favorite line of the entire episode is the Alpha Vamp's "See you next season." Classic.

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Sam and Dean Winchester are on a mission to track down the necessary blood to create a weapon that can do away with the Leviathan. Hence, the return of a couple of welcome faces from the Supernatural universe. read more

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