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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Out With the Old"

Season 7, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate after a ballerina dances herself to death, and their probe reveals that the ballet slippers the victim wore are cursed. When Dean accidentally touches them, the curse takes hold of him.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2012

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Season 7, Episode 16
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Aired: 3/16/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: Out with the Old Season 7, Episode 16

Sam and Dean head to Portland, Ore., for a case involving cursed objects. The case, however, turns into much, much more. Plus, Sam deals with the consequences of reacting to the Lucifer that's in his mind. We don't see or hear from Mark Pellegrino this time around, but we do see Sam struggle to keep from going under. For instance, he tries life out as an overly-caffeinated insomniac. It doesn't go well.

At first, "Out with the Old" has a "Yellow Fever" vibe going for it after Dean touches the cursed ballet shoes. That vibe doesn't last long, however. Dean gets a couple urges to pas de deux à la Black Swan, but nothing much more than that happens. Investigating the gruesome murders (ballet dancer dances her feet off; a housewife's death by tea kettle) ends up leading the Winchester Brothers to discover a Leviathan presence. A couple of the major bads are posing as real estate agents. The head Leviathan isn't opposed to killing mom and pop business owners in order to acquire their property. Why? Not completely sure just yet. But it's all part of a larger plan. Let's talk some of what we know about the Leviathans (we learned quite a bit in this episode):

-To deal with these purgatory escapees, there's the stuff that's in the over-the-counter cleaners; there's a good ol' fashioned beheading, but then the head and the body must be buried in separate places forever; or there's the tried and true bibbing, which in essence, results in the Leviathan eating itself. Finally (well, so far), Leviathans aren't opposed to eating each other. Good to know.

-They're into securing large amounts of land. Not just in Wisconsin, but in Portland and beyond. George admits the Leviathans are "buying" up real estate all over the place. He warns Sam and Dean to keep their heads down. They really are not going to know when they're facing a human or a Leviathan.

-They're going to build a research center for disease. They want to find the cure for cancer. George claims it's because they're only here to help. Of course, I have no idea what they mean by this. Why would they want to help? Maybe their meaning of help and our meaning of help is something totally different? Is there someone/something else at play here? Or are they just really into world domination? Clearly, these are not altruistic monsters considering they keep killing people. We just don't know enough yet. Once again, I'm getting impatient. I want some answers. Not more questions.

-Is it the Leviathans who got to Frank? He had just hacked into the website of a Dick Roman-owned company called GeoThrive, Inc. It's possible, and maybe even likely, considering the blood that's all over his trailer. However, I do think that even though Frank's a cranky SOB, he's resourceful. He may have set up the situation to make it look like he was taken. Unfortunately, for now, the isolation of Sam and Dean continues.

Random Thoughts

-Which death was more hideous? The dancer who danced her feet off? Or the woman who poured the boiling hot water down her throat? It's a toss-up. Of course, I originally thought the cursed object was the knife the woman was using to slice and dice her veggies. Thought she was going to do the same thing to her hand. So happy she didn't.

-Sam's in such a bad way. He can't sleep because the Lucifer in his head is trying to get him to react again. He's even singing "Stairway to Heaven" over and over again. It gets so bad Sam falls asleep at the wheel and almost runs into a semi.


-In the same episode that sees Sam almost run smack dab into a truck, CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" is used. It definitely made me think about the end of the Season 1 finale, "Devil's Trap." Love that this song makes a comeback in "Out with the Old." The lyrics to this song are quite ominous, so it definitely fits in perfectly on this show in just about any situation. Here's an excerpt: "Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we're in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye."

-What I do like this time around is that Sam is being up front with his Lucifer issues. He's not hiding it from Dean. Dean knows he can't really fix it for his brother as much as you can tell he wants to.

-I love how Dean has watched Black Swan. Twice.

-Sam used Bruce Hornsby as an alias. Hornsby might be best known for his '80s hit "The Way it is." He actually won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1987.

-You can tell Dean is always thinking of the people he's lost in his life. He gives advice to Scott Freeman, one of the victim's sons, who's struggling to make sense of his mom's "accident." Dean tells him: "Hey, a little tip. Uh...feeling guilty ain't gonna bring 'em back. Best you can do is live your life the way that you think would make her proud or at least not embarrass the crap out of her." So, who is Dean thinking of while he's doling out this advice? Cas? Bobby? John? Everybody else he and Sam have lost?

-Mary Page Keller played the Real Estate Leviathan lady named Julia. Loved seeing her act so bitchy in this episode. Keller got her start on soaps. She was first on Ryan's Hope, but is best known for playing Sally Frame on NBC's Another World. Her post-daytime soap career includes starring in the TV sitcoms Duet and its spinoff, Open House (where she played a real estate agent). She's had guest star stints on NYPD Blue and Nip/Tuck; plus appeared on episodes of JAG, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles (all different characters) as well as on Castle and CSI.

-Sam and Dean deal with the Julia pretty easily thanks to one of the monsters helping them out. They always seem to be able to count on luck to get them out of one of these situations. I'd like to see the stakes raised. These Leviathans are supposed to be supremely badass. I'd like to see more of that. I hope we get a Dick Roman-sighting soon. I'm kind of missing the creepy guy.

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Sam and Dean head to Portland, Ore., for a case involving cursed objects. The case, however, turns into much, much more. Plus, Sam deals with the consequences of reacting to the Lucifer that's in his mind. We don't see or hear from Mark Pellegrino this time around, but we do see Sam struggle to keep from going under. read more

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