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Supernatural Episode: "You Can't Handle the Truth"

Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a series of suicides in which the victims were told brutal truths that drove them to violence. Their probe reveals the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, is responsible and that her next target is Dean.
Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2010

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Season 6, Episode 6
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Aired: 10/29/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "You Can't Handle the Truth" Season 6, Episode 6

The truth hurts in the latest episode of Supernatural. Veritas, the goddess of truth, hits an Illinois town and causes chaos. And not just for the citizens of Calumet City, but for Sam and Dean too.

A waitress suddenly asks for the truth and she gets more than she bargained for; everyone becomes brutally honest with her. Finally weighed down by what people, including her sister, think of her, she shoots herself in the head. This is what brings Sam and Dean to town. After a rash of suicides, Sam realizes this is definitely their kind of case.

"You Can't Handle the Truth" is heavy on Dean angsting about Sam. He calls on Bobby and Castiel for help figure out what's wrong with his brother. And when he's not working the two cases (the suicidal townspeople and Sam), he's drinking again. Sam, on the other hand, is super-focused on the case and only the case. The youngest Winchester has always had a one-track mind, but now it's beyond anything even normal. This episode starts out slowly but once it hits the second half, things get really interesting. Well, interesting in a painful and at times uncomfortable-to-watch kind of way. In fact, there are 11 reasons why "YCHTT" is tough to watch:

1. The dentist and his patient: The patient starts revealing his sordid tale of lusting after the dentist's daughter. Never, ever do that when the doctor is in possession of all those scary dentist tools. What results is the dentist drilling the patient to death. It's very bloody and very gross and so made me want to cancel my next teeth-cleaning appointment.

2. Dean being uncomfortable around Sam: It's tough to see Dean deal with not wanting to be in the same car with Sam. At one point, he even says his skin crawls when he's around his brother. Instead of following up a lead with Sam, he says he'll just hang out and do some research. Dean offering to stay in the hotel room and do research is just not normal.

3. Dean drinking: When Dean can't deal, he drinks. He has a brother that doesn't seem like his brother; he's incommunicado with Lisa and Ben; he still has to work out what happened when he turned into a vamp; and other than his phone calls to Bobby and his occasional encounter with Cas, he's alone. Dean doesn't deal well with being alone and his coping skills usually involve a beer or some shots. He even asks for one more before heading back to work. That's not him.

4. Sam's hyper-focus: Did you see the way Sam got off when he forced the sister of the victim to tell the truth about what she said to her sibling right before she offed herself? It was like he was too excited to catch her in the lie. That happens a couple times during the episode. And then when the brothers have to sift through hours of tape featuring the news reporter, Dean would move around the room; stop for a meal and take a break. Sam sat in the one position and other than a change of clothes he was fixated in that spot. All he did was stare at the screen looking for any sort of clue into the MOTW. I don't think he even stopped to eat.

5. Dean and Lisa's phone call: I'm pretty sure Lisa would have said the same thing to Dean even if she wasn't being forced to be brutally honest with Dean. But since Dean is cursed, she's extra brutal. She knows Dean has issues, but it's surprising to actually hear her admit that once Sam walked back into his life, she knew things were going to end between them. She pointed out how the brothers have this unhealthy relationship, which is utterly true. She didn't mean to be so harsh about it, but that's not her fault. And it's completely heartbreaking and painful to hear her say that she and Ben will not be part of his life. That look on Jensen's face when Dean hears that is just shattering.

6. Dean's confrontation of Sam about the vamp attack: Dean thinks he can ask anyone anything and get the truth so he finally questions his brother about standing by while Boris the vampire turned him. Sam says he didn't stand by; he just froze. And Dean buys it. I didn't buy it for one second. Somehow Sam's not being affected by the curse. It's scary how easy he lies sometimes.

7. The gore factor: Halloween weekend is a perfect time for the show to get gory. When Sam and Dean walked into the goddess' lair, where she goes all Soylent Green on the people that committed suicide, there were partial bodies and body parts and blood and human pieces everywhere. And when Veritas gets the drop on Sam and Dean, she flings them and they land near a big pool of blood. Gross. Eating the human tongue has to be the grossest, however.

8. Veritas forcing Dean to tell the truth: Both Dean and Sam have heartbreaking moments in this episode. Dean's comes after Veritas asks him what he thinks about his brother. Dean says he at one point wanted to kill him in his sleep because he thought his brother was a monster. But now he realizes he's just acting like him (meaning, void of feelings and a one-track mind about hunting). And that he thought he wanted to be a father and have a family, but now he realizes he's just a killer. It hurts just typing that sentence. Poor Dean. Jensen did such a great job with Dean's confession.

9. Dean pulling a knife on Sam: Veritas tries to get Sam to tell the truth, but she realizes he's lying. She doesn't understand. And after the brothers untie themselves and kill the goddess, Dean pulls a knife on Sam. Veritas said she didn't know what Sam was, if he was human, so Dean has that on his mind. Even so, this is a painful moment to process.

10. Sam admitting he needs help: There are shades here of when he was addicted to demon blood. Sam has to ask for help because ever since he got out of hell he hasn't been feeling a thing. He's not afraid of anything because feelings aren't even a part of his vocabulary. I would say he's scared, but that's not it. He's just permanently numb, I guess? Jared really stepped it up in this scene. We finally get a little something more out of Sam than the all-soldier-all-the-time business we've been getting. I've been waiting for Sam to open up even a little bit and Jared didn't disappoint. But is this plea for help genuine?

11. Dean wailing on Sam: Dean's angry, he's been lied to, he's dubious of what Sam has become and he just goes to town on Sam, much like a Lucifer-possessed Sam did to Dean in last season's "Swan Song." And much like what happened in "Swan Song," this is difficult to watch. It's not like Sam knows what's going on with him. The brothers are just in an awful place.

"You Can't Handle the Truth" is painful, intense, emotionally draining and very well done. Jensen and Jared really made the episode extra-special because the two of them have the power to break our hearts with an expression, with the tone of their voices and with how deeply in tune they are with their characters. Once again, I'm impressed with how Season 6 is progressing. We're starting to find out more about Sam, a character that always seems to be cloaked in mystery. It's definitely time to shed more light about his plight and it looks like we're about to get it. And as for Dean, it's always fascinating to see how he reacts to every situation. He's never predictable and that's what's so great about him.

Random Thoughts

-The preview was pretty spoiler-y, right? Way more than usual. In fact I'm wondering why it was so informative.

-There needs to be more Castiel in Season 6. I know this season isn't about the angels and demons, but I'm not going to lie. I could use just a bit more of Misha Collins and his awesome alter ego.

-Jan Eliasberg (a woman, yay!) directed this episode and Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder wrote "You Can't Handle the Truth." More fresh blood taking on the behind-the-scenes duties and it's working for me.

-Funny that this episode is called "You Can't Handle the Truth." A few years back Jensen starred in a stage version of A Few Good Men. We all know Jack Nicholson uttered the famous line in the big-screen version.

-Bobby's a Dean Girl. But he thinks Sam's a better hunter. And he loves Tori and Dean. Awesome.

-Serinda Swan played Veritas. She played Zatanna Zatara on Smallville but was also the hospital receptionist Dean smiled at in Season 1's "Salvation."

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The truth hurts in the latest episode of Supernatural. Veritas, the goddess of truth, hits an Illinois town and causes chaos. And not just for the citizens of Calumet City, but for Sam and Dean too.

A waitress suddenly asks for the truth and she gets more than she bargained for; everyone becomes brutally honest with her. Finally weighed down by what people, including her sister, think of her, she shoots... read more

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