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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Hello Cruel World"

Season 7, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Sam experiences hallucinations caused by the broken wall in his head. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles with his newfound power; and Bobby worries about Dean as he tries to fight Castiel and take care of Sam.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2011
Guest Cast Cameron Bancroft Jim Beaver: Bobby Lori Triolo Benito Martinez Mark Pellegrino: Lucifer Hamza Adam Andrew MacFarlane Kim Rhodes: Sheriff Mills Patti Allan
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Season 7, Episode 2
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Aired: 9/30/2011
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Hello, Cruel World" Season 7, Episode 2

"Hello, Cruel World" is possibly the most appropriate title for an episode since the events that occurred were pretty devastating. First, writer Ben Edlund deals with the Leviathan Cas situation; then it's more hellucination time for Sam. While the youngest Winchester is busy with his Lucifer visions, Dean and Bobby are trying to hold on for dear life.

Let's talk about the Cas situation first. I'm not a fan of the way our favorite angel went out. I had high hopes that Misha Collins would get to play -- at the very least -- the ancient big bad for an episode before Cas' ultimate fate was delivered.

Instead, Cas' vessel isn't able to house the nasty Leviathans. When I say "nasty," I mean Cas' body was oozing black goo. After the biblical sea monsters take a dip into the public water supply, they're released and it's sayonara, angel. The only thing that's left is his trench coat. This all happened within the first five minutes of the episode. Not enough time as far as I'm concerned but at least Cas redeemed himself on the way out. Here's hoping we'll see him again before this season's end.

Heartbreaking Moment: Dean removes Cas' trench coat from the water

"Okay. So he's gone." "Yup. Rest in peace, if that's in the cards." "Dumb son of a b--ch." "Well he was friends with us, wasn't he? Can't get much dumber than that."

Dean, Sam and Bobby watch the former angel of the Lord disappear. I don't even like to think of that Cas-less trench coat washing ashore. Dean snags it out of the water and folds it up. The trio takes a moment to let the loss of their friend register. It's all a bit emotional, but not too emotional because Bobby and the boys quickly have to leave the scene. A little more time would have been welcome, but again, they needed to get out of the direct path of the Leviathans tout de suite. I hope the show lets them process the loss even more at some point in the future.

Lucifer toys with Sam

"You're my bunk mate buddy. You're my little b--ch in every sense of the term."

If Mark Pellegrino weren't playing Lucifer, I'd beg the Supernatural powers-that-be to make him a permanent part of the cast. But Luci's stuck in the cage and I hope he'll stay stuck in the cage. The scenes featuring Sam seeing his tormentor everywhere were pretty difficult to watch. Sam couldn't trust what was real from what wasn't real and he had this devil on his shoulder providing witty commentary to everything that was going on around him. Lucifer was trying to keep Sam off his game. He did just that.

It's hard to witness Sam being put through this living hell. He's been through so much in his life that this is too much. I sincerely hope this doesn't last the entire season because forget Sammy, I don't know how much I'll be able to take. The guy deserves to have a break every once in a while. Jared did a good job playing a guy with such a tentative grasp on reality. He doesn't know which way is up half the time; he's even forced to resort to cleaning his guns obsessively to distract himself.

Pellegrino is magical in this role. As Lucifer, he's scary, hilarious and he makes you believe that the Devil is telling the truth about Sam still being in the cage. Thankfully the troubled hunter holds on — even enduring suicide talk. And even more thankfully, Sam has his brother on his side.

Dean Fights for his Brother

"Look man, I've been to hell. OK, I know a thing or two about torture. Enough to know that it feels different than the pain of this...this regular, stupid, crappy...this."

First, I like how Edlund has Dean refer to the fact he was in hell. While he may not have gone through what Sam's going through, his hell stint wasn't a day at the beach. I'm glad the show doesn't forget that. And it gives Dean a leg to stand on when fighting to keep his brother from slipping off into Crazy Town. So, I really liked the scene when Lucifer morphed into Dean to torture Sam and get him closer to eating his gun.

The real Dean makes his plea to his brother and empathizes with him. Since he knows what it's like to be in hell, he knows the pain is different -- he even presses on Sam's wound on his hand to show him what is real. And that his brother isn't in the cage. That he's here with him. And when they press on that wound, Lucifer starts to flicker out. Interesting. Wonder how long that will last?

Dean's strength helps give Sam strength to win this battle. But will he win the war? Loved Jensen's performance in this scene and the entire episode.

The Winchesters versus the Leviathans

"Winchester. Congratulations. Apparently, you two are competent enough to warrant annihilating. I'd take it as a compliment."

Well, not surprisingly, Bobby and the Winchesters are targets of this new big bad and, for right now, they're severely overmatched. Their conventional ways of disposing of supernatural creatures are not working. The Leviathans, however, know how to hit where it hurts. They torched Bobby's place. Can we have a moment of silence, please? RIP Bobby's Panic Room.

At the end of "Hello, Cruel World," Sam's suffering from a head injury and is seizing; Dean has a broken leg; and Bobby's nowhere to be found. Sam and Dean are in an ambulance on the way to Sioux Falls General Hospital, where the Leviathans have taken up residence and are eating hospital patients and staff.

I don't know about you guys but this episode went by in a flash. It had some really wonderful scenes and performances; the only sour note for me is the end of Cas. However, like I said earlier, I hope the angel will be back before the end of the season. I fully expect this to happen. Let's hope it isn't just wishful thinking.

Other Favorite Scenes

-Anything with Sheriff Jodie Mills. It was nice to see Kim Rhodes return to the show. Sheriff Mills is spunky and fearless and she knows what Bobby does for a living. I enjoyed the scene where Bobby's putting her in the cab and she's all: "Bobby Singer, my hero." Very cute.

-There were two particularly good Bobby scenes he shared with the boys. No. 1: Bobby wants to know how Dean is and of course Dean tries to deflect. It doesn't work and the scene ends with Bobby calling Dean an idjit. I feel like the connection's back between these two. It had been off (in my opinion) for a bit. No. 2: Sam wants to know why this is happening after everything they've been through. And while he's talking to Bobby, Hologram Lucifer stabs Bobby through the chest. But it isn't real. Poor Sam.

-Bobby's place has been torched and Dean's on the phone to his hunter friend leaving him a message: "If you're gone, I swear, I'm going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I'm going to drive us off the pier. You asked me how I was doing? Well, not good. Now, you said you'd be here. Where are you?"

 Random Thoughts

-I really hope Sam's not going to have to resort to self-harm every time he hellucinates Lucifer.

-This show loves to throw scary children at us; this one features a kid Leviathan...

-Benito Martinez (Acevada from FX's The Shield) and Cameron Bancroft (one of Donna's boyfriends from Beverly Hills, 90210) played Leviathans.

-I like the way these first three episodes are basically one big one. Hell, you can probably include last season's finale in the mix too. The Season 7 premiere picked up right where the finale ended; "Hello, Cruel World" picked up right where "Meet the New Boss" ended. I have a sneaking suspicion this pattern will continue in the next episode.

-The Supernatural show open makes much more sense after seeing how the Leviathans exploded and dispersed after escaping Cas' vessel.

-After Cas "died," the song that led us into the next portion of the episode was "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers." Great song.

-I loved the morphing from Dean to Lucifer. It was seamless.

-I really liked the sneak peeks at the Leviathan's true form too. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the evil things in human form only.

-Who's the Leviathan Boss? When are we going to meet it?

-Ben Edlund wrote "Hello, Cruel World" and Guy Bee directed it. Right now, Bee's up in Vancouver shooting another Edlund script. I like this combo.

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"Hello, Cruel World" is possibly the most appropriate title for an episode since the events that occurred were pretty devastating. First, writer Ben Edlund deals with the Leviathan Cas situation; then it's more hellucination time for Sam. While the youngest Winchester is busy with his Lucifer visions, Dean and Bobby are trying to hold on for dear life.

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