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Supernatural Episode: "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"

Season 8, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean rescue Kevin's mother from demons and take her on their quest to find the tablet.
Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2012
Guest Cast Osric Chau: Kevin Lauren Tom: Kevin's mother
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Season 8, Episode 2
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Length: 41:43
Aired: 10/10/2012
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Supernatural Recap: "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" Season 8, Episode 2

Sam, Dean and Kevin work on tracking down the Word of God tablet that has the info on how to close the Gates of Hell. However, there's someone tagging along and it's Kevin's mom. Who knew she'd be as resourceful and badass as her son?

The hunt for the Word of God tablet leads to a very special auction house, where things quickly grow chaotic. It's supposed to be a safe haven for all different kinds of beings, but since the Winchesters are a part of Plutus' auction, it becomes a struggle to get close enough to the tablet to see the spell and to get away from Crowley and his demon minions.

In the Purgatory universe, we finally see what's up with Cas. Dean's not the only one happy to see him. I am too.

What I Loved About "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"

-Mrs. Tran inviting herself along for the ride. There would be no safe house for her. She wants in on the mission.

-Mrs. Tran and Kevin getting tattooed up so a demon possession wouldn't happen. At the tattoo parlor, she didn't feel a thing while Kevin was hurtin' something fierce.

-Mrs. Tran giving that pawn shop guy the shakedown, threatening him on a financial level. He sure didn't want to pay any taxes on that Ferrari.

-Sam and Dean's looks every time Mrs. Tran went all badass or surprised them in some way.

-Both Sam and Kevin showing their scary good arithmetic skills.

-Purgatory Dean (along with Benny) tracking down Cas using any means necessary. This version of Dean is cold, machine-like and ruthless. It's almost as if he has no soul (there's shades of Soulless Sam there). But we know he does have a soul. It's evident when he finally catches up to Cas at the stream.

-The Dean/Cas reunion. There's a hug. Sure, it's pretty much one-sided, but awesome nevertheless. And their scenes together are amazing.

-Cas' explanation for ditching Dean immediately once they landed in Purgatory: He has a price on his head. The Leviathan are (not surprisingly) after him. He said his disappearing act was all to protect Dean. He didn't want his friend to be collateral damage.

-Cas' "peach fuzz." How did he grow some and Dean didn't? Love that Dean mentions the scruff.

-Sam wielding the Thor's Hammer = amazing moment. So sexy.

-Love Sam showing off his demon possession tattoo.

-Dean not passing the metal detector test is very funny. And so him.

What I'm Worried About

Dean's mindset is a little worrying. He's way harsh and seemingly unsympathetic. It starts off small when he balks at going after Kevin's mom. Then there's the guy they interrogated. He flashes-back at the same time he threatens the crook, holding a knife to his neck. And then when Crowley takes over Mrs. Tran's body, he's ready to kill her just like that. And what he says afterward to Sam is so sad. That would have sucked and he would have hated himself for doing it, but it had to be done. We've seen some of what's been going on in Purgatory, but the worst is yet to come. Dean's feeling some major guilt. I want to know why.

Kevin ditching the Winchesters -- I get why he wants to remove himself from the Winchesters' protection. He probably thinks he can handle himself OK because he did for a year. The minute the Winchesters enter the equation his girlfriend gets her neck broken and his mom gets taken over by a demon and almost killed. Kevin says that people Dean doesn't need anymore end up dead. Sam doesn't think that's true. The truth is that Kevin's even more vulnerable without the brothers. I wonder how long it'll take Sam and Dean to catch up to him again?

At the end of the episode, we see Dean trying to hold onto Cas in Purgatory, and at some point, they let go. Cas keeps yelling "Dean!" And then the action cuts to black and the credits come up. How dare they end this episode with a cliff-hanger! I'm just kidding. I'm cool with it. But I need an explanation for what's going on pronto. Just saying.

Random Thoughts/Favorite Lines (courtesy Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin)

-Is it just me or was that "previously" super-long? It was well over a minute long (rough trt = 1:07). Is that longer than usual for a non-classic rock recap? Or am I just noticing this now?

-Lots of close up shots in Purgatory. Don't mind them. Just noticing them.

-I didn't include this in my last blog, but I love the new Supernatural title card. I get a kick every time the show unveils a new one.

-It's a week later and I still can't get the image out of my head of Dean smiling while hugging a vampire (Benny). Every time I watch the episode again (don't ask), I stop at that scene because it's so un-Dean like.

-How did Sam know to do that reverse-exorcism spell? He told Dean he just said the exorcism backward, but he would have to know to do that, right? Is it something he learned while on hiatus from hunting? Also, it was weird not seeing him rid the body of the demon with the power of his mind. Even though he hasn't sucked up any demon blood in forever, I still expect him to take care of the demons that way.

-Lauren Tom is the recast Mrs. Tran. I know her best from Friends (she was Ross' girlfriend Julie) and from the big-screen flick The Joy Luck Club. But she's done a ton of other projects, as well as voiced characters in animated series like Futurama and King of the Hill. She pretty much rocked it as Mrs. Tran.

-I don't know. The first couple of episodes this season feel different. And I like this feeling.

-Do you think Purgatory Dean is channeling the side of himself that enjoyed torturing souls in Hell?

-Do you think when Sam talks to Dean he wonders if this was what it was like when Dean tried to talk to his soulless self?

-Love Sam using rock aliases again (he and Dean were Agents Neil and Sixx -- that would be Motley Crue surnames). I hated that they veered away from that for much of Season 7.

-In my world, Impala trumps Ferrari. Sorry, Magnum.

-Crowley continues to call Sam "Moose." And did he call Dean "Squirrel?" Does he think of Sam and Dean as Rocky and Bullwinkle?

-I really liked getting the perspective regarding Castiel's reputation in heaven from the angel Samandriel. There's the "Sam" name again. Sam Winchester. Samuel Campbell. Samandriel.

-Sam and Dean need to be wary every time Kevin says he wants to be alone.

-Dean: "Let me bottom-line it for you. I'm not leaving here without you. Understand?" Cas: "I understand."

-Crowley: "Listen to Moose, Squirrel."

-Dean: "Uh, well, we got our hacked credit cards, about $2,000 and a -- uh -- Costco membership."

-Auctioneer: "If you're worried about the safety of the prophet, rest assured that we have a strict 'no casting, no cursing, no supernaturally flicking the two of you against the wall just for the fun of it' policy."

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Sam, Dean and Kevin work on tracking down the Word of God tablet that has the info on how to close the Gates of Hell. However, there's someone tagging along and it's Kevin's mom. Who knew she'd be as resourceful and badass as her son? read more

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