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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester"

Season 5, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Bobby plays a high-stakes poker game with a witch and bets 25 years of his life for a chance to be free of his wheelchair, but he loses. As he begins to rapidly age, Dean attempts to save him, but he also ages into an old man.
Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2009
Guest Cast Hal Ozsan: Witch Pascale Hutton Jim Beaver: Bobby
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Season 5, Episode 7
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Length: 42:03
Aired: 10/29/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" Season 5, Episode 7

Dean gets older, Bobby has a bit of a breakdown and Sam receives an unwanted present. Who knew losing a simple poker game could have such an unbelievable effect?

First things first: I've never seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There, I said it. I know it received a bunch of Oscar nods including Best Picture and acting nods for both Brad Pitt and Taraji P. Henson. But one thing you have to know about me is that I don't see many movies anymore. I'm a TV person through and through. I do know the gist of the film, however, which is why I have been beyond excited for this episode ever since I heard its title: "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester."

This all new Supernatural starts out with a husband coming home but instead of saying "hi" to his wife, he runs straight upstairs to the bathroom where he starts aging big time. In fact, he ends up dying of old age. Sam and Dean are quickly on the case thanks to a still wheelchair-bound Bobby. The brothers "work" for the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and are checking out the death at the morgue. The victim is really 25-years-old, but looks much older. Sam and Dean then check out a missing persons case where an old woman's husband has disappeared. The Winchesters find him at a hotel in bed with two Asian ladies. Of course, this guy no longer is an old man. In fact, this guy is young and virile and ready to let his wife think he's dead. He explains to Sam and Dean how it all happened: a guy came up to him offering a "special" poker game. Cliff won said poker game and now he's de-aged and looking like he's ready to anchor the local news. Gotta love Dean's "stay classy" line from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which, yes, is another film I've never seen. Sam and Dean split up to search for this elusive poker game led by this mysterious Patrick guy. Dean finally finds the right bar and for a crisp cool hundred-dollar bill the bartender lets him know where to go. When Dean walks around back he finds Bobby who has already played and lost.

Dean calls Bobby an idiot for a change. Meanwhile, Bobby's not having it. He says they are "his years to lose." I guess I never thought Bobby would take losing his legs so poorly. I have always thought he was this guy that took things as they came. I know his whole life has changed. And I know this is the absolute wrong time for this to happen to him with the apocalypse the number one priority. I feel bad for the guy that he has to resort to this supernatural poker game to get his life back. But this is Bobby. I know he would give the best advice to Sam and Dean if it happened to one of them. I always thought he would handle things better. But we wouldn't get this awesome situation if he had, would we? Bobby loses 25 years of his life and he's close to death. Dean goes to win those years back from Patrick. Bobby ends up getting those years back, but next thing we know (after a chant and some fiery chips), Dean's something like 30/40 years older and looking a lot like actor Chad Everett (more on him later). Sam gets back to the hotel and he hears someone who doesn't sound like Dean. Out walks this older man, so Sam automatically pulls his gun on this "stranger."

"Who the hell are you?" "Dude, relax. It's me." "Dean?" "Hi."

At this point, I'm laughing so hard. The subsequent dialogue is awesomely hilarious.

"Have you seen you? You look like..." "The old chick from Titanic? I know, shut up." "I was going to say Emperor Palpatine." "Well, I see you met John McCain."

How funny are Sam's looks? He's soaking this whole thing in and it's beyond funny. Especially when Bobby and Dean turn into my favorite Muppet characters — those cranky old guys who sit in the theatre and complain (Statler and Waldorf ). Of course Sam refers to them as Grumpy Old Men. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon played the title characters on the big screen. I love how even Old Man Dean (OMD) still eats as much as he did when he was younger, except now he's finding out there are consequences to his bad diet. He can't eat cheeseburgers without getting acid reflux and later Patrick refers to his bad ticker. Sam, Dean and Bobby's plan includes finding the "magic chips" and reversing the aging process, which for once doesn't include Botox or plastic surgery. They find Patrick's apartment but quickly get caught by the woman from the bar (who apparently has her own powers). Patrick also shows up and proceeds to let Sam and OMD go but not before giving Sam the clap.

Both Bobby and OMD don't want to let Sam play the poker game. It all seems like Dean's not treating Sam like a full partner. We know this is one of Sam's biggest issues with his older brother. Bobby wants to be the one to play the game, because he doesn't care about the years he has left. He melts down and says he feels useless. He's no longer a soldier and if he hadn't been such a coward he would have killed himself by now. Not cool Bobby! When Singer and OMD get back to the hotel room, Patrick's witch of a girlfriend is waiting for them with a spell that'll reverse everything. Well, not everything or everyone; if someone's already dead, that's permanent. We're not sure why the she-witch is helping them out. She says she has her reasons. Next thing we know, Bobby and Dean are at a cemetery where OMD is busy digging (and not very happy about it) and Sam's playing poker against Patrick. And we're led to believe he's doing it without Dean's knowledge, but thankfully, that isn't true. When there's a break in the game, Sam heads out back and gives Dean a toothpick complete with Patrick's DNA. Or so he thinks. Of course, Patrick's one step ahead of him and switched out the toothpicks. Dean is still a member of the geriatric set.

Patrick tries to kill Sam, but before he can his witch girlfriend reveals she gave Sam the reversal spell. Patrick tells Sam they're going to keep playing. Meanwhile, Bobby and OMD figure out the toothpick didn't have any of Patrick's DNA so they go get some more. This involves going back to the he-witch's apartment. But OMD doesn't have time left; he starts to die. Back at the card game, Patrick tells Sam that his brother is as good as dead. Sam gets emotional; a fact Patrick thinks will be Sam's undoing. Patrick lays down two aces, which is quite the hand. In most cases it would be the winning hand. But Sam wins fair and square when he lays down two four's to go. I have tried to play poker. I've even tried to play Texas Hold 'Em. But I'm really bad at it. And I know Sam's hand is awesome. I'm not sure what he got however. Is it a flush? Whatever it is, Sam wins. Dean de-ages and does a de-aging dance. So cute! Bobby of course calls him an "idjit."

Patrick's girlfriend wants to play a final hand against her BF. She has outlived her daughter and she can't take it anymore. Patrick is forced to let her go, because she wants to join her family. Immortality is no longer for her. This is a sad scene, and even though Patrick's the villain of the episode, he does show he has a heart. As for Sam, he's off to get a booster to deal with his "issue," which leaves Bobby and Dean to have a heart-to-heart. And what a conversation it is. I have to say that one of my favorite things about Supernatural is the relationship between Bobby and Dean and specifically the chemistry between Jensen and Jim Beaver. They're always good together but sometimes it's just really, really special. This is one of those times. I count their reunion in "Lazarus Rising" and that scene in "AHBLII" in the junkyard among those special Jim/Jensen moments as well. Anyway, Dean lets Bobby know how much he means to both he and Sam:

"You don't stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle. OK, no matter what shape you're in, bottom line is, you're family. Now I don't know if you've noticed, but me and Sam, we don't have much left. I can't do this without you. I can't. So don't dare think about checking out. I don't want to hear that again." "OK." "OK. Good."

Jensen teared up and subsequently he made me tear up (yes, I'm a sap). Sure, everything got a little bit chick flick-y, but I don't care, the scene is that good. The episode is that good. It's probably my favorite one of this young fifth season. Now, I have to talk about Chad Everett. Back in the day, he was definitely considered a television hunk. Before there ever was a Dr. Doug Ross or a McDreamy he was the hot doctor on TV in Medical Center. I never watched the show because I was pretty young, but I do remember the hospital drama. The actor has been around for a long time and I'm so glad he got a chance to be part of Supernatural. He's still sexy and his casting was perfection. He did such a great job with the "dudes" and the "shut ups" and the eating and the vulnerability that came with Dean realizing he wasn't the young stud he has always been. He wore the jacket, the jeans and the layers with class and he did right by Dean Winchester.

Random Thoughts

There's no recap at the start of the episode. That doesn't happen too often on this show.

That guy who died at the beginning must have lost big time. He was 25-years-old and ends up dying of old age once he gets transformed. That guy should never have been playing the game.

I loved when Dean winked at the two ladies that spent time with Ron Burgundy...I mean, that young Cliff guy.

I also loved Dean asking Bobby how he was doing.

Much like the Trickster, this Patrick poker-dude is hard to kill. He keeps coming back for more.

Old Man Dean being called adorable by the hot young hotel maid. Poor OMD! He's also quite the complainer. So great!

I think I like the casting for Old Man Dean Winchester even better than Teenaged Dean and Young Dean. I want to know if Jensen helped Chad with his portrayal or if Chad just watched some old episodes of the show.

Again, I loved how Sam was so emotional when he thought his brother was dying. And I loved how Dean showed faith in Sam when Sam anted up against Patrick.

The actor who played Patrick was really good. Hal Ozsan's his name and I knew he looked familiar. Some of you may know him from Kyle XY but I remember him most from his days on Dawson's Creek. He played the director that hired Dawson towards the end of the show's run. And here's something he interesting: He played "Azazel" on an ABC Family show called Fallen.

Every time I think Sam's the worst liar on record, he steps up his game. He totally bluffed Patrick. Go Sam!

Dean referred to Bobby as Ironside. This was a character on a TV show. He was a lawyer who was wheelchair-bound. Raymond Burr played him for several years in the Sixties and Seventies.

Favorite Lines

"New administration. Change you can believe in."
"It was a game." "Like Xbox?" "What's Xbox?"
"Oh and uh... stay classy."
"And you beat me here?" "Brains trumps legs apparently."
"Bobby's an idiot, that's what happens."
"It's like Grumpy Old Men." "Shut up, Sam."
"I'm having a heart attack." "No, you're not." "What is it?" "Acid reflux. Guys your age can't digest certain foods. You're going to need to put down that cheeseburger."
"You're adorable." "And dangerous." "Awww! (laughter)."
"I gotta say I kind of like the guy."
"I think you ought to put some clothes on."

"Sammy, don't lose."

"Lets go, Ironsides."

What did you guys think of "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester"? And how many of you can't wait for the next episode? That's definitely going to be an interesting Supernatural. It seems pretty epic so I'm wondering how it will all turn out. Guess we'll find out soon.

Happy Halloween!

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Dean gets older, Bobby has a bit of a breakdown and Sam receives an unwanted present. Who knew losing a simple poker game could have such an unbelievable effect?

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