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Supernatural Episode: "When the Levee Breaks"

Season 4, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Sam is locked inside Bobby's panic room to allow him to detox from demon blood, but Bobby wants to free him early to help fight in the anticipated apocalypse. Dean disagrees and seeks help from Castiel.
Original Air Date: May 7, 2009
Guest Cast Jim Beaver: Bobby Genevieve Cortese
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Season 4, Episode 21
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Length: 42:37
Aired: 5/7/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "When the Levee Breaks" Season 4, Episode 21

In this intervention episode, Dean locked up Sam in Bobby's panic room, so we were treated to the youngest Winchester experiencing all the effects of demon blood withdrawal. Plus, Castiel showed up and made Dean an offer he couldn't refuse. Well, he could refuse. But he didn't.

"When the Levee Breaks" was one of those Supernatural episodes I seriously wish I had a week to think about before I had to write the blog. Some of the things that happened just stunned me. And at times (many times), it was really painful to watch because the chasm between Sam and Dean grew wider and wider. By the end, I wanted the madness to stop and I just wanted them to make up and start singing Bon Jovi in the Impala together.

In one corner, Sam was holed up in the panic room going through the DTs. He obviously had been partaking in the demon blood for quite a while, because those shakes, seizures and hallucinations were pretty epic. First, he conjured up Alistair, the master torturer. I'm thinking he probably subconsciously felt the need to be punished. Dean went through this torture in hell, he probably felt he deserved a little taste because in his mind he failed in saving Dean from going to the pit.

Second, wee Sam (in the form of Colin Ford) appeared. Sam's 14-year-old self reminded him about their quest to be normal. I liked the fact he brought up Jessica and how she and Sam were going to get married and he was going to be a lawyer. You could also tell Sam was still feeling an immense amount of guilt over Jessica's death and not being able to protect her. Any reference to Season 1 Sam and Dean is always refreshing to me and the guilt plus the wannabe normal feelings mentioned were classic Show. Sam told his younger self that his wanting normal was in the past and he needed to grow up. His "sorry, kid" was just so cold. Of course, little Sam also reminded big Sam he couldn't escape his destiny and went all yellow eyes on us.

Up next was Mary, complete with bloody wound from where she was slit across her stomach. She represented the part of Sam that can't get enough of the demon blood and the power it had given him. "She" was firmly on his side of things and basically justified what he has been doing because it was all in order to kill Lilith. "She" said don't let anything get in the way. "Not even Dean."

In the other corner (a corner far, far away from Sam) was Dean. He was doing what he thought was best to help Sam. Interventions for addicts happen all the time. And I'm of the mind that Sam definitely turned into one over the course of the season. The question became (and thankfully Bobby asked it), Was this the right time for this intervention to happen? I don't know. Do you go ahead and let Sam fight, complete with demon blood? Or do you clean him up and take him out of the fight altogether? Dean didn't want to lose Sam to the dark or the demons or whatever was supposed to happen to Sam if he went the demon blood route for much longer. The anguish on Dean's face was real though. I think he hated what he had to resort to in order to help his brother.

My issue with Dean is that when he's in this protect or save Sam mode, there's no real listening to any other opinions for him (occasionally he will). Dean had also taken it upon himself to do almost the same thing he did last year. Sam died so Dean sold his soul for his brother. Fast forward to this season and Sam's in trouble. He may go demon or dark side or monster or whatever. So what did Dean do? He made, in essence, a deal with the angels. He will adhere to their orders and take his rightful place in stopping the apocalypse as it was written in some prophesy. Castiel wanted him to accept his destiny as the one who will stop the apocalypse:

"If I do this. Does that mean, Sam doesn't have to?"

"If it gives you comfort to see it that way."

"You're a d--k these days."

Dean should know Sam wants to be and front row and center of the apocalypse, no matter what he does. He seems to think he's going to stop it all. After all, Dean's weak.

What in the world was going on with Castiel? Like I said in my last blog, he must have been severely punished because he was acting like a true blue angel. He wouldn't tell Dean the message "of import" he wanted to tell him in "The Rapture" when he was ripped from the earth and sent home to face the music. He had Anna captured. He enabled Sam to escape from Bobby's panic room. What? Here are a couple guesses as to why he freed Sam:

1) Even though Sam's a danger to go dark side, his powers are valuable. He can kill demons so it's better to have him on the good side

2) They want Dean to track down Sam and kill him.

Do you guys have any other thoughts as to why Castiel would let Sam go? I was totally shocked when this happened. I don't really like the way Cas was talking to Dean. He was definitely back to where he was when he first met Dean. Although, this time, I felt like Cas had his hands tied. That he was doing all this stuff that he didn't really want to do.

The Dean and Sam quality time we got was, of course, in the form of confrontations. First, Dean was one of Sam's hallucinations. It seemed like Sam was taking the entire apocalypse on his shoulders; he thought he was the only who could stop it. Of course fake Dean said it was his gig, according to the angels. And Sam got this annoyed look on his face. I'm kind of wondering from the exchange he had with the Dean delusion, if Sam got upset because the angels picked Dean as the one to stop it all and not him. Sam does feel he's invincible, like he can do anything, kill anything. And as we've heard several times this season, he feels Dean's weak. So, he may be feeling like the angels picked the wrong brother. Just a thought. And in the second confrontation in the honeymoon suite, I just felt uncomfortable with how far the brotherly bond had been broken. And at this point, it's broken, not strained.

Another mini smack-down in a hotel room ensued with Sam and his demon Ovaltine giving him the advantage over Dean. That part where Sam started choking Dean to prove that he was the stronger one (and maybe take out some frustrations) was just so difficult to watch. I had to pause my DVR at that point because it was so hard to watch how far the Winchester brothers had fallen. It was even harder to hear when Sam told Dean: "You don't know me. You never did. And you never will." I don't believe that for one minute. Not even for a second. And if it is true, then I don't think Sam knows Dean either, not the Dean that came back from hell anyway.

Then things got even more raw and emotional when Dean channeled BDW while laying on the ground bloody: "You walk out that door, don't you ever come back." After this painful exchange, I realized how invested I was in the relationship with these two characters. For four seasons, we've watched them fight the good fight together. This year, we've watched Eric Kripke and the writers systematically destroy the relationship between the brothers. So when the choking and the yelling and the punching and the ultimatums and the walking out was all over and Dean was just lying there alone on the floor of the hotel room, I was pretty devastated over the whole thing. Things seem unfixable right now, but I'm digging deep to find the faith that Sam and Dean will be okay.

It also made me wonder if this is as close as we're going to get to ever seeing exactly what happened between John and Sam when Sam made the revelation he was going to Stanford and BDW told him the same thing Dean just uttered. I can't believe Sam went through the door. Wow.

Other thoughts/questions:

  • It was great to see Colin play little Sammy Winchester once again.
  • What was the purpose of bringing up Rufus' name? First of all, I thought we were supposed to actually see Rufus this season. I wonder why we just got a phone call?
  • Is Castiel telling the truth about Sam changing forever if he consumes enough blood? Even though Uriel and others have turned into traitors, I'd like to think angels would never lie. Omit the truth, yes. Lie, no. I guess time will tell.
  • "I give myself over wholly to serve God and you guys." I loved the way Dean said "you guys."
  • I know a big complaint this season was that we haven't gotten a glimpse into Sam's mind and soul and what he's feeling. But after watching the intervention portion of the episode, I have to say the show has been letting us in on Sam's thoughts and feelings over the course of the entire series (including this year). What those hallucinations revealed were nothing new to me. It was just a heightened atmosphere.
  • I loved how Dean told Bobby and Sam about the angel stuff. Of course all of it's off camera but at least we know he's not keeping his angel conversations on the down low.
  • Dean wanting to kill Ruby was a good thing in my book. I still think she has an agenda. I may be wrong about that because I've been saying it since the beginning of Season 4 and nothing's happened yet. But I'm sticking to this until proven wrong.
  • Poor Sam and poor Dean. Sam's seizures were awful and the look on Dean's face was heartbreaking.
  • Sam hit Bobby! Boo.
  • It was awesome how quickly Dean caught up to Sam. Sam thought he could shake him.
  • It was funny how Sam had Ruby met in a honeymoon suite because he thought Dean would never find him there.
  • Sam saved Ruby from Dean again. Boo.
  • Sam did try and get Dean to join him and Ruby on the hunt for Lilith, but Dean wasn't having it. I commend Sam for trying but at the same time, he's not listening to anyone but himself and Ruby.
  • I'm sure everyone who hated Dean punching Sam in Metamorphosis got a little satisfaction over Sam kicking Dean's butt in the hotel room.
  • Sam's still in denial. It's going to take something humongous (ginormous?) to serve as his next wake-up call.
  • "Do you swear to follow His Will and His Word as swiftly and obediently as you did your own father?" The angels and demons like to throw his dad in Dean's face.

Next week is the Season 4 finale. Boo. I can't believe another season's almost over. At least we know we're getting a Season 5. Yay!

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In this intervention episode, Dean locked up Sam in Bobby's panic room, so we were treated to the youngest Winchester experiencing all the effects of demon blood withdrawal. Plus, Castiel showed up and made Dean an offer he couldn't refuse. Well, he could refuse. But he didn't.

"When the Levee Breaks" was one of those Supernatural episodes I seriously wish I had a week to think about before I had to write the blog. Some of the things that happened just stunned me. And at times (many times), it was really painful to watch because ... read more

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