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Supernatural Episode: "Weekend at Bobby's"

Season 6, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Bobby tries to get Crowley to return his soul but when Crowley refuses Bobby takes matters into his own hands. Jensen Ackles directed the episode.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2010
Guest Cast Jim Beaver: Bobby
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Season 6, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/15/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Weekend at Bobby's" Season 6, Episode 4

It's a Bobby-centric episode as he goes about trying to snag his soul back from a double-crossing Crowley. And while we witness everything the surly hunter does to re-gain his precious soul, we also get a taste of the life of Bobby Singer. And you know what? It's pretty fascinating. Sam and Dean take a back seat in this one but for a good reason. "Weekend at Bobby's" signals Jensen Ackles' directing debut. It also signals the Winchesters' first trip abroad. Sam and Dean end up in Scotland!

So I get ready to start watching Supernatural and I'm even giddier than normal. I know that Jensen's directing the episode and I'm hoping upon hoping that he does a great job and that everyone loves it because I don't really feel like coming up with something to say if I'm not that into it. Although, seriously, when can't I come up with something good to say about a Supernatural episode? Good thing I don't have to muster up some excitement for "Weekend at Bobby's" because as it turns out, I love it. All involved gave it their best effort and what we got was pretty magical.

The action flashes back to a year ago after Sam's sacrifice. The apocalypse has ended. Bobby Singer summons our favorite King of the Crossroads and demands his soul back. Unfortunately for the bearded hunter, Crowley's not in a giving mood. There's a bit of a loophole. The Crossroads Demon (CD) only needs to give his best effort into restoring his soul. Bobby even devil traps him, but the CD one-ups him with his pet hellhound. The hellhound might be invisible but it's still scary. Bobby has no choice but to let him go and now faces a 10-year death sentence. That's when hell will come calling.

The one thing this episode shows us is that Bobby's not just Sam and Dean's contact for all things supernatural, he's pretty much every hunters' source of research and even more. He's the go-to-guy when a hunter needs to verify his fake identity. So Bobby often becomes their contact at the FBI, CIA, CDC, Homeland Security or wherever. I always find it interesting to see this part of Bobby's existence.

Another thing "Weekend at Bobby's" shows us is that it's pretty easy to take Bobby for granted. That's exactly what Sam and Dean do. I guess I never thought of what Bobby goes through every time the boys call him and ask him to help them figure out the big-bad-of-the-week. I always thought at the very most he'd have whatever book he needs in his house. Or he'd just know, because he's Bobby. But we actually see him break into the library to procure the right book; have troubles starting his car so he can get back home; and then stay up all night trying to find an answer. In this case, the brothers are tracking down a Lamia in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile Bobby deals with other things including a pretty new neighbor (Marcy) with a crush on him, and the return of Rufus. Rufus comes complete with a dead Okami, a creature he found feeding on a single female while she was sleeping. Poor Bobby. He never gets further than a little bit of a flirtation and an awkward handshake with Marcy before Rufus' shenanigans bring the FBI to his door. Not cool. What is cool is the relationship between Bobby and Rufus. I love these two Grumpy Old Men together.

Singer ends up scaring Marcy off after the Okami comes back to life (Rufus only stabbed the monster five times, not the required seven times). He destroys the Okami by sending it through Marcy's wood chipper. The blood from the chipper ends up spraying all over Marcy, which ends her fascination with her neighbor. Even in a Bobby-centric episode, the hunter can't get any loving. Poor guy.

Bobby soon becomes overwhelmed with helping everyone and trying to get his soul back. Dean calls him one night wanting to talk about how Sam seems different, and Bobby's mind is on other things. Dean wants Bobby's full attention, and that sets Bobby off. He goes on a pretty epic rant that lets the brothers know that they're whiny and self-absorbed and they are not the center of the universe. He needs their help for once.

The boys tell him he only needed to ask for help. And that's the crux of the matter. He never asks for help. How is anyone supposed to know he needs it if he doesn't ask for it? Are they just supposed to read his mind? Nice development. Soon, Bobby's forced to ask the sheriff for help after Rufus gets arrested for stealing a ring that'll help him outfox Crowley.

Earlier in the Supernatural, Bobby tortured a demon to get information on the Crowley. In the post-Apocalypse world, Crowley has become King of Hell (much like Cas has become King of Heaven). We also find out Crowley was born in Scotland (real name: Fergus Macleod) in the 1600s and had a son. Rufus ends up stealing the son's signet ring from a museum so Bobby can summon him and the spirit can help put the screws to Crowley.

Crowley thinks Bobby wants to exchange his soul for his son but he says it's not going to work because he hates his son. It turns out his son loathes him just as much, and lets the hunter know where his father's bones are buried.

Cut to Sam and Dean in Scotland. They've dug up Crowley's bones and are ready to set fire to them if Crowley doesn't return Bobby's soul. Awesome.

Crowley has no choice but to return Bobby's soul, and thankfully the smart hunter makes sure the CD can't take away his legs. In the end all is good except Bobby never gets the girl and never gets a chance to eat that peach cobbler Marcy brought over to help him welcome her to the neighborhood. He simply resumes his life as a hunter's best resource.

"Weekend at Bobby's" features great performances from Jim Beaver and Mark A. Sheppard. It's always cool when Steven Williams gets to return as Rufus. Maybe Eric Kripke can come up with a Bobby/Rufus spin-off once Supernatural's over. I love these two characters together. They're what Sam and Dean probably will be in thirty years.

Jensen's first episode was a pretty mammoth undertaking, especially filming the floating ring; the demon in the wood chipper; the demon being blow-torched, and Sam and Dean in Scotland. I liked his eye for shots. Plus he had to direct himself.

Yes, it's definitely worth spending a "Weekend at Bobby's."

Random Thoughts

-I read that the newscaster's voiceover was provided by Alan Ackles, Jensen's dad. Love this casting decision.

-Loved Bobby's Crowley impression.

-New demon intel: If you find where their bones are buried and torch them, they're done being a demon forever. Very interesting.

-I still can't get enough of Supernatural's shattered glass show open. It's really fabulous.

-Does Bobby have dial-up on his computer? Not wireless?

-The use of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" as we see Bobby live his life is awesome. I love that song. And it's so Bobby. And then Crowley quotes a line from the song later in the episode: "You got to know when to fold 'em." Perfect.

-Right now writers Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin can't do anything wrong in my book. I loved their first episode, "Yellow Fever," and their "Dark Side of the Moon" was one of my absolute favorites from last season. Plus they wrote "Sam, Interrupted" which was responsible for one of the best individual scenes of last season ("PUDDING!"). Now they've hit the right notes with "Weekend at Bobby's."

-I didn't mind Bobby's rant at the boys even though he said something about them helping him "for once." We know the boys have come to his help before. Some things are said in the heat of the moment, but it was all taken care of with the chick-flick moment at the end.

-I was wondering if since the episode was called "Weekend at Bobby's" if we were going to get some sort of Weekend at Bernie's scenario. And we kind of did. Rufus carried that dead Okami body to Bobby's. They buried and it and then it disappeared. Sure, the twist was that the body wasn't really dead but that's okay. The movie's essence was present.

-Rufus' aliases are legendary. Luther Vandross and Ruben Studdard? Brilliant.

-The whole monster business is getting weirder and weirder. The Lamia should be in Greece but it's causing havoc in Wisconsin. The Okami should only be in Japan but it's currently being bad in America as well. What's going on?

-Good to see Kim Rhodes again. And new to the show is Jennifer Aspen, who played Marcy. I know her best from her days on Party of Five. But she's also Terri's sister on Fox's Glee.

-Love the continuity with Dean still sort of being afraid to fly. But he dealt with the nine-hour flight for Bobby. That's love.

- Jensen had to direct himself eating. Wonder if he tried to minimize the number of takes so he didn't have to keep eating the burger over and over again?

Favorite Lines

"Why, because you asked nicely?" "No, 'cause I'm going Dateline on your ass."

"What happened? You fall and you can't get up?"

"Let me handle the 'B' side."

"Tell me the ring is still in your stomach. I'm going to go boil some water." "What?"

"That felt good to get that off my chest. We should make this a thing."

"Do I look Dr. Phil to you?"

"A little."

"We're in your neck of the woods. Did you really used to wear a skirt?" "A kilt. I had very athletic calves."

"You demons you think you're something special but you're just spirits. Twisted, perverted, evil spirits but at the end of the day you're nothing but ghosts with an ego."

"Man, I know what I want for Hanukkah."

"You hear that Crowley? That's me flicking my Bic for you."

"I don't need you to fight my battles for me moose. Get bent."

"Okay let's roll credits on this chick flick."

"And I will be damned if I'm going to sit around and be damned!"

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It's a Bobby-centric episode as he goes about trying to snag his soul back from a double-crossing Crowley. And while we witness everything the surly hunter does to re-gain his precious soul, we also get a taste of the life of Bobby Singer. And you know what? It's pretty fascinating. Sam and Dean take a back seat in this one but for a good reason. "Weekend at Bobby's" signals Jensen Ackles' ...
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