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Supernatural Episode: "My Bloody Valentine"

Season 5, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Lovers start killing each other on Valentine's Day, and Sam and Dean believe Cupid is responsible, so they attempt to track him down.
Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2010
Guest Cast James Otis: Famine Lex Medlin: Cupid Jay Brazeau
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Season 5, Episode 14
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Length: 41:21
Aired: 2/11/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "My Bloody Valentine" Season 5, Episode 14

In "My Bloody Valentine" an entire town is in chaos just in time for Valentine's Day. A diapered, cherubic hugalicious Cupid has nothing to do with it, instead it's another nasty, more evil, force at play.

One of the reasons this last episode before a five-week hell-atus is memorable, is because it happens to be named after Jensen's horror flick from last year. I love that little touch.

I don't know about you, but I thought this episode was going to be the standard standalone, but it was nothing like that. It dredged up all this baggage from the past. I had no idea Sam would succumb to the temptation of the demon blood once again. We met another of the Four Horsemen (Famine) and he worked it to where Sam was completely under the influence. At the end of the hour he had to be restrained in Bobby's panic room again. Plus, Cas had an insatiable hunger for red meat. At first it was cooked hamburgers. By the end it was raw meat, it just kept getting worse and worse thanks to Famine.

Dean's the only one in the town not to fall to the terrible gnawing hunger. And that's not a good thing. It means Dean's completely running on empty to the point where Famine commented on the fact Dean's already dead inside. Is this because of his time in hell? Is this because of what he went through with Sam last season? Is this because of losing most of the people he's loved in his life? I just know the two brothers are in pain. It's hard to see them both in such a bad, bad way. For the first time this season Sam used his powers only being hopped on demon blood could elicit and Dean was forced to watch on the sidelines.

My emotions are completely spent. I had no idea "My Bloody Valentine" would be this exhausting, this serious. I should have known writer Ben Edlund would not only put Sam and Dean through the wringer, but he would put us through the wringer too. I haven't felt this emotionally drained from watching the show since Ben's Season 4 episode "On the Head of a Pin." In "The Song Remains the Same" Sera Gamble did what she always does — she gave Jared such good stuff to play with Sam. I've said this in the comments of my blog many times before, but I believe Ben Edlund has developed into the best Dean writer. However, Edlund did right by all three characters (Sam, Dean and Castiel) and I just can't believe how amazing this episode was. Let's break it down.


I would like to analyze the entire recap but since I just went on a rant, there's not enough time or space. I remember at the beginning of the season I had a minor complaint that Dean's PTSD didn't carry over to this season. It seemed like all of that business was left back in Season Four. But when I saw the recap laid out before me like I did, I realized Dean has been feeling the effects of hell and everything else that has happened this year and last year. It has manifested itself in his drinking and an almost apathetic attitude he's been exhibiting especially since "Sam, Interrupted." I love how the recap ended on Dean's speech from "The Rapture" as well as the picture of the hunters taken in "Abandon All Hope" that focused on Dean and Jo.


An amorous couple ends up eating each other to death in one of the grossest Supernatural deaths on record. When Sam interrogates one of the couples' friends, she tells him her friend never drank, never swore and she was a nice girl. In fact, she was on her first date in months.

Sam heads back to the hotel where Dean's already sitting at the table. Dean relays what happened when he visited the coroner's office. He described what he saw of the couple. Then came one of my favorite scenes where Sam assumed Dean was going to celebrate Valentine's Day like it was 1999:

"Not much more than we can do tonight. All right, I'm just going to go through some files you can go ahead and go get going."
"Go ahead, unleash the Kraken. See you tomorrow morning."
"Where am I going?"
"Dean, it's Valentine's Day, your favorite holiday remember? I mean what do you always call it? Uh...unattached drifter Christmas."
"Uh, yeah, be that as it may, I don't know. I guess I'm not feeling it this year."
"So you're not into bars full of lonely women?"
"I guess not. What?"
"It's when a dog doesn't eat. That's when you know something's really wrong."

After another couple "commits suicide," Sam and Dean show up to investigate and for some reason, Sam's curious about the other guy in a suit passing them up in the hallway. The dude looks like he's straight out of The X-Files, Matrix, The Pretender, Constantine or all of the above. I'm also sort of reminded of the bad guys from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Hush." At the morgue, Sam figures out the marks on the hearts of the people who died are Enochian. Dean calls Castiel into the situation. Cas immediately deduces they're dealing with a cherub of the lower angel order (3rd class). You see, this cherub wears diapers although according to Castiel he's not incontinent.  

Later, I once again start asking, what's wrong with Dean? He ketchups a burger, than he has no appetite to eat it. That's a sign of some sort of depression to me. Castiel steals his food instead which is also odd. A mysterious wind blows into the restaurant and one of the couples starts to act overly passionate. Cas catches the cupid and it turns out he's one huggy dude. Poor Cupid, he doesn't realize his marks were slaughtering each other. That means something else is responsible for the murders. Cupid gets all weepy. Cas realizes Cupid is just following heaven's orders.

"Why does heaven care if Harry meets Sally?"

According to Cupid, heaven mostly doesn't care unless the participants are of certain bloodlines and certain destinies like Sam and Dean. Apparently the union of John and Mary Winchester is a top priority. A cupid set them up although it took a while for them to stand each other enough to fall in love. He insists John and Mary needed to get together because Sam and Dean needed to be born. So there continues the mythology from the last episode. Everything had to happen for a reason. Dean punches him causing Cupid to get upset and leave. Sam wants to talk about why Dean would punch the cherub and as usual, Dean will not talk.

Sam and Dean continue to dig up information on the case. Sam seems to develop some sort of headache. He spots that same villainous dude coming out of the clinic at the same time of his headache and then follows him. He corners him and slices him on the face; the bad guy is definitely something not someone. Unfortunately he gets away but since Sam sliced him, Sam has a knife that's covered in demon blood (he wipes the blood off). I like the fact the show hasn't had Sam get over his demon blood addiction quickly, he continues to struggle with it. I'm wondering with all the temptation how much longer Sam can refrain from partaking of the demon blood on a more permanent basis. I love how Dean sees Sam struggling and asks if he was OK. Sam and Dean open evil dude's briefcase and a bright light comes bursting out. Cas says it's a human soul while he manages to simultaneously chow down yet another burger. Remember how "crazy was the clue" in "Sam, Interrupted?" Well, hunger is the clue in this one.  The whole town has been suffering from a hunger, famine to be exact. Guess what that turned out to be? Yes, one of the Four Horsemen. So this hunger epidemic so to speak is a direct cause of the apocalypse which makes me feel better because I just don't feel Sam and Dean should have to go chasing down ghosts and regular cases when an apocalypse has showed its ugly head. That should be the primary concern.

Famine's black steed looks a lot like a big SUV. His hunger poisons the air even though he simply looks like an old guy in a wheelchair being continuously fed by oxygen. He devours the soul of his victims. His minion tells him Sam Winchester's in town. That can't be good especially since he stole Sam's hotel room key. Famine wants to know where his soul is. After black suit dude tells Famine Sam took the briefcase from him, Famine takes his soul.

Sam's definitely infected and he knows something's wrong because he's jonesing for demon blood. Sam wisely asks to be locked up while Cas and Dean go to the coroner's office where they find out the nice coroner is dead. It's really sad when Dean tells Cas he really kind of liked the guy. So did I. Dean's the only one who doesn't seem infected and Cas wants to know why. Dean says he's well satiated since he usually feeds his hunger no matter what it is. Two of Lucifer's minions come to collect Sam but let's just say he doesn't go quietly. He feeds off the woman and for the first time this season Sam has full control of his demon powers complete with blood-stained mouth. So sad and so very scary.

Cas and Dean follow another minion dude carrying another briefcase that comes complete with a human soul. Cas goes to take care of things but when he apparently takes too long Dean decides to go in. It totally looks like the diner from "Lazarus Rising" doesn't it? Anyway, Cas has graduated from cooked burgers to raw meat. Dean's captured and faces Famine.

Famine claims he didn't have to push the people of the town to go crazy. I believe the same claims were made in "Sin City" and "Free to be You and Me." Humans are getting such a bad rap on this show. They just need the slightest push and it's chaos city.

Famine tells Dean he's not being affected by the hunger that's plaguing this town because inside he's so broken, he's so defeated that he's already dead. I love when Sam comes into the picture and Famine tells his minions to leave Sam alone. Famine tells Sam he'll never die from drinking too much he's the exception to the rule. Did you see Dean's face when the old man was saying this? He's being held by two guys helpless and the look on his face matched that helpless feeling. Famine tells Sam to cut all the demons throats. We see Sammy un-demon all the minions and then tell Famine he won't ingest their souls. Famine eats up instead. Sam steals them back. So I guess they just temporarily stopped Famine? I really wasn't sure at the end.

The end of the episode, Sam has to detox again. Dean and Cas lock him in Bobby's panic room and are forced to listen to Sam's screams and pleas. That's when Dean drinks. Bet he didn't think they'd end up back there listening to Sam go through withdrawal again:

"Dean, Sam just needs to..."
"I just need to get some air."

An at-the-end-of-his-rope Dean heads out to Bobby's junkyard and asks for help. I wonder if God's going to answer him. Or is he talking to Michael? Is Dean breaking down enough to where he's almost ready to become Michael's vessel? Dean seems in so much turmoil right now, saying hello to Michael could be a way to say goodbye to his inner pain. Dean hurting and Sam locked up in the panic room just ripped my heart out. Team Free Will is in trouble. Jared did a great job being forced back into his addiction and as for Jensen, I can't say enough about how much he says with one simple facial expression. He doesn't even have to utter a word. It's just one heartbreaking look after another.

Random Thoughts

Wow, Dean just seems so terribly depressed. I must admit that out of all the clips and trailers that were released in the last week I watched the apathetic Dean clip the most. I don't think we've ever seen him like this. We got a hint of it in "On the Head of a Pin." I loved Sam's look after he says that "it's when a dog doesn't eat" line. He's really concerned for Dean. The chemistry between the brothers truly seems back in action.

"Talk about codependent" — Dean refers to the couple that ate each other alive as codependent just a mere couple of weeks after a trained professional diagnosed the brothers as "dangerously codependent." Very funny. 

"Remarkably patronizing concern, duly noted." Wow Dean sounded very smart when he said these words. I love that.

Jensen had to love the fact he didn't have to eat in this episode. Meanwhile, Misha did all the eating for everyone.

Dean's alias is Agent Marley as in Bob Marley the awesome reggae king. "No Woman No Cry" is one of my all time favorite songs. Sam's alias is Agent Cliff as in Jimmy Cliff, another reggae god. So cool. I love me some Ben Edlund something fierce.

Love how Sam and Dean pass the buck to Castiel to figure things out with the Cupid. And the Cupid's modus operandi is to hug. The guy's half naked so it turns out to be a very inappropriate gesture. I love how Dean stands at guard around the touchy feely Cupid. It's hilarious.

Southland's Lex Medlin guest stars as the Cupid. OK, I am totally DVR-ing Southland on TNT, but I haven't watched a single episode yet. I will catch up.

Wow, Castiel mentions Jimmy. We haven't really heard about Jimmy in a while.

It looks like it's a Bobby episode when Supernatural returns with new episodes March 25th. Yes, I wrote March 25th. Let another Hell-atus begin.

Favorite Lines

"And please gentlemen, refrigerate after opening."

"Hey, be my Valentine?"

"I'm there now." "Yeah, I get that." "I'm going to hang up now."

"Do you mean the flying fat kid in diapers?" "They're not incontinent."

"Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?"

"I love love — I love it and if that's wrong I don't want to be right."

"I can smell you. Winchester..."

"What are you, Hamburgler?"

"You're saying you're just well adjusted?" "God no. I'm just well fed."

"Hey, Happy Meal!"

"You sic your dog on me I just threw him a steak."

"No one lays a finger on this sweet little boy."

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In "My Bloody Valentine" an entire town is in chaos just in time for Valentine's Day. A diapered, cherubic hugalicious Cupid has nothing to do with it, instead it's another nasty, more evil, force at play.

One of the reasons this last episode before a five-week hell-atus is memorable, is because it happens to be named after Jensen's horror flick from last year. I love that little touch.

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