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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "The Rapture"

Season 4, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: Castiel visits Dean in a dream and tells him he has important news. Dean and Sam set out on a search for Castiel, only to find his human vessel, Jimmy, who yearns for a normal life and to return to his family.
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2009
Guest Cast Sydney Imbeau Jim Beaver Genevieve Cortese
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Season 4, Episode 20
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Aired: 4/30/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Rapture" Season 4, Episode 20

Supernatural's Misha Collins got to show off his range in "The Rapture," an episode where we learned about Castiel's human vessel. But even above and beyond this sad, sad story, Dean finally found out Sam's big secret.

We were first introduced to Castiel in the season premiere. Over the course of the season, we saw an angel who slowly but surely started to show glimpses of humanity. Uriel even let it be known that Cas had sort of a soft spot for Dean. And in "The Monster at the End of this Book" the angel helped Dean win a battle over Lilith who was trying to seduce and make a deal with Sam.

I guess that was enough to get Castiel in trouble with the angel powers that be. But before we get to that, we first saw Cas appear to a very serene Dean in a dream (Dean was fishing). He wasn't talking much; he handed Dean a note to arrange a meeting. When the brothers got to this rendezvous point, it looked "like a bomb went off." Sam and Dean deduced there had been "angel-on-angel violence." They found Castiel, but it wasn't Cas; it was really his human vessel named Jimmy:

"I'm not Castiel. It's me."
"Who's me?"
"Jimmy. My name's Jimmy."
"Where the hell is Castiel?"
"He's gone." 

Automatically, you could tell the difference between Jimmy and Castiel. Jimmy had actual expression in his voice and life in his mannerisms. Although one would argue Cas had been showing more and more human-like qualities each time we saw him. By "On the Head of a Pin," Cas didn't exhibit as much of that robotic tone to his voice in that conversation he had with Sam outside Dean's hospital room. I think he even had to stop himself from showing too much human emotion. But now that Cas was back "home," Jimmy was eating and drinking and generally confused about what was going on. He had no recollection of what Cas was supposed to tell Dean. He just knew he wanted to get back to his family.

Flashback to a year ago, and we see how Castiel came to use Jimmy as a vessel in Pontiac, Illinois — the same city where Dean was buried and resurrected. I always figured that something went wrong in Jimmy's life and that's why he enabled Cas to take up residence in him. But Jimmy Novak seemed happy. He had a wife and a daughter and sold ad time for AM radio. And apparently he was special. The first time Castiel showed his true form to Jimmy, he couldn't handle it, much like how Dean couldn't handle it in "Lazarus Rising." Eventually he could withstand Cas' true voice and stuck his arm in a pot of boiling water on the angel's orders to test his faith.

That's when his wife entered the picture. Let's just say she didn't believe her husband at all even though his arm was miraculously fine. She thought he was sick in the head and threatened to walk out on him. I guess it was a bigger sign of faith that Jimmy was willing to accept this "gift" into his life at the expense of his family. Jimmy threw on his trench coat, walked outside and became the vessel. He just wanted to make sure his family would be OK first. Once Castiel took over, I hated what he said to Jimmy's daughter, "I am not your father." So cold. So not the fluffy halo-type of angel, but we've learned better than to expect that type of angel on this show, haven't we?

Back in the present, Jimmy knocked on the door of his home. He told his wife he was in a psych clinic for the better part of the year. But now he was better, he wanted to come back and be a family again. He realized what he did wasn't worth losing his family. His wife was understandably skeptical but at the same time you could tell she really wanted to believe him. (I just got so sad here, because I knew he was going to end up a vessel again. Somehow he wasn't going to end up with his family.)

Meanwhile, after Sam's severe blood loss from "Jump the Shark," the guy was weakened big time. He couldn't even muster up enough mind mojo to kill the low-level demon that inhabited Jimmy's neighbor's wife. After the neighbors attacked Jimmy and his family, Dean killed Roger with the big, bad demon knife and was about to off the wife, too, when she black-smoked out of there.

Sam's addiction has definitely started affecting his work. I loved the way the show has been dealing with Sam's addict self. Because he didn't have enough juice to waste the demon, it got away. And because he snuck out of the hotel room in order to squeeze some demon blood out of a flask, Jimmy got away. Sam also gave his "This is your life forever/You can't have connections" speech again. I really think Dean felt the same way he just maybe had an issue with how cold Sam was being when he gave it. Sammy has been getting colder and more distant every episode. Again, part of this wonderful spiral into addiction the writers have fashioned for Sam.

I know some people may take issue with where Sam's gone this season, I think this has all made for an interesting journey. I don't know if Sam will end up going dark side, I don't know if I even want him to end up evil, but I have been enjoying Sam's descent into this type of darkness. I may not agree with what Sam has been doing and I may not always agree with what he's saying, but it has me wondering what in the world is going to happen to him in the finale — and especially in the next episode.

After the demons attacked Jimmy's family, the wife had no choice but to believe her husband. She now got that his being touched by angel story was true and of course now they could be together, right? Like I wrote before, Sam let Jimmy know he can never be with his family again and be able to keep them safe. So Jimmy had to let his wife know they were never going to be together. One thing Jimmy kept saying the entire episode was: "For how long?" How long was he supposed to let Sam and Dean protect him? How long was he supposed to stay away from his wife? After Sam finally gave him the answer that he could never go back to his family, Jimmy's wife posed the same question to him. And he gave the same answer Sam first told him at the beginning of the episode: "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." That was also so sad to me, because Jimmy's family was a casualty of this war. And sacrifices had to be made in time of war. "We'll cross that bridge" really meant forever in this demon-infested world.

It turned out Jimmy's wife was also being possessed by a demon and said demon's job was to grab the vessel. She used the daughter to do it. She lured Jimmy (and subsequently Sam and Dean) to another warehouse-type place and shot him point-blank. One of the other demons went to kill the daughter, but Castiel was at this point using her as a vessel. Apparently she chose Castiel; much like Jimmy, it was in her blood. Whatever that means. (It's always about blood, isn't it?) After all, Sammy wounded one of the demons and he took his opportunity and sucked on the demon's blood. Man, Dean must have been so freaked out when he saw Sammy with the blood splattered all over his face. He wisely kept his freaking out to himself. It was just so wrong and sad and a little pathetic. Sam didn't even try to wipe his mouth. He just made the kills — one with the knife and one with the mind. To me, Sam just about hit rock bottom right there with that move. But, Sam would probably justify it because he was able to get rid of a demon. I'm just glad that Sam was able to preserve Jimmy's wife.

Jimmy didn't want his daughter to remain the vessel so he once again became one with Castiel. Then he promptly blew off Dean in such a cold, cold, cold way. Did I mention cold? He must have gotten in some serious trouble during his time with whoever was charged with the task of setting him straight. Because Cas had no time for Dean: "I serve heaven. I don't serve man. And I certainly don't serve you."

Those words were crushing for me. That just left Dean even more alone. Cut to the Impala where Sam waited for Dean to lay into him. I get why he thought it was going to happen, after all Dean has been seriously angry almost every time Sam has used his powers. But no. Dean didn't yell. He didn't punch. He acted all defeated, deflated and disappointed. He told his brother he was tired. Then Bobby called with orders to get to his house pronto. It turned out it was all a lure to get Sam to his house where Bobby and Dean locked him up in the panic room. This, I guess, will be the start of trying to get Sam to lose his addiction to demon blood. Wow. Drastic measures, for a drastic situation. I'm going to reserve judgment on this action until I see how it all plays out. I cannot wait. And the CW decided to whet our appetite even more by giving us scenes from what I gather are the final two episodes of Season 4. I'm stoked, I don't know about you.

I enjoyed "The Rapture" for the most part, although I suspect those who aren't into the more angelic aspects of the show may not have. It could have used more Sam and Dean, but I don't know. I really did get into Jimmy's back story, while I wasn't into Castiel walking away from Dean. What did you guys think?

Other thoughts:

  • Dean dreams about fishing by himself. What does that tell us about him? He wants to be doing normal? He feels he's alone? He really likes fish?
  • I have never seen Dean sleep so much in one season. Last episode he was sleeping in his car. This one he was sleeping twice.
  • Jared and Jensen must have been ecstatic to not have to be the ones eating in a scene. Especially Jensen. Dean is eating or expressing how much he wants to eat in almost every episode. This time around, Misha was stuffing his face.
  • I'm really happy Misha got the chance to show off some range. I think he must have been able to have fun being Jimmy Novak. To me it has to be harder to play an angel like Castiel. Your acting has to be more subtle.
  • What's going on with Anna? She's still rogue angel right?
  • It was sad to see Jimmy so disillusioned he didn't even want to say grace at dinner.
  • Jimmy's pleading with Castiel before he went to face his demon-possessed wife was a slightly reminiscent of Dean's speech to Big Daddy Winchester in "In My Time of Dying." John was sitting by Dean's bedside and spirit Dean pleaded with John to save him: "I've done everything you've ever asked me. Everything! I've given everything I've ever had." In "The Rapture," Jimmy yelled into the air saying Castiel promised to keep his family safe: "I gave you everything you asked me to give. I gave you more!" Both guys sounded so desperate.
  • What did Castiel mean when he (in the body of Claire) said it was time for him to go to his real home? I get that he meant Heaven, but did he just mean that's where all good people go ... or was there something else there? The same with Castiel having to hand Dean a note while in his dreams. He said someone could be listening. Who did he mean? Wouldn't talking in someone's dreams be private enough?
  • The full name of Castiel's vessel was Jimmy Novak. In Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak were the leads. Coincidence? I don't know.
  • I looked up "rapture" in the dictionary and here are two of the definitions I found:

1) The carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence

2) The experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christians, of meeting Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth.

  • Is Ruby hiding out from Sam or does she have other things going on?
  • It seems like Jimmy went into convulsions when he first heard Castiel's true voice. Eventually he could. I know Cas tried twice with Dean, but I wonder if he would have eventually been able to hear Cas' true voice too?

Rockin' lines:

  • "Mind slowing down eating? You're gonna give me angina."
  • "Angel inside of you, it's kind of like being chained to a comet." "Well that doesn't sound like much fun." "Understatement."
  • "You think he's lying? What, you want to go Guantanamo on the guy?"
  • "Remember when our job was helping people? Like getting them back to their families?"
  • "Was it a refreshing Coke?"
  • "You look terrific." "Yeah, not the most appropriate time, Dean."
  • "You let Jimmy get away? Talk to ginormo here."
  • "I need more."
  • "What's going on with your mojo? It's all over the place. I'm not trying to pick a fight here. You're scaring me, man." "I'm scaring myself." (I'm so glad Sam said that.)
  • "Typical."
  • "Like I didn't think you'd bring Heckle and Jeckle." (Kind of makes me miss the days when Meg would call them "chuckle heads.")
  • "Nice plan, Dean." "Yeah, well, nobody bats a thousand."
  • "You know what's funny?" "You wearing a soccer mom?"
  • "I've been shot and stabbed and healed and my body's been dragged all over the earth. By some miracle I'm out and I am done."
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Supernatural's Misha Collins got to show off his range in "The Rapture," an episode where we learned about Castiel's human vessel. But even above and beyond this sad, sad story, Dean finally found out Sam's big secret.

We were first introduced to Castiel in the season premiere. Over the course of the season, we saw an angel who slowly but surely started to show glimpses of humanity. Uriel even let it be known that Cas had sort of a soft spot for Dean. And in "The Monster at the End of this Book" the angel helped Dean win a battle over Lilith who was trying to seduce and make a deal with Sam.

I guess that was enough to get Castiel in trouble with the angel powers that be. But before we get to that, we first saw Cas ... read more

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