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Supernatural Episode: "Of Grave Importance"

Season 7, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean reconnect with an old hunter friend who suddenly disappears in an abandoned house that is haunted by a powerful ghost.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2012
Guest Cast Jamie Luner: Annie Hawkins
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Season 7, Episode 19
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Aired: 4/20/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Of Grave Importance" Season 7, Episode 19

The boys get a call from Annie, a hunter friend. Before they get the chance to meet up with her, she disappears. So, her hunt instantly becomes their hunt. More significantly, Bobby's back and he's in fine, ghostly form. Will the late great hunter be able to connect on a whole otherworldly level with Sam and Dean? He's going to have to learn the ins and outs of being a spirit to do it.

Well, we've hit the home stretch of Season 7. This is, usually, my favorite part of the season because things are supposed to start gaining in intensity as another year winds down to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. "Of Grave Importance" may not be an episode that does much to further the big Leviathan story, but it does deal with one of the secondary arcs and that's Spirit Bobby. He's back and he's doing his best Swayze impression. Although, don't tell him that because he thinks Ghost is full of romantic bull crap.

The previouslies recap is completely devoted to the gruff hunter. It becomes clear he's made the difficult choice to dodge his reaper and stick around to help the boys with the matter of the Leviathan. I don't think that's the only reason he can't let go. He cares about the Winchester brothers. He doesn't want to leave them alone in this world. And that's exactly how it has been for them as of late. They've always needed his help. Why should it be any different now that he's technically gone?

Bobby becomes just as much a part of the case of the week as Sam and Dean. Their fellow hunter, Annie, followed a lead to what turned out to be a seriously haunted house (which was at one time a bordello, a boarding house, and a speakeasy). Two guys are at the heart of the terror. There's Whitman Van Ness and Dexter, an ex-con who was working for Whitman. Because of Dexter's size and past, he's the easy one to blame for all the deaths that have gone down at the house.

In the end, Whitney's the evildoer who framed Dexter. He's feeding off the power of all the ghosts that are stuck in the house after he offed them. Poor Ghost Dexter. He simply tries to warn everyone to get the hell out, but, of course, it's too late because Whitman gets to them first. This includes Annie.

Since Bobby's spirit is tied to the flask Dean seems unnaturally attached to, he has to go wherever it goes. When Sam and Dean's investigation leads to the haunted house, Bobby sees and is able to talk to Annie. He has to tell her the bad news: that if she can talk to him, she's dead. Much of the action of the episode revolves around Bobby and Annie. They try to learn some Ghost 101 so they can move things.

What I like most about the Bobby/Annie scenes is that we're able to get a couple perspectives on what happens after a hunter dies. For Bobby, it's a no brainer to defy the odds and not move on to whatever lies beyond life, whether it's heaven, hell, or nothing at all. For Annie, it's equally a no brainer. She doesn't want to be stuck in the house for an endless amount of time. She wants a hunter's funeral. Her human existence was all work (and some play, as we found out. More on that later).  She was lonely. There's nothing to stick around for. Plus, there's the little matter of the possibility of becoming either a vengeful spirit or what Bobby coined as a spirit with Ghost Alzheimer's. However long that takes, it's not an ideal future. But Bobby's willing to tempt fate in order to complete his unfinished business.

After the boys burn Whitman's bones -- which is just in time because the evil dude is about to get rid of Bobby -- something wonderful happens. When Sam and Dean get back to the house, they're able to actually see Bobby. The late hunter had already clued them into his presence back in the bathroom (and the shower scene!), where he had left a message for the brothers written in steam. So, they finally realize their instincts were right and he has been with them the whole time. And that his spirit is tied to that flask. But, now, they could see him. And as happy as they are to have Bobby back, they know what lies ahead for him should he stay in ghost form. For Dean, that's not completely cool. They gave him the hunter's funeral. What's supposed to happen is Bobby goes to heaven. He gets the peace he deserves after a life spent fighting the good fight.

I can't help but think about the Season 4 episode, "Death Takes a Holiday," and the boy that helped teach Sam and Dean how to kick butt as a ghost. That boy didn't want to leave his mom. What he didn't realize was that he was making things harder for her because she could constantly feel his presence. She wasn't able to move on from his death. She was stuck in a perpetual grief state until he made the decision to move on to the afterlife. Hmm. I'm thinking some of that is happening here as well.

However, Sam and Dean are going to need all the help they can get with the fight they have ahead of them (and seriously, the Winchesters vs. Leviathan rivalry better reach epic proportions sooner rather than later). I'm interested in seeing how this is all going to play out. Will Bobby figure out a way to stay in their world and avoid becoming one of the things they end up trying to vanquish one day? How integral will Bobby be in the battle Sam and Dean have ahead of them? Will Dean and Sam keep Bobby's flask around? Or will they think about doing away with it for Bobby's own good? When Sam suggested to his brother he pack it away, Dean couldn't bring himself to do it. By the end of the episode, Dean threw it in the trunk of their Not Impala. How significant is that?

Random Thoughts

-Jamie Luner played Annie, the doomed hunter. Love her, by the way. She had a younger Ellen Harvelle vibe to her, didn't she? Would have loved to have seen her on the show Annie before. Or would have loved for her to turn into a recurring character. Annie's past with all three guys (Bobby, Dean and Sam) was kind of funny. Love the discussion:

"You know uh -- you know she and Bobby had a thing, right?" "Yeah, I knew that...Really?" "Yeah, Kind of a foxhole thing. Very Hemingway." "Huh. She and I kind of went Hemingway this one time, too." "All right, well...that happens." "What, you too?" "It was a while back. We ended up on the same case. She was stressed. I-I-I didn't...have a soul." "That's a lot of foxholes."

Anyway, Luner's a veteran of television. Loved her in the sitcom, Just the Ten of Us and the primetime soap called Savannah. Loved her even more as Lexi on the original Melrose Place. She took over as Profiler when Ally Walker left the show; she played the male Lt. Cmdr. Voss who transformed himself into a woman named Amanda Reed in a Season 1 episode of NCIS (Amanda turned out to be the villain); and she was a recast Liza Colby on the recently canceled soap, All My Children.

-Is it just me or is Dean out and out driving after imbibing from whatever's in Bobby's flask? I know Dean fancies himself the driver and he's uber stubborn, but I'd like to think Sam would have something to say about this.

-I loved the way that Victoria the ghost kept saying she used to be a "fancy lady" when everyone knew that was just a fancy term for hooker.

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The boys get a call from Annie, a hunter friend. Before they get the chance to meet up with her, she disappears. So, her hunt instantly becomes their hunt. More significantly, Bobby's back and he's in fine, ghostly form. Will the late great hunter be able to connect on a whole otherworldly level with Sam and Dean? He's going to have to learn the ins and outs of being a spirit to do it.

Well, we've hit the home stretch of Season 7... read more

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