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Supernatural Episode: "All Dogs Go to Heaven"

Season 6, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Dean and Sam investigate what appears to be a werewolf killing, but their probe reveals a skinwalker posing as a family dog is responsible. When the skinwalker takes human form, he warns the brothers that an alpha skinwalker is planning a mass murder.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2010
Guest Cast Andrew Rothenberg: Skinwalker
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Season 6, Episode 8
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Length: 42:01
Aired: 11/12/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "All Dogs Go to Heaven" Season 6, Episode 8

In "All Dogs Go to Heaven," Charlie shows up with a mission for his angels. Actually, it's Crowley, and he has a case for Sam and Dean: to find him the Alpha of whatever's attacked this businessman and ripped his heart out animal-style. If they do, he'll give Sam his soul back. The hostage situation continues and Sam and Dean are forced to do his bidding.

Other than Crowley's little appearance at the beginning, this episode is all Sam and Dean investigating a case and dealing with each other. Dean's not comfortable working for the King of Hell; meanwhile Sam just sort of takes it in stride. He doesn't really complain about it although he admits it's a crap situation. But this is what they have to do to get his soul back.

One of Dean's best attributes is his effortless ability to adapt to any scenario or situation. But that's not happening this time around. He's just not able to adjust to being Crowley's bitch and his new soulless brother that quickly.

Meanwhile, we're getting the full force of RoboSam. He has a one-track mind concerning the case; he's not sleeping; he's again really cold when questioning cops and potential suspects including the guy (Cal) whose brother and landlord died from mysterious animal attacks. Sam even comes to the quick conclusion that Cal's the killer and wants to "bag him" sooner than later. Dean remains cautious, wanting to hold back until they find further proof.

As we know from previous Season 6 episodes, all things supernatural have been thrown out of whack.  So it's only natural that werewolves are out and about and attacking humans even when it's not a full moon.

However, this MOTW doesn't turn out to be the work of a nasty werewolf. It does turn out to be a skinwalker, a homeless man who now takes the form of the family pet, a German Shepherd named Lucky. He lives with Cal and his girlfriend, Mandy. She treats their pet really well so "Lucky" has become uber-protective of Mandy and her young son; so protective he gets rid of any threat to her existence including the deadbeat boyfriend.

I don't know about you guys, but I kind of feel bad for Lucky even though he can be creepy. He cares for this woman and her child but the creep factor rises when it seems like he's fallen in love with her; in fact his dog form spies on her while she's getting ready to shower. We eventually learn he was recruited into this new life and there is an ultimate end game: once all skinwalkers in his pack are given the word; they're to turn against their families in order to create more skinwalkers. Because that's what all the various beasts Sam and Dean have battled against this season are doing.

As for Lucky, he's clearly not used to being treated with affection and things get out of control. Sam figures out the skinwalker's to blame and tries to chase him down. After the dog gets hit by a car, Sam and Dean find him at the animal hospital where they grab him and then get the human form to talk. They decide to set up a sting that immediately backfires.

Lucky obviously has concerns about turning against his family. His fellow skinwalker buddies don't take too kindly to that. They kidnap the woman and her child and want Lucky to prove himself by killing them. Good thing RoboSam and Sniper Dean are around to help them out. Dean's plan is to kill the pack leader and prevent the plan from being executed. Sam thinks Crowley's not going to be too happy about that, but Dean doesn't care. The Winchesters take down the skinwalkers in pretty awesome fashion.

Lucky's a glutton for punishment because he shows up at Mandy's door and wants to thank her for being so nice; but she's clearly turned against him. He reverts back to dog form and walks down the street alone once again. So sad!

Meanwhile, Dean wants Sam to stop pretending he's the old Sam. The final scene features the brothers sitting and talking. Sam admits he's not the old Sam; everything he's said has been crap. He's been acting like he cares about Lisa and Ben; he doesn't. He doesn't even care about Dean. He said he's killed innocent people in the line of duty; he thinks he should maybe feel guilty about that but doesn't. Part of him thinks this lack of feeling thing isn't that bad. "I was that other Sam for a long time. It was kind of harder. But there are also things about it that I remember that...let's just say I think I should probably go back to being him." Dean shows his love for his brother once again by saying, "We do what we got to do; we go get my brother back."

Again, I'm not sure whether to believe anything this Sam even says. I'm not totally convinced he really wants to get his soul back; maybe he's just saying what he thinks Dean needs to hear. But if/when Sam does get his soul back he's in for a rude awakening. All the guilt from killing innocent people is going to come roaring back in a big and bad way. I don't envy the youngest Winchester at all.

I liked "All Dogs go to Heaven" but I have to say it doesn't break any ground from previous episodes this season. We've sort of been there done that on the whole supernatural creatures recruiting for some mysterious reason thing; I'm hoping we get some sort of clue on what all this recruitment is for soon. Does it have to do with what Crowley's doing? Are they trying to shore up their masses to fight him? Join him? What? So many questions. Plus, Lucky's story was pretty sad; I'm ready for things to lighten up a little bit, which we may be getting with the next Ben Edlund-penned episode.

Random Thoughts

-The recap shows us Were-Madison and shirtless Sam from Season 1's "Heart." I enjoy when the brothers recall previous cases/experiences.

-I just don't understand why a soulless Sam can't sleep. Is that because he's basically a robot and not a man at all? I mean, he was eating at that rib shack. He can eat. Why can't he sleep?

-Yay to sleeping Dean, sniper Dean and firing-at-close-range Sam.

-Andrew Rothenberg played the skinwalker. He currently stars as Jim on AMC's newest hit series The Walking Dead and had a recurring role as Malcolm during Season 1 of HBO's vampire drama, True Blood.

-Lucky the German Shepherd's face is really expressive.

-Sam questions whether Dean can shove Mandy in the trunk and serve her up to Crowley. Sam's judgments are way off. As great a hunter as he's become, his being soulless is really taking a toll on his instincts. They're way off. So he can kill with abandon but his deductive reasoning is messed up.

-I wish Sam wouldn't say "trust me." Because it's not going to happen (for me or for Dean) until he gets his soul back.

-I liked how they showed Dean thinking about calling Lisa.

-It's so creepy how the skinwalkers can smell humans from long distances. I like Sam's chase scene with Lucky. It's dark and creepy.

-I wonder how long it's going to take to get Sam's soul back. I hope it doesn't take the entire season. I hope it happens either before winter hellatus or shortly after the break is over.

-Sam and Dean played a round of good cop/bad cop with Human Lucky; Dean's way actually got them the information they needed. I was kind of surprised by that.

-Sam was going to kill Lucky, but the skinwalker got away. Mandy looked at him like he was twisted.

-Lucky talks about the pack leader coming up with the plan. But he's not the only leader. There has to be the Alpha Skinwalker that begat all skinwalkers. Wonder if we'll be meeting that Alpha someday soon.

-I'm really looking forward to the next episode, "Clap Your Hands if You Believe." I can't stop watching the sneak preview especially when Dean's telling Sam to "fight the faeries!"

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In "All Dogs Go to Heaven," Charlie shows up with a mission for his angels. Actually, it's Crowley, and he has a case for Sam and Dean: to find him the Alpha of whatever's attacked this businessman and ripped his heart out animal-style. If they do, he'll give Sam his soul back. The hostage situation continues and Sam and Dean are forced to do his bidding.

Other than Crowley's little appearance at the beginning, this episode is all Sam and Dean... read more

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