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Supernatural Episode: "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Season 6, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: In the Season 6 finale, the memory-blocking wall inside of Sam's head that keeps his darkest memories from him comes crashing down and he struggles to deal with the consequences.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2011
Guest Cast Jim Beaver: Bobby
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Season 6, Episode 22
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Aired: 5/20/2011
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Man Who Knew Too Much" Season 6, Episode 22

While Dean was at the heart of "Let it Bleed," the second half of Supernatural's two-hour finale mainly has to do with Sam and the Cas/Purgatory situation. In "The Man Who Knew Too Much," we find out how Sam's wall finally comes tumbling, crumbling down and what that actually means. We also learn, once again, how holding too much power is never a good thing. At the end of the episode, Cas reaches a whole new plane of existence. I'm still trying to process this development. I was pretty much stunned silent after watching the shocking moment that ended the episode.

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Season 6 is different in so many ways, I was wondering if the show was going to kick off the finale with the requisite classic rock recap. Thankfully, they did hit rewind on the entire year and once again set it to the tune of Supernatural's unofficial theme song, Kansas' "Carry On, My Wayward Son." Awesome.

Let's start with Sam. We first see him running from the cops and he ends up ducking inside a bar. There he meets a woman named Robin and at first he can't remember who he is at all. He spots a copy of H.P. Lovecraft's Haunter in the Dark and it triggers a flashback. And immediately I'm reminded of when Sam used to get his visions, back in the early days of this show. I love how Robin sticks with Sam. I really like her and her dynamic with the troubled hunter. Of course, I have no idea who she really is at this point.  

Robin and Sam head to where he thinks is the last place he stayed -- and the hotel room looks much like John's vacated hotel room in the series pilot, with loads of intel papering the walls. This triggers yet another Sam flashback. This time, Bobby, Sam and Dean are in an alley where they find Dr. Visyak who's dying. She had important information she was holding on to and Cas/Crowley get it out of her. In fact, the doctor said she could handle the demon's torture, but then the angel stepped in. Cas is out of control. The King of Pain (sorry, Cas) and the King of Hell now know how to open up Purgatory. I'm super sad Ellie (that's what Bobby called her) died. Recipe to open up Purgatory: virgin blood and blood from a Purgatory native.

Cas appears and says he's sorry this had to happen and that Crowley got carried away. He took no responsibility at all. He pleads with the boys to go home and stay out of the situation. So when Dean, of course, does nothing of the sort, Cas gives them a reason to go home. He's the one that causes Sam's wall to come down. Does that mean if Cas didn't step in and play puppetmaster, the wall would never have crumbled? That's just cruel what Cas did. I know he thinks he's doing this for the right reasons but he is off the rails just like Dean said. He's hurting people he cares about.

It isn't too much longer before someone starts shooting at Sam and Robin while they're about to get in the Impala and get out on the road to Bobby's house. The shooter? Sam!!!! Soulless Sam (SS) to be exact. Soulless Sam gets the jump on our Sam and gives the 411 on the situation and the shattered wall. SS is as mean to our Sam as he was to Dean before his soul got rammed back in him. Thankfully, Sam takes care of SS and the two personalities are integrated into one all the while, he's really unconscious on a cot in Bobby's panic room, we were in his head the entire time.

It's like Sam is suffering from dissociative identity disorder and what would normally take years of therapy to deal with, Sam's doing all in his mind in one episode. Eric Kripke, who wrote this finale, has always made it clear he enjoys examining the multilayered consequences of the boys living the life that they were forced to lead. He's explored this brotherly bond; this show has deconstructed it and tried to reconstruct it as well. So I'm loving the aspect of integrating all of Sam's alters or identities. He is the Sam we've always known; smart, caring and resourceful. But Soulless Sam's also part of him now; he's callous, intensely focused and benefits from having no filter and no conscience. Then there's the Sam that lived in the cage deep down in the depths of hell with Michael and Lucifer for an extended period of time. He's supremely damaged and wants to protect Sam from having to deal with those memories. When these Sams meet up, it's uncomfortable. The one from the cage looks like he's been flayed. He doesn't think our Sam's strong enough to handle remembering the time down under. But Sam goes through with the integration anyway.

I definitely like the way this whole wall crumbling down was dealt with (other than the fact the integration was fast-tracked), especially the psychological ramifications and I'm wondering now that he's fully integrated, what kind of Sam we're going to get in Season 7. Just like I wonder what Dean we'll get now that he lives in a world where Ben and Lisa have no clue as to who he is. Kripke's always good with dealing with the psychology of the Winchesters. And Jared did a good job with the different facets of Sam's complicated personality.

Now back to Cas. The last few weeks, I've been in serious denial about Castiel being the big bad of the season. Other people have laid that theory on me and I just chose to ignore them. I just didn't want it to happen because I wanted him to be the same angel I've grown fond of over the last three seasons. I get that he wants to prevent Raphael from taking power and unleashing another apocalypse. He claims noble reasons for doing some horrible things like kidnapping/torturing Dr. Visyak, killing Balthazar, and distracting the Winchesters by bringing down Sam's wall. He's justifying all these actions in his mind; but he's so out of control. He even breaks his alliance with Crowley. 

He outsmarts the King of Hell who joined up with Raphael, which is all well and good, but Cas ends up opening up Purgatory and usurping all the souls for himself without even batting an eyelash. It was like some sleight-of-hand card trick. I don't even know how he did it. And now he's this supreme being. No one entity should have that much power. He's instantly overly smug, overly confident and overly egotistical. He blows up Raphael, lets Crowley flee and then calls himself "the new God." Whoa. Cas???!!!! Here's a little taste of the new Cas:

"I'm glad you made it, Sam. But the angel blade won't work. Because I'm not an angel anymore. I'm your new God. A better one. So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you."

Crazy, right? I don't even think I can speculate the kinds of things Cas is going to do in Season 7. Will he continue to be the big bad? And the fact that I'm calling "the new God" the big bad is just so wacky, I totally know. His delusions of grandeur are not so delusional. He has the power. How is he going to use it? What will he do to Sam, Dean and Bobby if they don't bow down before him in unconditional allegiance to him? And will he end up inadvertently causing an immense amount of destruction since his newfound power may cause him to self-destruct?

Plus, for the longest time Cas was trying to find God who left the building. Will we be seeing "the Old God" come into the picture? What new world will Sam and Dean be dealing with when the show comes back in the fall? And please, please, please, let Cas resurrect Balthazar. We need Sebastian Roché back on the show next season. Cas can make it happen. Yup, I'm still trying to process this ending. Every ounce of me doesn't want to endorse it. But I'm totally curious as to where this is all going.

Random Thoughts

-Syfy fans will recognize Robin, the woman who ends up becoming Sam's companion as he tries to figure out who he is and what he needs to be doing. Her name's Erica Cerra and she plays Jo on Eureka. I'm upset Robin was already dead because I really like the way Erica interacted with Jared. I hate wasted chemistry like that. It's really sad that during his year as Soulless Sam, he sacrificed her in order to kill the demon that was using her as leverage. SS is such a cold bastard.

-Robin sounded much like "Ava" when she said: "Dude, who are you?" Am I the only one that thought that? Although, Robin had so many good lines, she almost seemed like a female Dean.

-I loved Sam referring to Dean as a "male model-type."

-Love the use of the Rolling Stones song "Play with Fire," as well as how Sam's dreamscape and the real world sort of bled into each other.

-Cas says he has plans for Crowley. What in the world does that mean? And how much power is Castiel going to display for us in Season 7?

-And yes, I've read the same thing about Misha not being a series regular in Season 7. If you think about it, he wasn't used that much more as a series regular this season than he was when he was a recurring guest star. So I still think that Cas can be redeemed and Misha Collins will be a solid presence in Season 7. I choose to think optimistically on this particular topic.

-In the bar scene, there was a close-up shot of a six-pack of Stellar Premium Beer. Is that a play on Stella (as in Stella Artois)?

-Once Cas transforms, Dean treats his former friend with a good measure of trepidation. That doesn't stop him from playing the family card in another powerful scene:

Dean: "Listen to me. Listen, I know there's a lot of bad water under the bridge. But we were family once. I'd have died for you. I almost did a few times. So if that means anything to you, please, I've lost Lisa. I've lost Ben. And now I've lost Sam. Don't make me lose you too. You don't need this kind of juice anymore, Cas. Get rid of it before it kills us all."

Cas: "You're just saying that because I won. Because you're afraid. You're not my family, Dean. I have no family." (And then Sam stabs him the back.)

Top 5 Favorite Lines

"Maybe you're a hooker."

"I love what you've done to the place. It's very Beautiful Mind-meets-Se7en."

"I was, uh, with two guys. One was like a male model-type and the other was an older guy named Bobby."

"And you, pathetic infant that you are, shattered into pieces. Piece. Piece."

"Have you forgotten you're the bottom of this relationship?"

OK, let the latest hellatus begin. What did you guys think of "The Man Who Knew Too Much?"

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While Dean was at the heart of "Let it Bleed," the second half of Supernatural's two-hour finale mainly has to do with Sam and the Cas/Purgatory situation. In "The Man Who Knew Too Much," we find out how Sam's wall finally comes tumbling, crumbling down and what that actually means. We also learn, once again, how holding too much power is never a good thing. At the end of the episode, Cas reaches a whole new plane of existence. I'm still trying to process this development. I was pretty much stunned silent after watching the shocking moment that ended the episode... read more

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