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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Fallen Idol"

Season 5, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Citizens of a small town are being killed by dead icons, such as Abraham Lincoln, and by infamous objects, like James Dean's car. Later, two teens claim a friend was kidnapped by Paris Hilton (appearing as herself).
Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2009
Guest Cast Jim Beaver Paris Hilton: Herself Paul Statman
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Season 5, Episode 5
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Length: 40:21
Aired: 10/8/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Fallen Idol" Season 5, Episode 5

Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, James Dean and special guest star Paris Hilton pop in for what proves to be a fun, hilarious episode mixed in with some requisite brotherly angst.

When I initially heard Paris Hilton was going to guest star in an episode of Supernatural, I have to say I was excited. Normally, that wouldn't be my first reaction upon hearing such news. I'm certainly not anywhere near the vicinity of being one of her fans but I was interested in seeing how the show was going to pull this off. Plus, she's easily the most famous guest star this show has ever had, so I knew this would be a way for the show to get a lot of publicity. It turns out Paris wasn't that bad. Most of all I really like that she had a sense of humor about herself, her place in this world and the way her "character" was ganked: Death by an iron axe decapitation is an awesome way to go, at least on Supernatural. Kudos to the show for having tons of fun with the socialite's appearance as well as with the famous ghosts come to life.

For the first time in Season 5, it's a lighter yet bloodier case that's not so heavy on the mythology. And even though I've been worshiping the mythology-based action we've gotten so far, the case of the famous ghosts and the killer socialite is a bit of a refreshing change. Sam and Dean are in suits; throwing out a couple rock aliases; Sam's doing most of the researching and Dean's flirting with a girl at a bar pretending to be an agent. These are all welcome signs the brothers are trying to get their groove back as a team. It all starts with a James Dean fan showing off his latest purchase to his friend. It seems like he just bought the same Porsche 550 Spyder the iconic star was driving when he was killed in 1955. Thanks to "James Dean," the first victim of the week dies a gruesome death when the guy has a head-on collision while the car is still parked in the garage. If it has to do with a car, it's a sure bet Dean knows about it. That was cool, by the way. Usually Sam's the one to throw out the lore (and he does again later in the show), but Dean telling his brother the story behind the "Little Bastard" was very satisfying. The part where he got under the Porsche to get the engine's number was particularly funny.

After "Abraham Lincoln" kills a history buff/Civil War nut, Sam and Dean head to the Canton Wax Museum where Honest Abe and James Dean wax figures are part of the regular exhibit, along with figures of Gandhi, Richard Nixon and JFK. So we know "James Dean" offed one of his fans and "Abraham Lincoln" killed one of his. Interestingly enough, Sam's hero is Gandhi, because before we know it, the likeness of the peaceful human rights activist is attacking Sam. Leave it to this show to take famous ghosts and get 'em to go medieval on humans. Since the museum uses real-life possessions of the wax figures as part of the exhibits, the brothers temporarily rid themselves of the problem by torching Gandhi's bifocals and Abraham's hat.

Torching the possessions, of course, does nothing, and soon the brothers are listening to a couple of girls who lost their friend to a skinny, not-so-nice Paris Hilton. Sam and Dean track the thing down, find the kidnapped girl and basically get their butts kicked by the pagan god-turned infamous socialite. Much like the pagan gods of Season 3's "A Very Supernatural Christmas," this one also laments the days when it was treated like a true god; now the old gods have all been forgotten. Paris-god decided to take advantage of the apocalypse and become famous once again, even though its fame is achieved by taking the form of celebrities:

"You people. You're the crazy ones. You used to worship gods. But this? This is what passes for idolatry? Celebrities? What have they got besides small dogs and spray tans? You people used to have old time religion. Now you have US Weekly."

It's funny these words are coming from Paris Hilton. Again, I'm glad she has enough of a sense of humor to make her guest spot a fun one. The part that was kind of cruel is when "Paris" threatened to bring Dean's hero to life, and we all know who Dean's hero is, right? Yup, it's his father, Big Daddy Winchester. I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't going to be making his own special guest appearance but it didn't stop me from hoping. Here's to putting it out there in the universe that I hope Morgan will find his way back to Supernatural at least once this season. Just like every other supernatural being, "Paris" knew Dean had Daddy issues.

Speaking of issues, a big part of this episode had to do with Sam and Dean's reunion. For three weeks since the brothers got back together, they apparently searched for the Colt. But once this new case came up, Dean wanted to tackle it. Meanwhile, Sam wanted to stay on the Colt's trail as well as on the icing-Lucifer mission. I have to admit to being slightly annoyed with both brothers at one point or another during "Fallen Idol." Sam and Dean both have one-track minds that completely clash with each other's agendas. And they're both beyond stubborn. I'm happy Sam let Dean know that he needs to let him grow up. But Sam also has to do it. Because the whole demon-blood situation of the last year wasn't growing up. He admitted to turning to Ruby because he wanted to get away from Dean. Dean can't always take on a "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude with Sam. Their relationship has to evolve into a more equal partnership. However, responsibility for everything was accepted on both sides and that can only be seen as good. It's not enough for Dean to let Sam back into the hunt. He has to let him back into his life and he has to learn to trust Sam again. Because like Dean said at the end of the hour, they're both responsible. And neither knew they were breaking the seals that would start the apocalypse. Dean apologizes for not seeing what his actions have been doing to Sam. And how did Dean start letting Sam back into his trust? By letting Sam drive the Impala. I love that. It's a start. I don't think their relationship is running on all cylinders just yet. Hopefully it will soon.

The show used one of my favorite songs as Sam and Dean drove off: Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." It led into some coming attractions for the next few episodes. Let's just say most of this sneak preview excites me verily. And how great is the end of the Coming Soon clips where Dean and especially Sam go all David Caruso in CSI: Miami on us? Let me just borrow a phrase from Paris Hilton to describe it all: "That's hot."

Other Thoughts

I love how even the guest characters have distinct personalities. The sheriff and the Canton Wax Museum director guy were pretty quirky and funny.

Rock Alias Alert: Agents Bonham and Copeland. Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, I know, and I'm going to assume the other alias refers to Stewart Copeland from The Police.

We're back in Eric Kripke's home state of Ohio for this one. Canton is where the Pro-Football Hall of Fame is located.

I loved Sam trying to use his freshman Spanish skills.

That Abraham Lincoln wax figure was kind of scary!

Is it me or does Jared seem like he has the "blue steel" look on his face when he's loading the guns outside. I've watched those gag reels from the DVDs. I've seen that blue steel face he does so well.

Sam's impromptu autopsy was kinda gross.

I loved how "Paris" was sharpening her nails.

The break between the last two acts of the show was a hair over five minutes long. To me it seemed like it lasted forever. And I was fast-forwarding through the ads on my DVR.

OK, how hilarious is the word "fruitarian?"

I really liked the House of Wax joke. Jared and Paris both starred in the horror movie.

Favorite Lines

"So what, this is like Christine?" "Christine's fiction. This...this is real."

"Need a flashlight?" "No. Don't do anything. Just go away." "OK." "Don't speak, all right? In fact, don't even look at her. She might not like it."

"Hey, you're a star."


"You couldn't have been a fan of someone cool? Really? Gandhi?"

"But the thing is Gandhi — the real Gandhi — he was a..." "A what? Spit it out." "He was a fruitarian."

"Let's go gank ourselves a Paris Hilton."

"We are writing a piece for Travel Magazine." "Yeah, on how totally non-sucky wax museums are."


"March of progress, sister."

"I don't know. I'm more of a Penthouse Forum man myself."

"I hate to break it to ya, sister. But, uh, you can't eat me. See I'm not a Paris Hilton BFF. I've never seen House of Wax."

"It gets better. Sheriff's putting out an APB on Paris Hilton. That oughta be good."

What did you guys think of Paris? How about Sam and Dean's relationship? Any other lines you would add? I know I did not get all of them.

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Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, James Dean and special guest star Paris Hilton pop in for what proves to be a fun, hilarious episode mixed in with some requisite brotherly angst. read more

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