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Supernatural Episode: "The End"

Season 5, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Dean travels five years into the future and is attacked by zombies who were turned into monsters after being infected with a demonic virus. Sam and Dean soon learn that the virus is Satan's tool to destroy mankind.
Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2009
Guest Cast Lexa Doig Kurt Fuller: Zachariah Rob Benedict
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Season 5, Episode 4
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Length: 42:20
Aired: 10/1/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The End" Season 5, Episode 4

Last season, Dean took a time trip to the past to catch the beginning of the Winchester story. Now he's making a jump to the future just in time to be there for the end. It involves two Deans, a demonic virus, a very (very) human Cas and most significantly Sam as Lucifer. But will the brothers finally reunite? At the beginning of "The End" things don't look that way.

Sam calls Dean
Sam calls Dean and tells him he wants back in the game. Dean's skeptical of course, after all, it sounds like his brother's on another one of his revenge kicks. Sam begs to differ; he feels finding and killing Lucifer is more about redemption. Dean ultimately tells Sam they're better off without each other. He actually says: "We're not stronger when we're together, Sam. I think we're weaker." Hearing Dean utter these words was so wrong because it goes against what he said to Big Daddy Winchester (BDW) in Season 1's "Dead Man's Blood." He told his dad that Sam was right; they were stronger as a family. And as that episode ended, John believed it too. And then the fierce Winchester men teamed up to try and take down the thing that killed Mary. It's sad that everything that has happened over the last few years has led Dean to this way of thinking. It's shades of BDW is what it is. It seems like Dean's reasoning smacks off John's reasons for ditching Dean pre-Pilot or when he left the boys at the end of Season 1's "Shadow." When Dean ends the phone call after saying goodbye to Sam, you can tell how much it hurts him to say those words.

I'm trying to figure how I feel about Sam calling Dean and wanting to reunite. Part of me thinks he's not ready. I get the urgency — you don't find out you're wanted as the vessel for Lucifer everyday. I just don't think enough time has passed for him to be able to trust himself when it comes to hunting, but I also don't think he has the luxury of time when Armageddon is here. Kudos to Sam for telling Dean he's Lucifer's chosen vessel. I was hoping he wouldn't keep that one a secret. It definitely shows he's changing his secretive ways. I would have liked to have seen Sam's reaction to Dean's goodbye before getting into the business of the future.  

A Tale of Two Deans
When 2009-Dean starts traversing through this wrecked world that is 2014, the future version of him knocks him out and takes him back to camp. By the way, another set of kudos goes to the special effects department or whoever is responsible for the scenes where Jensen's playing the two roles. It's amazing how real it looks. Anyway, 2014-Dean is the leader of the hunters/resistance and he has a hardened presence about him. What a difference five years makes. He's been forced to make some really tough decisions and is willing to sacrifice friends for the greater good. He gives his past self the hard sell on trying to change this horrible future. He decides to take Dean with him on his mission to get the Colt because he wants him to see Sam who didn't die, he said yes to Lucifer. He's desperate to get Dean to just say, "Yes," to Michael. He says he's tried and all the angels have left the building so they're not answering him.

The Three Cs: Castiel, Croatoan and the Colt
I really dug the way Ben Edlund wrote Cas in this episode. He squeezed some humor out of angel-Cas at the beginning in that cell phone conversation he had with Dean. And then five years later, we see a completely different Cas. This one has no trench coat and everything about him is looser: his clothes, his hair, his demeanor. When the guy isn't on absinthe, he's on amphetamines and he's having orgies. Misha Collins must have had so much fun playing a Cas that removed the stick from his ass. Cas would have given it all up if he could become an angel once again. This human thing seems like a default kind of situation for him: he's this way because the angels left and subsequently so did his angel mojo. No other choice but to be human and live a life of decadence. It was weird to hear him say he broke his foot and was laid up for a couple months. It was cool he could spot 2009-Dean right away.

In Season 2, the episode "Croatoan" introduced a demonic virus that turned normal people into savages. Sam was completely immune to the virus and now we know that it's the end game. It's nice to see the show dig into its history and make it such a significant part of the Apocalypse. Speaking of "Croatoan," Dean tried to shoot one of the guys infected by the virus. He couldn't. Well, in 2014, Dean doesn't have a problem with that all. Wow.

Cas says if Dean is still dead set on the "insane task of killing the devil, this is how he'll be able to do it." So I guess the Colt is coming back into play. Not sure how I feel about that. Back in Season 1, I thought the Colt was this amazing weapon. It had a finite amount of bullets; BDW along with Sam and Dean snagged the gun from the vamps who murdered Daniel Elkins; and then Dean at the end of Season 2 blasted the Yellow-Eyed Demon (YED) with it. In Season 3, when Ruby helped Bobby put it back together, it kind of lost its luster in my opinion. I sort of moved on to Ruby's badass demon-killing knife. But you know, maybe since the Colt's been out of commission for so long I'm ready to accept it back into the Supernatural universe. The stakes are high thereby raising the gun's importance once again.

Future-Sam says, "Yes"
Much like "In the Beginning," even though this is a Dean-centric episode, one of the main reasons he's sent to the future has to do with Sam. Zachariah wants him to see the consequences of his choices like the one he made to stay away from Sam. That decision probably helped push Sam into finally saying yes to Lucifer. This Dean and Sam hadn't talked to each other in five years. He wasn't even in Detroit when Sam finally gave in and Lucifer took over. Watching Sam break future-Dean's neck is painful, but not as painful as 2009-Dean having to look at his brother wearing Lucifer's meat suit. The pain on Dean's face was so evident. He was looking at his brother the devil. No wonder he shed a couple of tears. It's such a contrast with Lucifer trying to be all calm in order to get his point across. Both Jared and Jensen did a great job in this scene. In fact, I have to say Jensen did such an amazing job handling both roles. His performance was just stellar.

Other Thoughts
By the end of "The End," Dean and Sam are back together. While there was no hug, the handing over of the knife was symbolic. Dean making sure to apologize to Sam was cool too. I was ecstatic that the boys reunited.

Dean and Cas finally have a cell phone conversation.

I'm so glad Sam told Dean about being pegged to become Lucifer's vessel right away.

Were we to assume Bobby's dead because we saw an empty wheelchair?

What did you think of Sam in the white suit?

I knew it was a Ben Edlund episode because there were moments where I had to hit pause because I was laughing out loud. In last season's "On the Head of a Pin" (one of my favorites of last season and all time really), he had some nice Edlund quirks, but much of the action was pure drama and serious tones. So the fact that he made me laugh in the midst of watching Dean travel across a land ravaged by death, destruction and the Croatoan virus was a very cool thing. It's definitely the loudest I've laughed this season.

Poor Impala. Hopefully Dean will also use the sad state of his car as inspiration for changing whatever he can to ensure this devastating future doesn't happen.

So Zachariah sent Dean to the future so he could learn his lesson and decide to become Michael's vessel. But part of me was thinking that everything Dean saw and went through was an elaborate lie. It was just Zac manipulating Dean into getting his way. Thankfully it didn't work.

The show did a good job with showing the devastation of the future. The world is in shambles and there's a different vibe to it. I liked the use of the "Do You Love Me" song during that epic action scene where the military men shot up the Croatoan-affected monsters.

Apparently Armageddon goes hand-in-hand with Sarah Palin being the president.

I knew something was up with that Bible freak that Dean encountered at the beginning. That Zac is smart.

Dean and pink panties. Enough said.

I love that Dean and Sam can pick locks and hot wire cars.

Chuck being around was awesome once again.

Future-Dean got hold of the Colt. He didn't tell visiting-Dean where he found it however.

Bonus points to Jared for having to wear the white suit. All I could think of were the Bee Gees and John Travolta. Although I understand the suit's very Constantine-esque as well.

We get the whole "It had to be your brother" reasoning regarding Sam having to be the one to be Lucifer's vessel. I hope at some point soon we'll understand what in the world that means.

Dean says he's wrong at least twice in the episode. I don't know if that's ever happened before.

Favorite Lines
"Excuse me friend, but have you taken time out to think about God's plan for you?" "Too friggin' much, pal."

"This isn't funny Dean. The voice says that I'm almost out of minutes."

"What? I like past you."

"We're better off apart."

"Dean don't do this." "Goodbye, Sam."

"Why don't you go get washed up for orgy? You're all so beautiful." (OMG. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time)

"So you're really from '09?" "Yeah, afraid so." "Some free advice? When you get back there? You hoard toilet paper. You understand me? Hoard it like it's made of gold, cause it is."

"Welcome to the club." "Thanks. But I used to belong to a much better club. I'm now powerless. I'm hapless. I'm hopeless. I mean why the hell not bury myself in women and decadence?"

"Why not bang a few gongs before the lights go out? That's just how I roll."

"Pretty nice timing, Cas." "We had an appointment." "Don't ever change."

"See you in five years, Dean."

"What are you doing?" "Something I should have done in the first place."

"I just know we're all we've got and more than that, we keep each other human."

"I won't let you down." "Oh, I know it. You are the second best hunter on the planet."

What did you think of "The End?"

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Last season, Dean took a time trip to the past to catch the beginning of the Winchester story. Now he's making a jump to the future just in time to be there for the end. It involves two Deans, a demonic virus, a very (very) human Cas and most significantly Sam as Lucifer. But will the brothers finally reunite? At the beginning of "The End" things don't look that way.

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