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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Live Free or Twi-hard"

Season 6, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Dean is turned into a vampire after he is bitten by one while investigating the disappearance of some girls from a small town. He and Sam learn that the town is overrun with vampires.
Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2010
Guest Cast Mitch Pileggi: Samuel
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Season 6, Episode 5
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Length: 41:52
Aired: 10/22/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Live Free or Twi-Hard" Season 6, Episode 5

Dean gets turned into a vampire in an episode that first pokes fun at the popular Twilight saga. But things get serious as the oldest Winchester deals with what he's become and with what his brother is willing to sacrifice in order to get intel on the alpha vampire. What is up with Sam?

I've been going on and on about how this season is different. I really do think things have moved to a whole new level of maturity and sophistication. The episodes also have a more epic feel than TPTB were even able to accomplish during the apocalypse era. As a result, I usually have to watch each episode twice before even attempting to blog. Does anyone else find they need to watch multiple times to digest everything that happens in a Season 6 episode of Supernatural?

It's a well known fact that right now icy vampires are hotter than ever in movies and TV. Three of the best examples all started out as a series of books: 1) The Twilight Saga; 2) HBO's True Blood; and 3) The CW's The Vampire Diaries. It's really Twilight that Supernatural chooses to skewer the most in "Live Free or Twi-Hard." Two of the characters are named Kristen and Robert; as in Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, and Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen.

Kristen wears flannel and recites bad poetry, and Robert is broody. Every word he says is filled with angst and longing. The dialogue is overly simplified and cheesy; and the music is overly dramatic. It's all pretty funny up until Robert lures Kristen into an alley where he doesn't bite her but nasty vamp Boris does.

While Sam's off gathering information, Dean's on the phone with Lisa telling his significant other he'll visit after their latest case is wrapped up. It's a cute call. Too bad it's all about to go south big time.

Sam and Dean's investigation leads them to Kristen's room where she shows an obsession for all things vampire. It's all very red velvety and Twilight-y and the brothers deduce real vamps are preying on women who are a sucker for the fang-tastic.

But it's Dean who gets tagged when he and Sam split up to go after "Efron" and "Bieber." He saves the girl, but Boris the big bad vamp forces him to digest his tainted blood. And here's where things take a seriously twisted turn: Sam could have stopped the entire thing. But he didn't. He waited until Boris did the deed and then saved Dean. I don't know about you guys, but I was completely shocked and utterly disheartened. Thankfully, Grandpa Campbell shows up with a cure and a possible explanation for Sam's late save: He feels Sam did it because he thinks Dean going vamp is the perfect way to get someone to infiltrate the nest and find out info on the alpha vampire.

Things get worse as Dean ditches the hotel room in order to visit Lisa. First, he watches over her as she sleeps, which is ironic considering he was making fun of that very thing earlier in the episode. Once Lisa wakes up, he tells her the life he leads is ugly and violent and he doesn't want that near her and Ben. He says goodbye and tries to leave quietly. Ben unfortunately interrupts his getaway and Dean shoves him out of the way. Nothing good can come out of this visit.

Dean's sure he has to die, but Samuel does have a cure that'll work as long as he doesn't drink any blood, not even a drop. Dean goes off to get the main ingredient for the cure: the blood of the vampire that turned him. I love the scenes where he goes after Boris. Just like every other experience, Dean adapts to the situation. He may have heightened senses, everything may be more intense than he's used to, but Dean usually gets with the program pretty quickly.

Boris gets the upper hand until all of a sudden the vamps collapse, and I assume they all share the same vision that Dean's seeing. The vision features the alpha vamp front and center. After it's over, Dean takes care of the entire nest, including Boris. By the time the Samuels catch up with him, everyone's dead and Dean is stepping on Boris' head as if it were a soccer ball. Pretty badass shot right there if you ask me.

Grandpa gives Dean the cure with the nasty side effects. While shaking and laying in fetal position, Dean sees everything that happened in reverse. His vision ends with Sam's hesitation and that smirk on his face that lets Dean know Sam let him get turned. Now Dean has no one on his side. Lisa's not answering his calls; The Campbells are loose cannons and can't be trusted; and now Sam doesn't even have his back.

I know I also keep saying this, but every time I think it couldn't get worse between the brothers, it does. I know it's just because something is really wrong with Sammy. I don't know if he doesn't have his soul or Lucifer's still in there somewhere or it's not really Sam; but something seriously wrong. I'm not giving up on him, however. This can be fixed. I just hope we can get answers soon. If you think about it, the relationship between the brothers hasn't been stable since way back in Season 3. The troubles between Sam and Dean really spiraled downhill in Season 4 and didn't get that much better in Season 5. I hope we're about to hit rock bottom so the brothers can find their way back to each other.

I kind of needed a hug after the end of "Live Free or Twi-Hard." I thought it was going to be one of Supernatural's comedic episodes but the brotherly drama and angst was in full force. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved this episode. I think writer Brett Matthews did a great job, and the hour seemed to go by super quickly. Jared's really nailing the cold robotic Sam persona. I just want to cry out for Sam because there's something so desperately wrong. And Jensen delivers another heart-breaking performance again. These guys are on fire this season.

Random Thoughts

-RoboSam is in abundance. Example 1: Sam and Dean are in the bar having a drink and scoping the place for signs of vampires. Dean asks how long it's been since they shared a beer together; Sam doesn't dignify him with a response he just focuses on the case. Example 2: In Kristen's room Sam shows even less patience with Dean than he ever has before. Example 3: After Dean's cured, Sam doesn't ask how he is. He asks what he saw.

-That Supernatural shattered glass graphic open is especially appropriate during "Live Free or TwiHard" because that's basically what happened to my heart after watching Dean and Sam's sibling relationship go even further down the tubes.

-We've had the alpha shapeshifter and now there's talk about the alpha vampire. What are these alphas up to and why is the first vamp recruiting an army?

-I'm not sure what to think of Granddaddy Campbell yet. He's definitely suspect and I don't trust him. But sometimes he seems like he's on the up and up.

-It seems like Rick Worthy, one of the Cylons from Syfy's Battlestar Galactica, is the alpha vamp. Hopefully that means he'll be back in a later episode.

-Boris had Dean on the ropes and then the alpha vamp's enforced vision pretty much saved him. Is there a reason for that?

Favorite Lines

"These aren't vampires, man. These...these are d-----bags. Wow."

"Look at this. He's watching her sleep. How is that not rape-y?"

"This is a national bestseller. How is that possible?"

"I'm okay I killed so many people on the way over here."

"Hey, how many T's are there in Pattin..."

"On the other hand, talk about easy prey." "For actual vamps." "Yeah. I mean these chicks are just throwing themselves at you. All you gotta do is — I don't know — write bad poetry." "Huh."

"You kidding the kid is everywhere. It's a freakin' nightmare." (Dean talking about Taylor Lautner)

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Dean gets turned into a vampire in an episode that first pokes fun at the popular Twilight saga. But things get serious as the oldest Winchester deals with what he's become and with what his brother is willing to sacrifice in order to get intel on the alpha vampire. What is up with Sam?

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