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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "The Slice Girls"

Season 7, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate when bodies branded with a mysterious symbol turn up with their feet and hands severed; Dean meets a girl at a bar.
Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2012
Guest Cast Sara Canning: Lydia
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Season 7, Episode 13
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Length: 41:23
Aired: 2/3/2012
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Supernatural Recap: The Slice Girls Season 7, Episode 13

The Winchesters deal with a monster of the week that hits a little too close to home when Dean's latest hook up delivers something unexpected. What will Sam have to do to prevent his brother from becoming one of the victims? And even more importantly, did Bobby's "presence" help solve the case?

Nothing's going on with Leviathan Dick Roman right now so Sam's all about solving the murders of several men who were found butchered. Their hands and feet were sliced off and a strange symbol carved onto their chests. Dean's not sure this falls under their jurisdiction but of course it does. And he realizes it does after he and Sam pay a visit to the morgue. Whatever's killing these men is super strong and the DNA that's found can't be traced back to anything human. 

Sam's all set to go back to the hotel to do what he does best -- research. Dean's idea of research is going "undercover" at the local bar. He's still drinking as much as ever which is very worrisome to Sam and to me. While at the bar, he hits it off with a woman (guest star Sara Canning) and after some light conversation they take things back to her place. The next day, Dean realizes he forgot his flask at her place (It's Bobby's so he needs it back) but when he calls her he gets the big brush-off, which does not ever happen to Dean Winchester. From there, we find out Lydia is heavily preggers the day after sleeping with Dean. Turns out she's part of this cult of scary Amazonians that breed equally scary miracle babies that grow at a ridiculously fast-paced rate.

Say what you want about the Winchester boys living a less than normal existence. They're constantly on the road and are isolated from the world, right? Well, this show still manages to find a way to let Sam and Dean experience the joys of life. Except I wouldn't so much call them joys. What results is usually an immense amount of physical and/or emotional pain for one brother or the other. We never thought one of them would get married. Sam did. We never thought one of them would quit being a hunter and live with a woman and kid. Dean did. And now one of them becomes a father.

How does Dean get himself into these predicaments? He has a one-night stand. No problem. Only it is a problem because the lady gets knocked up. Then comes the quickest pregnancy in the history of pregnancies. Thirty-six hours later and the kid is born. Hours after that the child has grown from a creepy talking baby with big eyes into a 16-year-old.

We heard this episode was going to feature a somewhat similar situation to what went down in "The Girl Next Door." In that controversial episode, Dean killed a friend of Sam's from when he was a teenager. This friend was a monster. When Amy went on a killing spree to save her son, Sam made the decision to let her go and asked Dean to do the same. But he couldn't. At the end of the hour, he went to Amy and killed her because she's a monster and no matter how emphatically she swore she would never resort to killing again, there was no guarantee.

Cut to "The Slice Girls." What happens is after these babies are born they quickly age into their teens. And after some brainwashing and torture, they seek out their fathers and kill them. While Sam tries to get a document translated from the local professor (guest star Harry Groener), Dean's back at the hotel where he hears a knock at the door. It's his daughter Emma. She's acting like she doesn't want to adhere to the weird ways of this cult. But it's all just a manipulation tactic. She's actually there to kill him. And when she pulls a knife out, Dean quickly pulls a gun on his daughter. He can't quite pull the trigger however. Sam races back and is just in time to hear Dean tell her to walk away and that he won't go after her. Sam sneaks in and shoots and kills Emma.

Yes, a monster is a monster. Amy needed to die and certainly so did Emma. Would Dean have really let his daughter walk away? Even though she was his kid, he really didn't have any great big emotional connection to her. The problem is, while he may not have let her get away eventually, it took him too long to act. She could have killed him. I don't know. I feel like he knew Emma had to die. He wasn't upset with Sam for doing it. Maybe he was more relieved that Sam did it and he didn't have to do it himself. I'm happy Sam was the one that did it, to be honest.

What's different about this situation is that in "TGND," the writers painted a very sympathetic picture of Amy. Back in the day, she had killed her mom to save Sam. And in present-day, she was only killing these less-than-admirable people in order to save her son. She was nice and sweet. So when Dean stabbed and killed her, it was jarring and harsh. In this episode, when Emma looked over at Sam, she had the eyes of a monster. She showed her true colors. That made it easy to eliminate her. There really was no struggle for Sam.

I like the way this episode was handled. I was actually kind of grateful there was no big heartwrenching scene of Dean angsting after losing his daughter especially if he had had to kill her himself. However, I think we do still need to be worried about his state of mind.

Let's talk about the last scene between Sam and Dean in the car. Sam's angry that Dean let things get that far. OK, Sam was angry when Dean offed Amy. And he's pissed off that Dean couldn't kill Emma. It's almost like Dean's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Sam also tells Dean he thinks Bobby may have been right. While he was "wobbly" after Cas died, now Dean's head isn't in the game. Do you think he's right? I do feel like Sam's saying all this out of concern for his brother because Sam doesn't want Dean "to get killed." He sees how Dean has been handling things these days (the drinking again). He doesn't want to lose his brother and he doesn't want to be alone in this because they've lost everyone else. Kind of a sad note to end on but there you go.

Random Thoughts

-There sure was a lot of Bobby in the "Then" recap of the episode. This edition of the previouslies was set to one of the show's most recognizable music cues of doom. Anytime I hear that particular instrumental piece, I want to sob because usually someone's dying when that song gets played.

-Included was a shot of Dean in the car when he's trying to fake the funk and pretend like everything in his life isn't crap. It gets to me every time. I hope they don't continue to use that scene in every recap from here on out. I'll be a mess by the end of the season.

-Had we gotten confirmation before that Sam and Dean had burned Bobby's remains? I'm not sure. But I feel like it's something we've been wondering about since Bobby died.

-Speaking of Bobby, I wonder if Dean's right. Was "Bobby" the one that helped the brothers find the document that clued them into what was going on with the Amazons and the miracle babies? Is Bobby going to return in a ghostly form?

Let's talk about four of the guest stars:

-Sara Canning (Lydia): She was Aunt Jenna on The Vampire Diaries until the character was turned into a vampire and killed off in Season 2. She got the enviable job of playing a character that gets a love scene with Dean Winchester. She also did what no stupid woman would ever do and that's give Dean the cold shoulder. While Canning was utilized well in the first half, she was non-existent for the entire second half. Boo. But the followers of Harmonia got away which means there's always a chance Canning could come back to the show someday, right?

-Harry Groener (Professor Morrison): While I knew Canning was going to guest star, I had no idea Groener was going to as well. How great was it to see him? He will forever be the dastardly Mayor Richard Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was recently in an episode of ABC's Once Upon a Time as well.

-Craig Anderson (the Medical Examiner): I was trying to figure out why this guy looked so familiar. I really liked his interactions with Sam and Dean. He was talking medical benefits with Dean; and he helped Sam with his FBI alibi with the evil lady cop. Turns out he was on the CW's Hellcats last season. He was Morgan Pepper, a slightly obnoxious classmate of Aly Michalka's character.

-Alexia Fast (Emma): She might have played Dean's "daughter" in this one but she's been on Supernatural before. According to IMDB, Alexia was Missy Bender from the Season 1 episode called "The Benders." OMG. She was the young girl with the crazy family who kidnapped Sam. And I think Missy held a knife on Dean, right? Sam teased him about it at the end?  Wow, she's definitely grown up. So crazy.

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The Winchesters deal with a monster of the week that hits a little too close to home when Dean's latest hook up delivers something unexpected. What will Sam have to do to prevent his brother from becoming one of the victims? read more

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