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Supernatural Episode: "Adventures in Babysitting"

Season 7, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Sam helps a teen girl search for her missing father, who is also a supernatural hunter. Meanwhile, Dean tries to take down Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart).
Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2012
Guest Cast Meghan Ory: Woman Ian Tracey: Father Jim Beaver: Bobby James Patrick Stuart: Dick Roman
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Season 7, Episode 11
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Length: 42:01
Aired: 1/6/2012
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Adventures in Babysitting" Season 7, Episode 11

Supernatural is back and so are Sam and Dean Winchester. Bobby? Not so much. On the agenda is finding a way to bring down Dick Roman. At least that's Dean's agenda. Sam's to-do list is all about finding a missing hunter. The guy's daughter calls Bobby for help, but gets Sam instead. Sam gets into trouble so Dean has to drop everything Leviathan-related to go after him.

Let's start by talking about Bobby. When we first see Sam and Dean, it's the week after Bobby "died" and the two are just sitting there in silent shock. And, yes, I put quotes around died because even though they're telling us Bobby's gone, I'm in denial. I'm not ready to believe he's gone for good. I mean, killing Cas and Bobby in the same season? I don't think so. So, for now, I'll go along with the show until Bobby somehow or in someway emerges from wherever the hell he really is. I guess I'm not doing much better than Sam and Dean, but I'm OK with that. I truly believe that both Cas and Bobby will be back in some form or fashion some day.

After the shock wears off (and a couple more weeks go by), Sam and Dean try to figure out the numbers Bobby wrote on Sam's hand before he "died." Plus, they get the call from the missing hunter's daughter. Dean has a one-track mind. He can't even entertain the thought of doing anything but finding and killing Dick Roman. Meanwhile, Sam's ready to get back to work. So, the two go their separate ways. This upset me because I wanted the brothers to tackle the case and their grief together. I wasn't ready for them to spend time apart, but that's what we got.

Who should I talk about next? There's the return of Frank, the paranoid conspiracy theorist FOB (Friend of Bobby's) that we were introduced to earlier this season. Then there's the spunky teenager that needed help finding her dad. Both characters were pretty awesome in "Adventures in Babysitting." While the Vetala case of the week was ho hum, these two provided much entertainment. They both had no problem calling Dean on his sh--. Dean can be an intimidating person but they weren't intimidated the slightest bit.

Frank Devereaux was even more enjoyable in this episode than when we first met him in "Slash Fiction." It was his job to figure out Bobby's mysterious numbers. Dean shows up hoping for answers. It turns out those numbers were coordinates to some empty field in Wisconsin. Frank hilariously makes Dean change into a uniform and work as a cherry picker. We all know Dean's fear of heights, and while he didn't do too bad a job up there, you could tell he wasn't feeling it. Frank gives Dean a big lead regarding the Leviathans. They're surveying that field in order to determine whether they can build something on it.

Favorite Frank/Dean Moment (other than Dean playing telephone worker): Frank tells Dean he looks "horrific." He lets the hunter sleep for 36-hours straight while he takes stakeout duty. Later, the two talk. An impatient Dean is all about getting revenge. Frank thinks he needs to distract himself by going out to kill something. Dean's not doing well. His friend was shot in the head. Frank tells him to do what he did when he was 26 and came home to find his wife and two kids gutted on the floor: "Decide to be fine to the end of the week. Make yourself smile 'cause you're alive and that's your job. And do it again the next week." He's basically saying to fake it. For some reason, I like the way Frank gets this message across more than the way Bobby said it in "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters."

Easily the best part of the hour is the presence of Madison McLaughlin, who plays Krissy, the tough daughter of the MIA hunter. She first encounters Sam. I like the way he has to assure her that he's not a threat. He quickly finds her dad's research even though he tries to hide evidence of it from Krissy. Sam doesn't realize she knows all about the hunting world. I guess he assumes her dad never told his daughter about it.

Krissy calls Dean after Sam doesn't return (the Vetala MOTWs get him pretty quickly). While Dean doesn't want or need to entertain this kid longer than getting information out of her, she has other plans. She sets fire to her dad's research but memorized it all first. Dean has no choice but to take her with him on his quest to find her dad and his brother. Krissy's like a mini-Dean, all sarcastic and ready to hunt. I love the way she talks to him. While Frank called Dean a "cupcake" earlier in the hour, she calls Dean a dweeb. But the connection forged between these two is pretty special. Jensen and Madison have a cool chemistry. Dean even suggests Krissy should go to college like Sam did.

After Krissy and Dean catch up to the pair of Vetalas that feed on the blood of men (they gradually drain their captors), Krissy ends up eliminating one, while a newly freed Sam gets the other. Later, Dean urges the dad to get out of the life.

There are two scenes that really get to me at the end of "Adventures in Babysitting." 1. The one where Dean and Krissy fist bump. They're honest with each other and there's a mutual respect and admiration that comes across in the scene. Dean doesn't treat Krissy like a kid, but he does want her to have the chance to be a kid. Love that. 2. Sam and Dean in the car. They wonder if the other is OK. Sam says no. Dean says "I'm fine." They decide that work is what they both need. When Sam tries to go to sleep, Dean glances over at his brother, then he gets this heartbreaking look on his face. It expresses a deep ache that I must admit got to me. I'm not sure what this look meant, but it's troubling.

All in all, I wish the case had been better. And I wish the brothers hadn't been separated. But there were many good things about the episode.

Random Thoughts

-A classic rock recap mid-season? Thank you, show. This one was set to REO Speedwagon's "Ridin' the Storm Out." There was another song at the end of the episode: Traffic's "Dear Mr. Fantasy." Thank you again, show.

-Where did Sam and Dean get $15,000 to pay Frank? Huh?

-Favorite Sam Moment: when he leaves Dean a message with intel about the Vetala he's hunting. What I loved about this scene is: a) You can tell he doesn't want anyone else to lose someone close like he just did. And b) It's just one line, but when he says that he could use his brother's help, you could feel that he needed Dean with him now. I don't think he liked the separation anymore than I did.

-Even when Dean's in shut-down mode, not to mention cranky mode, he still manages to make connections with people.

-Hot Mess Dean: He's not sleeping; he's obsessive; he holds an empty beer bottle and doesn't remember drinking it; and when he's faced with the Vetala, he kind of freezes up for a little bit. Or is that just me interpreting the situation incorrectly?

-Loved how Krissy told Dean that Sam was as big as a car. He totally is.

-I would love to see a less robotic Sam. Ever since "Mystery Spot," where we saw how he'd react if he lost his brother, we've seen much evidence of a Sam that gets pretty robotic when times get tough. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely chinks in the armor like when his wall was crumbling down. He often says he's not doing OK but it's hard to tell because he always handles things so internally. We know he's as devastated by Bobby's "death" (yes, I'm sticking with the quotes) as Dean. I'd like to see evidence of that instead of just being told. So less RoboSam and more Feeling Sam, please.

-I liked hearing about a case Dean solved while Sam was away at Stanford. That's when he found out Vetalas hunt in pairs.

-Meghan Ory was Sally, one of the Vetalas that fed on Sam. Loved that she guest-starred on Supernatural. She's currently on ABC's Once Upon a Time playing Ruby/Red Riding Hood. But years ago she was a regular on the Fox Family Channel series Higher Ground (loved that show); and she was on a great episode of Dark Angel. She was the doomed love interest of Jensen's transgenic character, X5-494/Alec. So this was a reunion of sorts.

-Ian Tracey was Lee, the hunter dad that got into trouble. Tracey has a million credits to his name, but I actually think I know him best from a couple episodes of Poltergeist: The Legacy that he did. Plus, he was a regular on Da Vinci's Inquest and did a few episodes of Syfy's Sanctuary. It was good to see him on Supernatural. I like that his hunter character quit the life so his kid can live a normal existence.

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Supernatural is back and so are Sam and Dean Winchester. Bobby? Not so much. On the agenda is finding a way to bring down Dick Roman. At least that's Dean's agenda. Sam's to-do list is all about finding a missing hunter. The guy's daughter calls Bobby for help, but gets Sam instead. Sam gets into trouble so Dean has to drop everything Leviathan-related to go after him.

Let's start by talking about Bobby. When we first see... read more

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