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Supernatural Episode: "Exile on Main St."

Season 6, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: The sixth season begins with Sam being released from hell and trying to convince Dean to rejoin him in fighting evil. To help persuade him, Sam introduces Dean to a new family led by their grandfather Samuel (Mitch Pileggi).
Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2010
Guest Cast Mitch Pileggi: Samuel Nicholas Elia: Ben Cindy Sampson: Lisa
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Season 6, Episode 1
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Length: 42:15
Aired: 9/24/2010
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Exile on Main Street" Season 6, Episode 1

Then: At the end of Season 5, Sam sacrificed himself to stop the apocalypse and rid the world of Lucifer. This left Dean to be with Lisa and Ben so he could finally have that shot at a normal life he hadn't experienced since he was 4.

Now: It's a year later and Dean's Mr. Respectable. He wakes up in the morning; he makes breakfast for Ben; he goes to work at his construction gig; he barbecues and drinks beer with the neighbors; he spends quality time with Ben; he locks up and makes sure the house is secure; he makes sure Ben's safe and then gets back in bed with Lisa to go to sleep.

Welcome back, guys! This was a different episode of Supernatural, don't you think? I ended up watching it twice. After the first time, I couldn't put two thoughts together. I liked it, but it wasn't like anything I've ever seen on this show before. I mean, a lot of it took place at Dean's house in the suburbs! And the action didn't involve any demons or angels that we know of (so far) -- unless you want to count the yellow-eyed demon (YED) hallucinations.

I liked the episode even more after the second time. But there were some strange things. Before, the show was about two brothers disconnected from the world riding around in the Impala hunting everything that goes bump in the night. But now they've got families. Dean has Ben and Lisa. Sam, at least for the last year, has been hunting with members of the Campbell family (Mary's dad and cousins and "something-something twice-removed").

As is Winchester tradition, Sam has made it out of hell (first John, then Dean and now Sam). Dean has been living in some sort of suburban limbo (somewhere between heaven and hell) for the last year. But now the two are reunited, thanks to some dastardly djinn action. Unfortunately, the brothers are now disconnected from each other.

Sam's just different (I think I'm going to be using that word a lot this season). He's strangely matter-of-fact. He's kind of Stepford, meaning he's a bit robotic in his manner and movement and even his tone of voice seems devoid of any sort of emotion. Did this come from his time in the cage, deep down in the recesses of hell? And if he's been out for a year, exactly how much Earth time did he spend down there? And is he permanently Lucifer-free?

After Dean finally realized his brother was back for real, the two hugged. But it was more like a one-way hug; Sam didn't give into it. The younger Winchester is definitely in take-charge mode. I love Sam in take-charge mode. He's been fighting alongside "the family" for a year now. He knows the ropes. Meanwhile, Dean's been in a hunting hellatus for a year. I thought I'd be bothered by Sam being the one in the lead. I wasn't.

What I am bothered about is the fact he made Dean promise to turn to Lisa and Ben and now he's trying to rip Dean away from them. Sure, he backed down easily when Dean wouldn't take up with the family business at the end, but it still bothered me. And it bothered me he didn't tell Dean that he was alive for a year. It just does. I do feel Sam's intentions were in the right place, however.

And then there's Bobby knowing about Sam's un-dead status from the beginning. I love that he and Sam both wanted the best for Dean but at the same time I wonder if they really know Dean like they say they do. Did you see his face in that normal montage? It didn't seem like he's ever completely settled in 100 percent. Is it fair for Dean to stay in a life if he hasn't completely committed? Dean's conflicted and it's going to be interesting to see that story play out.

What I'm concerned about is just how Dean's going to finally make that jump back into hunting 24/7. Will he end up hurting his new family? I don't know how it's not going to end up with somebody getting hurt. I like the Dean-Lisa relationship, although it can't last. I'm not quite sure Dean loves Lisa the way she wants him to love her. But I do feel Lisa knows Dean well. She knows he's a hunter, which is a plus, but she also won't let him get away with lying to her. She seems to accept him for who he is, but she also represents an anchor holding Dean back from hunting full-time. Like I said, somebody's going to get hurt.

Looks like Sam and Dean's family roots are going to be explored. Granddaddy Campbell (Mitch Pileggi) has been resurrected along with Sam. The two are clueless as to why this happened. I love Dean being re-introduced to his grandfather. Dean met Samuel on his little trip in Cas' way-back machine in Season 4's "In the Beginning." Did anyone else feel a chill when Samuel told Dean he reminded him of Mary? Awesome moment. I love how they both tuck their shirts into their jeans. I know, that's so not our usual Dean, but it worked for the purpose of this episode.

As for the others, there's Gwen, the tough girl cousin and then one that looks a lot like Corin Nemec of Parker Lewis Can't Lose fame. The jury's out on the Campbells; after all, they haven't really said much. I am really glad Dean didn't back down when they were teasing him about his suburban life and how rusty his hunting skills were.

Samuel and the Campbell clan definitely have some sort of hidden agenda. Granddad mentions something about their ancestors being hunters as well. With this long lineage of hunters in the Campbell family, did something happen in the past that has resulted in their lives being alternately cursed and saved? Is this why Sam was targeted by the YED and Lucifer and Dean saved from hell by Castiel? Is this why both Sams were recently plucked from heaven and hell? I hope we find out the definitive answer as Season 6 continues.

The multiple djinns going after Sam and Dean for killing their dad really worked for me. Tying it back to Season 2's "What Is and What Should Never Be" is always a good thing in my book, since I've always worshiped that episode. Because of all these monsters acting against type, these djinns aren't sticking to their usual hiding places; they are passing for humans until it's that time to inflict their deadly poison with one simple touch. They are creepy and Dean's hallucinations of the YED (welcome back, Frederic Lehne) are scary, especially as Lisa burned on the ceiling à la Mary and Jessica, and Ben sucked the YED's blood straight from his wrist. So very creepy.

I'll admit as much as I think Dean deserved a normal life for a change, I was kind of scared at the thought of the show actually executing this plot. But I think the first episode of the Sera Gamble era surprised me in a good way. However, I'm definitely interested, not to mention anxious, to find out how Dean's going to handle the transition from suburbia back to disturbia, and from a life with a woman and her son back to the one that has him hunting side by side with his brother.

I do like what the episode set up with these monsters acting out of whack, with the nocturnals attacking during the day and the werewolves doing their thing under the half moon, and creatures they've never even seen before preying on the weak. What is causing all of this? What resurrected Grandpa Samuel and Grandson Sam? But there's a more important issue. I'm really looking forward to Dean dusting off the Impala and taking it back on the road with Sam right there by his side.

Random Thoughts

-Another sign of the new era of Supernatural: No classic rock opening to accompany the "previously" section of the season premiere. In fact, the recap was mighty quick. However, the montage covering Dean's routine life was set to Bob Seger's "Beautiful Loser." Perfect use of that song.

-New Promo Shoot: Did you check out the shots of Jared and Jensen after the episode ended and then again after next week's sneak peek? Pretty awesome.

-That opening montage of Dean's normal life routine interlaced with his hunting routine was a bit heartbreaking. Don't know if that's what they were going for with that, but it was. Specifically, the shots when they showed Sam, and especially when they cut from the truck Dean drives to the Impala he used to drive that's now stuck under a tarp in the garage.

-Exile on Main St. is the name of a Rolling Stones album.

-I loved that even though Dean was living life as a "soccer mom," he never forgot his hunter side. He had guns readied in his truck; he had a devil's trap painted under the welcome mat; he had all sorts of protection up around the house, plus he had the weapons hidden in the trunk of his trusty Impala. 

-I loved the shattered-glass Supernatural show title open. It's awesome that TPTB continue to change it every year and it definitely makes me want to stick around to see exactly what gets shattered during Season 6. Dean's suburban existence has already gotten shattered. The relationship between Sam and Dean is already in pieces; even Dean's relationship with Bobby has been rocked a bit.

-We really didn't get much in the way of a Ben and Dean conversation. It's the same kid from Season 3's "The Kids are Alright" however and I love that.

-The Yorkie makes a triumphant return to Supernatural! We haven't seen a Yorkie terrify Dean since Season 4's "Yellow Fever."

-Is Adam still down in the cage?

-As much as I enjoyed this episode, I have to say there weren't the plethora of quotable lines like there usually are in the season premieres.

-I think having Dean play golf was a little too implausible for me. Just a little. But it did give Sam the opportunity to beat the life out of that djinn.

-Loved how we got to see more of the djinn transformation. They can look human then when they're in attack mode and the marks/tattoos appear.

-I'm digging Sam's black Charger. Weird knowing he's not in the Impala, but at least he has a cool car to take him from Point A to Point B.

-Loved Mitch Pileggi being back on the show. I also like Corin Nemec being a member of the Campbell family. I've already mentioned he was in Parker Lewis Can't Lose, but he was also in Stephen King's The Stand, much like Matt Frewer, who played the Horseman known as Pestilence last season.

-Jensen gave another nice performance. The Dean of this episode isn't one we're used to, but Jensen didn't let it get the best of him. He didn't let hunter Dean disappear completely. So great.

Favorite Lines

"My God, you have delicate features for a hunter." "Excuse me?"

"Of course I didn't leave it alone. Sue me!"

"See, it's almost like I'm a professional."

"Your mom wanted a normal life too. You remind me of her actually -- the attitude, for one thing."

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Then: At the end of Season 5, Sam sacrificed himself to stop the apocalypse and rid the world of Lucifer. This left Dean to be with Lisa and Ben so he could finally have that shot at a normal life he hadn't experienced since he was 4.

Now: It's a year later and Dean's Mr. Respectable. He wakes up in the morning; he makes breakfast for Ben; he goes to work at his construction gig; he barbecues and drinks beer with the neighbors; he spends quality time with Ben; he locks up and makes sure the house is secure; he makes sure Ben's safe and then gets back in bed with Lisa to go to sleep.

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