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Supernatural Episode: "The Born-Again Identity"

Season 7, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Lucifer drives Sam mad and he ends up in a mental hospital.
Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2012
Guest Cast Mark Pellegrino: Lucifer Misha Collins: Castiel
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Season 7, Episode 17
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Length: 42:10
Aired: 3/23/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Born-Again Identity" Season 7, Episode 17

Sam's hurting from days of not sleeping and a Lucifer in his head he can't stop seeing. After a car runs him over, he ends up in a hospital where it's more than his body that needs healing; it's his mind. Dean's forced to find a more inventive way to cure his little brother. And that leads to the return of two characters from the past: Cas and Meg.

Well, we knew Sam's hellucinations were going to reach a point where they could no longer be denied. They would eventually get the best of him. "Lucifer" has been chipping away at his psyche for months and months and it's finally gotten to the point where the boy cannot function like a normal person. He can't sleep. He can't eat -- unless he'd like to dig into a maggot sandwich. Lucifer's coming up with a million different ways to make it hard for Sam Winchester to exist. It's easy to see why the doctors think he's right at home on the psychiatric floor of the hospital.

I'm sure all of you saw some of the similarities to Season 1's "Faith." Sam even mentioned the last time they looked for a faith healer. This time around, Dean's the one looking for a miracle cure like Sam did in the Season 1 episode. I was waiting for a tired, dejected Sam to say those words Dean threw at him back then: "I'm gonna die. And you can't stop it." And for Dean, to give the awesome reply: "Watch me." Six years ago, Sam was a dying Dean's strength. This time around, Dean's the one to who refuses to give up. He calls their hunter friends in order to find someone who knows anything that could help Sam's dire situation. This leads him to a man named Emanuel.

In order to get to Emanuel, Dean has to go through his wife first. That task becomes easier when he's forced to battle a demon to save Daphne. That's when he comes face to face with her husband. And he looks exactly like Cas. Dean's in complete shock.

While driving back to the hospital with "Emanuel," Dean stops at a convenience store where he ends up battling more demons. Apparently, Crowley no longer has a hands-off policy where the Winchesters are concerned. I guess they haven't taken care of the Leviathan and Dick Roman like he figured they would have by now. So, all bets are off and Dean has to fight off supernatural creatures of the black eye variety. But, he encounters one who helps him get rid of the demons. It's Meg.

Meg's one of Crowley's frenemies; and needs to forge an alliance. She enters a shaky one with Dean. It's even better for her because we all know she has a soft spot for the guy Dean's traveling with -- Castiel. This is the oddest trio of all time. One's a demon (Meg); one's a complete mess (Dean); and one can't remember who he is. But it all seems to work anyway.

Meanwhile, even though Sam's taking a ride through Crazy Town, he manages to work a mini-case with a girl who can't stop seeing or hearing her late brother. As a result, she's in pain emotionally. So much so, she's suicidal. It's an easy case for Sam to solve, even with Lucifer's constant barrage of inanity. All it takes is for him to burn an object of her brother's that is tying his spirit to her and her world. Once the bracelet is gone, her brother is gone. Guess who sticks around? You called it. Lucifer. Although, it's awesome how Sam finds the strength to save someone, especially since he's in much need of being saved himself.

Dean, Cas and Meg arrive at the hospital with a whole slew of demons waiting for them. But first, Meg and Dean end up telling Emanuel the truth. They tell him he's an angel, which in Dean's opinion, isn't a very pleasant thing. The demon and the demon hunter let him know he has enough juice to off all the demons they're about to face. Emanuel doesn't remember but he's willing to try. And what happens is one of the best scenes of the entire episode: he starts smiting the demons. And as he's doing so, we see flashbacks of his introduction to this Supernatural universe. Emanuel remembers meeting Dean. He remembers helping the Winchester brothers. He remembers causing Sam's wall to crumble as well as working with Crowley, swallowing up purgatory, and housing the Leviathan.

It's an amazing sight but it's also sad at the same time. Cas remembers how it all went wrong in the end. He tries to heal Sam's head but it's too late. Then he comes up with the idea to shift things. He ends up apologizing to Sam and then takes on his hellucinations. This is a way for Cas to alleviate his guilt and make up for breaking Sam's head. Dean and Sam leave Cas in the hospital believing that's the safest place for him to be (well, Dean believes that). Watching over him (or whatever she's there to do) is Meg.

I'm so happy Sam may finally have some peace of mind. Maybe he'll sleep for a week (or seven). He deserves it. As much as I loved seeing Mark Pellegrino in another episode, it was also difficult to watch because of the continued damage "Lucifer" inflicted on Sam. It does break my heart that Cas is now going through the same thing. Hopefully, his experience won't be too horrifying.

I really liked "The Born-Again Identity." It felt like this Sera Gamble episode went by so quickly. Don't think Sam will get to savor not having Lucifer in his head because he and Dean have so much to deal with. But I'm looking forward to life without his hellucinations. And I can't wait to see how Cas figures into things again as the season winds down to its conclusion. There's no way they're going to leave them like that in the hospital, right? Right? We know he'll be back. Rachel Miner as Nurse Masters will probably be back too, I would think.

Random Thoughts

-Did Bobby help Dean again? It seems like Dean got some more help of the spiritual or supernatural kind. Some divine intervention helped him find the guy that led him to Cas.

-Cas works fast. He got out of the lake with no memories and no clothes. And then ends up meeting the woman who becomes his wife. She helped him get through this difficult time, but it seems like he built a life for himself as a renowned healer. All this happened in a just a few months. Wow.

-Mark Pellegrino was fantastic as usual.

-Loved Sam's scruffy look. It was kind of sexy.

-Dean's barely holding on. You can just tell.

-One of my other favorite scenes was Dean and Emanuel in the car. Emanuel wants to know about Sam. It's a different dynamic here than what we're used to. Dean knows (and we know) that Emanuel is Cas. But Cas doesn't remember. Dean tells him how his "friend" broke Sam's head. And how he used to be able to shake this stuff off but he can't. Not this time. Emanuel understands. Dean's human, after all. I also loved the part when Emanuel thinks Cas is an odd name.

-The phone number Dean left for the hunters to call him back had a 785 area code. That's the area code for Lawrence, Kansas.

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Sam's hurting from days of not sleeping and a Lucifer in his head he can't stop seeing. After a car runs him over, he ends up in a hospital where it's more than his body that needs healing; it's his mind. Dean's forced to find a more inventive way to cure his little brother. And that leads to the return of two characters from the past: Cas and Meg.

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