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Supernatural Episode: "Two and a Half Men"

Season 6, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Sam investigates when babies are kidnapped and their parents are murdered. When he finds a baby who is left behind, he contacts Dean to help with the case. Soon, the brothers encounter a shape-shifter who wants to take the child.
Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2010
Guest Cast Mitch Pileggi: Samuel Cindy Sampson: Lisa Nicholas Elia: Ben
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Season 6, Episode 2
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Aired: 10/1/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Two and a Half Men" Season 6, Episode 2

This week's Supernatural episode is called "Two and a Half Men," and if the CBS comedy of the same name were like this, I'd watch it every week. Sam and Dean protecting a little baby shifter from his daddy? Sign me up.

The new era of Supernatural has reached its second week. Sam's on the road playing FBI guy by himself while Dean's at home with Ben and Lisa. Scratch that. Dean's at a new home with Ben and Lisa. Since "Exile on Main St.," the family has moved and Dean has everyone on lockdown all in the name of protection. Protecting them from what? He doesn't know. He just feels like there's something out there and it could find its way to them just like the djinns did.

With all the talk about Season 6 going back to its Season 1 roots, Sam's not getting that sort of treatment. Sure back then there were things he didn't want to tell Dean about like having had visions of Jessica's death before it happened. This Sam is still disconnected from life; he seems like he's walking through it in kind of a numb manner. There's one line uttered when he was talking to Granddaddy Campbell on the phone: "Sometimes I wonder about me too." Jared really sold that line for me; my heart practically broke.

Sam seems lost to me but the character's always cloaked in some sort of mystery so I'm wondering if Sam knows more about what's going on with the Campbells or with why he got out of hell. My hunch is he doesn't know what's going on with the hunters. There's nothing wrong with his hunting skills — they've grown exponentially since Season 1. He's more confident, he's stronger, he's just better than he ever was before.

As for Dean, he continues to seem conflicted between the life he's lived for the last year and the life he's always known. And with the supernatural element reentering the picture, he's been forced to react. Unfortunately, his reaction smacks of vintage Big Daddy Winchester. The move and his hardcore protective streak are classic BDW moves, according to Sam. Dean sees it too but he's been powerless to stop it.

Thankfully, we hear more from Ben this week. I feel sorry for the kid. He has to deal with this sudden change. He has been ripped away from the life he's known and on top of it Dean's placing severe restrictions on him. Plus, Dean catches him going through his weapons stash in his trunk and gets yelled at for it. Ben really seems like he's interested in learning how to hunt but Dean doesn't want that life for him. Some of this is painful to watch but I just love the way the show is dealing with a conflicted Dean; slowly but surely this normal life he's leading is getting to him. The lure of the hunt is getting stronger and stronger.

When was the last time we saw a shapeshifter in the Supernatural universe? Was it Season 4's "Monster Movie?" I'm always on board with the episodes that feature this particular monster-of-the-week. I love the twist that this is the Alpha shifter; the very first. And that's why it was so badass; it was able to instantly morph into anyone he wanted. So cool! In the span of a couple minutes the shifter took the form of Granddaddy Campbell, Sam and then Dean. Double helpings of Sam and Dean are always welcome.

The whole notion of this being the Alpha shapeshifter kind of reminds me of Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when the Scooby gang battled the First Evil. So what is triggering the presence of the Alpha other than looking for his child? Time will tell. Unlike the show's other shapeshifter episodes, this big bad got away with his child.. No one knows if it can even be killed. The fact it got what it came for and the hunters weren't able to stop it was pretty awesome. We didn't get a happy ending gift wrapped up all nice and neat.

I love how in the crib the adorable baby slipped his skin and shifted into another adorable baby. In the hotel room, Sam really gets to see just how domestic Dean has become over the last year. Meanwhile, Dean notices something about Sam too and it's decidedly less domestic. He makes a comment about how Sam was willing to use the shifter baby as bait. He doesn't say anything more than that but Dean's making mental notes about Sam being different.

Let's talk about the Campbells. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a Ruby situation because right now I'm as suspicious of Mary's family as Dean is. Sam seems to trust them; well at the very least he seems to trust Samuel. I just don't want Sam's trust to be misplaced once again; if something's up with the Campbells (and I know there is) then I hope the youngest Winchester gets wise to them sooner rather than later. Sam's a smart guy; I think he'll figure it out. Who knows he may know already. I don't particularly like the way the cousins are treating Dean but Dean's not really endearing himself to them either. And who was Samuel talking to on the phone? I'm wondering if Christian Campbell (Corin Nemec) is headed for some sort of smackdown with Dean. Those two are like oil and water.

By the end of the episode, Lisa knows Dean can't stick around 24/7. I love that she gets him; that's what I've always wanted for Dean and she's it. She knows that he's a hunter inside and out:

"I get it. You're white-knuckling it living like this. Like what you are is some bad, awful thing. But you're not. But I'm not going to have this discussion every time you leave. This is...this is just going to keep happening so...I need you to go."

She proposes he comes home when he can and that he comes in one piece. So maybe Dean won't be so conflicted anymore. Unlike what the lyrics say in Bob Seger's "Beautiful Loser," maybe Dean can have it all.

Major kudos goes out to Adam Glass who wrote "Two and a Half Men." This is his first episode for the show and I'm hoping he'll get the chance to write some more. I enjoyed his sense of humor and he brought the drama and the action too. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Favorite Scenes

-How great were Sam and Dean in the grocery store pushing the cart and getting the baby supplies? And Sam, Dean's so not Three Men and a Baby's Guttenberg; He'd be a mixture of Tom Selleck and Ted Danson.  I loved the way Dean held the baby up to inspect whether the kid wet his diaper or not. He was appropriately awkward with the whole thing which is why he almost let the grandma shifter get away with the child.

-Dean teaching Lisa to shoot the gun was a brief but really cool scene. Dean knew he had to join Sam so he decided to teach Lisa how to protect her and Ben.

-Sam and Dean in the hotel room: Dean admits he's thinking of Ben as his son. Sam wants to know how Dean will be able to protect the family and stay with them and not turn into BDW. It's already happening. This was just a simple conversation between brothers about life and family and parenthood and hunting and fathers. It was quiet but pretty powerful.

-The Alpha goes all Alpha dog on Sam, Dean, Grandpa and the Campbell cousins. The non-talking cousin went bye-bye; he was a casualty of the confrontation.

-Dean freed the Impala!!! I felt bad for the poor car. To be trapped under the tarp in a garage was just not cool. I do liken it to Dean being trapped under a metaphorical tarp known as suburbia. Both Dean and the Impala are on the loose. Could that scene where the two were reunited have been any better? The only way it could have been better is if the show once again went with AC/DC's "Back in Black;" kind of like in Season 2's "Bloodlust" when the Impala was restored after the collision with the truck. This time around the show went with Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water." That's also a cool tune.

Random Thoughts

-That first bloody arm in the episode was startling.

-Should I read into anything when the old lady asked Sam and Dean what the baby's name was Sam said "John" while Dean said "Bobby?" I usually do read into everything. I think it's an interesting occurrence.

-Sam tries to make an argument for the hunting Campbell family by saying that not every hunter's a head case. He thinks Samuel's a lot like Dean. Dean admits to being a head case. I love that.

-Instant Shifter marathon: S1's "Skin"; S2's "Nightshifter"; S4's "Monster Movie"; S6's "Two and a Half Men"

Every time Dean's driving that truck it's like a stake through my heart.

I'm enjoying Dean's evolution. He's in his 30s. He should be evolving.

Is Gwen Campbell just going to go around saying ridiculously sarcastic lines? I'd like to see more of what she has to offer before I judge whether I like her or not.

I love how Dean trusts Sam and no one else.

Did Sam tell the Campbells about Dean's time in hell?

Why did the Alpha let Sam and Dean live?

Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" — Dean's ringtone from Season 2's "Born Under a Bad Sign" I believe.

Next episode: Castiel's back. It's about time!

Favorite Lines

Welcome to the party, Guttenberg."

"Feel free to speak up if you know anything." (baby smiles)

"Seat belt." "What am I in third grade? A car should drive not be a little bitch."

"What's his name?" "Bobby." "John." "Bobby John."

"Give me the baby before I stab you in the neck."

"Who designed this thing? Nasa?"

"You've got a whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off you. You're like father material."

"You go." "You sure?" "Unless you got a badge for Bobby John, I'm sure."

"I'm a freaking head case!"

"You guys are kidding right? You can't Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter!"

"If there's some sort of rule that this all has to be either about we break it?"


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This week's Supernatural episode is called "Two and a Half Men," and if the CBS comedy of the same name were like this, I'd watch it every week. Sam and Dean protecting a little baby shifter from his daddy? Sign me up.

The new era of Supernatural has reached its second week. Sam's on the road playing... read more

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