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Supernatural Episode: "I Believe the Children Are Our Future"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders that echo fairy tales and urban legends. Their probe leads them to an 11-year-old boy who's able to make everything he believes come true. Castiel thinks the lad is a threat and wants him eliminated.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2009
Guest Cast Gattlin Griffith: Jesse
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Season 5, Episode 6
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Aired: 10/15/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" Season 5, Episode 6

In "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," brotherly angst takes a backseat as Sam and Dean investigate a town where practical jokes and urban legends have gone wild. In the center of all the action is a kid with some serious mojo.

In Alliance, Nebraska, Amber the babysitter turns up dead while she's babysitting. The dad tries to wake her up but feels blood on her. He turns her over and sees that she's dead and the side of her head is all ripped up.

Sam and Dean are pretending to be Agents Page and Plant; they want to see Amber's body. According to the police report, something clawed through her skull. The medical examiner says the "weapon" is a press-on nail. The doctor thinks she scratched her own brains out since the babysitter had been sporting nice shiny blue fake nails. He says it's either PCP or OCD; it's some kind of extreme case of phantom itch. Both boys both cutely start dealing with their own phantom itches.

Sam and Dean then head to question the parents of the kid (Jimmy) that Amber was babysitting. Sam asks them if they noticed any cold spots in the house. Meanwhile, Dean questions Jimmy about his babysitter and what happened that night but he's not very forthcoming. Dean puts the pressure on the kid to talk and threatens to take him downtown. It turns out the brat put itching powder on the babysitter's hair brush. Sam says there's no way itching powder could have caused the babysitter to claw her brains out.

Sam gets the heads up about another dead body. The medical examiner says this latest victim was electrocuted. A patient at the hospital is the witness. The old man used one of those prank joy buzzers to shake a guy's hand and completely obliterated the man. Afterwards, Sam and Dean take that joy buzzer and go all MythBuster on us. Sam lets Dean "Dr. Wizard" Winchester experiment with a raw ham. He burns the thing despite the practical joke device having no battery. It gets Sam and Dean thinking maybe they're dealing with cursed objects. Leave it up to Dean to start eating the ham. That hasn't happened in a while, has it? So far in this episode, the boys are using aliases and Dean's eating. Could things be getting somewhat normal again? Of course Sam turns down the offer for some food. The guy never eats.

Sam and Dean's next stop: the Conjurarium where Dean quickly picks up a whoopee cushion and Sam promptly rolls his eyes at his brother. The brothers talk to the bitter owner of The Conjurarium. He laments on how kids today only "care about IPhones and those kissing vampire movies."  Dean accuses the store owner of wanting to take revenge on these kids who never plunk down on any money in his store; they just break things. He then gives the surly guy a demonstration using the joy buzzer and a rubber chicken. Hilarious. The owner is scarred for life so there's no way he's the powerful witch causing all this mayhem.

Cut to a house where a dad goes over the whole tooth fairy thing with his daughter. She thinks it sounds too scary and wants nothing to do with it. The little girl puts her tooth underneath the father's pillow instead. The tooth fairy shows up and forcibly removes the man's teeth. But the man didn't die. He's in the hospital where Sam and Dean are investigating, well, Sam's investigating, Dean's just flirting. Sam amusingly reads the victim's description of the tooth fairy/perp: 5'10'', 350 pounds with wings and a pink tutu. "It left 32 quarters underneath his pillow, one for each tooth." I feel bad for the guy. It turns out Dean wasn't just flirting. He finds out there are a couple other patients in the hospital with stomach ulcers. They say they got it from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. Another guy, his face froze that way. Dean demonstrated.

Dean makes the connection: the Pop Rocks, the joy buzzers, the Tooth Fairy, these are all lies kids believe and now they're coming true. Sam deduces that whatever's doing this is reshaping reality. He makes reference to the Trickster. I know a lot of you are going to be happy about this little reminder. I am even though we're not seeing the Trickster in this episode.

Sam maps out where all the attacks happened — they're all located within a two-mile radius. Their hotel also falls within this same radius. Dean falls victim to whatever's happening in this town. That's really all I'm going to say about that. The Winchesters head to the house that's in the middle of it all; Dean's got a knife and Sam tries to use his expert lock-picking skills. I love it when Sam tries to break into a house or a car or anywhere really. A little boy opens the door. Sam and Dean flash their FBI badges and the kid actually takes a closer look. So funny. You'd think this would happen more to Sam and Dean but it doesn't. The kid's name is Jesse. Dean holds up a picture the kid drew; it's the tooth fairy. And the tooth fairy looks a lot like the one that "visited" the dad. Jesse definitely believes in the tooth fairy, the power of itching powder, the dangers of mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, as well as the joy buzzer. Dean tries to bust the myth but ends up giving Sam a big shock but, thankfully, no life-ending electrocution.

Sam turns up research on Jesse. The kid is adopted and his birth records are sealed. There's no biological father listed; his birth mom's name is Julia Wright (guest star Ever Carradine). She lives on the other side of the state. Sam and Dean confront her by asking if her pregnancy was normal. She runs out on them but when they corner her she throws salt on them thinking they were demons. She tells them she was possessed for nine months; a demon took control of her body, and she hurt and killed people for her entire pregnancy and the birth of her son. I feel really bad for this woman and what she had to go through. When it was over, she took control by swallowing salt to banish the demon. She says when she was alone with the baby, part of her wanted to kill it but she couldn't do it. She put it up for adoption and ran. The baby doesn't have a father; she was a virgin when she conceived. Very Christ-like, right? Or in this case, antichrist-like. She asks about her son and they tell her he lives in Alliance and is a good kid.

Dean realizes they need help with this situation. They get back to the hotel and Castiel is there waiting for them. He says the brothers need to kill the boy. After all, this boy is half-demon and half-human. "But it's far more powerful than either." Exposition on the antichrist ensues: It's not Lucifer's son, it's a demon-spawn and it's one of the devil's greatest weapons in the war against heaven. The demons lost Jesse because of his power; he's hiding from them. He's a smart (and powerful) kid. I really like him. Even though angels and demons can't get to him now, they'll find him. And the fact he's causing some chaos in Alliance means the demons may be on his trail sooner rather than later. Castiel says with one word "this child will destroy the host of heaven" so he's all for eliminating him. Sam wants no part of killing a child. Cas reminds him that a year ago, he would have done anything to win this war. "Things change." This is Sam showing us he's not the same guy he was when he was under the influence of demon blood. This makes me happy.

Dean suggests they kidnap Jesse and take him to Bobby's because he'll know what to do. Cas says right now, what's happening in Alliance is what happens when Jesse's happy. What happens when he's angry is beyond imagination. And besides he's so powerful all he needs to do is have a thought and he can be around the world in a second. Sam wants to tell him the truth and lay it all out for him. Sam is all about letting the kid make the right choice even faced with going dark side. Now we know Sam didn't make the right choices there for a while and he's an adult. How is this kid supposed to make the right choice? Castiel doesn't want to take the chance.

The demon that possessed the mom shows up again. It knows the Winchesters told her where Jesse is; once again she gets possessed. This is so sad! Castiel shows up and before he can off the kid, he turns him into an action figure complete with knife. Dean lies to Jesse telling him he's a superhero and they want to take him to a safe place where he can learn how to use his powers much like the heroes in X-Men did. And much like the X-Men's Professor X, Bobby's in a wheelchair.

"Mom" shows up, and she flings Sam and Dean, pinning them to the wall. She has orders not to hurt Sam, but she can do what she wants with Dean. "Mom" tells the boy everyone's lied to him; his parents as well as Sam and Dean. She gets him sufficiently angry but Jesse wants to hear Sam's story. Sam says all he needs to do is make the right choice. And he does.

The kid goes to see his parents and wants to say goodbye to them. Then he goes to his bedroom and next thing we know, Castiel is back from toy land and tells Sam and Dean that Jesse put everyone in town back to normal and then vanished. He wrote a note saying he left to keep his parents safe. He loves them and he's sorry. With the boy's powers, they can't find him unless he's wants to be found. I'm hoping we see this kid again.

Sam and Dean are back in the Impala wrapping up the episode and talking about how much they hated having to clue Jesse into the real ways of the world. Dean says he gets why parents lie to their kids and actually tells Sam he wished Big Daddy Winchester had lied to them when they were little. Sam agrees. This reminds me of Season 1's "Something Wicked" when Sam mentions he wishes he could have his innocence back. Dean admitted he wishes Sam could have his innocence back too. He never said anything about himself. Fast forward to "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" and both brothers admit to wishing Dad had just lied to them. Wow.

I really liked "I Believe the Children Are Our Future." Sam and Dean acted more like brothers in tune with each other. I don't think they've resolved their issues with each other by a long shot, but working together to find out what was going on in the town, preventing Cas from getting rid of Jesse, and telling the truth to the kid, put them on the right path. And please note that it was Sam's idea to let Jesse in on what was happening to him and to let him make his own choice. Dean didn't get in the way. Meanwhile, before the kid took off, they were going to bring him to Bobby's, which was Dean's idea. There was no arguing, there was just doing the job.

Other Thoughts
Ever Carradine is in this one; she's a pretty major guest-star. She's been in so many things so it's cool to see her on Supernatural. She did a really good job with what was a heavy role.  

Can I just say how much I really enjoyed the kid that played Jesse? He did an incredible job. I really felt for his character in having to learn such a horrible truth about himself and then having to make such an adult choice. He had to leave his parents and the world he had known, as lonely as it seemed to be. Jesse's probably now leading an even lonelier existence. 

Dean mentioned having bad babysitters. Is that true or was he just trying to get on the kid's good side? Because I imagine Sam and Dean being alone when they were kids; I imagine John not trusting his boys to anyone. Unless he means, he had babysitters when Mary was still alive.

Dean going all Mr. Wizard to check the strength of the joy buzzer was simply awesome.

The title I'm assuming is based on Whitney Houston's popular song. Here are a few of the lyrics I think really hit home in this particular Supernatural:

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
Everybody searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone to fulfill my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me

Sam says he used to make his own dinner when he was a kid. That's new. I always thought Dean would have made the dinners.

BDW was mentioned once again. With all this John talk, we better see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show at least once this season. Don't mind me, every few blogs or so, I'm going to continue to put this thought out there.

Castiel sat on the whoopee cushion. That was unfortunate. Funny, but unfortunate. I love it when they put Cas in silly situations or give him silly things to say.

Dean and Sam's opinions differed from Cas' opinion just like it did much of last season. It's nice to see they're going with their guts and sticking to what they felt was right. They did not hesitate in trying to get Jesse on their side for the coming war. They mentioned training and getting him up to Bobby and it just seemed wrong for them to do that to a little kid. But they're right. They have to acquire as many weapons as they can because they're going to be fighting against powerful demons and Lucifer.

How many times have Sam and Dean used either Plant or Page as an alias?

This episode was written by the same duo that wrote "Yellow Fever," "After School Special," and "Jump the Shark." Do you think they captured both Sam and Dean's voices well? 

We're not getting a new episode for a couple weeks, but did you catch the previews for the one airing October 29th? I'm really excited for that one.

Favorite Lines
"You know, most of my babysitters sucked, especially Miss Jansen. She only cared about two things: Dynasty and bedtime." (Dean aged himself with that one.)

"What's up with toothless? Cavity creeps get a hold of him?"

"That'll do Pig." (Borrowed from the movie Babe)

"Dude, seriously, still with the ham." "We don't have a fridge!"

"Hey, do not use my razor."

"What's that?" "It's called soup. You heat it up and you eat it."

"That wasn't me." "Who put that there?"

"Was he your friend?" "Him? No." 

"See, we're kind of freaks ourselves."

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In "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," brotherly angst takes a backseat as Sam and Dean investigate a town where practical jokes and urban legends have gone wild. In the center of all the action is a kid with some serious mojo. read more

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