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Supernatural Episode: "Jump the Shark"

Season 4, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean agree to meet with a 19-year-old man named Adam. Adam claims to be John Winchester's son, but they suspect that he's really a demon attempting to trap them.
Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2009
Guest Cast Heather Feeney Jake Abel: Adam Dedee Pfeiffer Eby Luking
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Season 4, Episode 19
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Aired: 4/23/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Jump the Shark" Season 4, Episode 19

The third Winchester brother was introduced in what was a very creepy way. Sam and Dean's issues with each other and their father John Winchester also took front and center in this episode called "Jump the Shark."

Another painful hiatus came to an end. And seriously, how many of these are we supposed to stomach? I know we get these every year, but it just seems like we've had to endure even more this season. "Jump the Shark" was especially feared anticipated because of the appearance of this mysterious third Winchester brother. My theory is Eric Kripke let us all in on this possible jump the shark move weeks ago so we, in the fandom would, have time to dwell on it and yes, maybe even come to accept it. I made it my business to not think of the implications of introducing such a character to the Supernatural canvas. And I'm glad I didn't because that meant I had no real expectations when I sat down to watch it all unfold. What we got was a really sad, creepy episode that enabled a third son to exist without ever having to worry whether this guy was going to join the show as a cast regular sitting in the back seat of the Impala in Season 5. It also allowed us to find out even more about John's past. Even though sometimes it seemed like John was Mr. One Track Mind with the hunting and the revenge of the death of his wife, there was no way he didn't have a life. I mean, the guy did look a lot like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In "Jump the Shark" we learned:

1) John wasn't a monk the entire time. I like the way Sammy put it:
"Dad would be gone for weeks at a time and he wasn't exactly a monk. I mean a hunter rolls in to town...kills a monster, saves the girl, sometimes the girl's grateful."

2) He was gone for weeks at a time. We knew he left the boys alone. And I suspected it was for a long time. It gets me angry every time I think of John leaving his kids alone.

3) Once John learned he had a son he booked it to Minnesota in order to give Adam as much of a life as he could. It seemed like he wanted to give Adam the life he was never able to give Sam and Dean. He spent birthdays with him. He took him to a ballgame. From the look on Dean's face and the angst in his voice, John never did that with them.

4) John taught Adam poker and pool and bought him beer when he was 15. I imagine that this was something Big Daddy Winchester also did with Sam and Dean.

5) Had we learned that John's music of choice was classic rock before this episode? I can't remember.

As was par for the course this season, Sam and Dean's reaction to learning John had a son was as different as night and day. Dean immediately got his anger on and assumed it was a trap. After all, it had to be a demon or a shapeshifter or a something not human. The scene in the diner when they first met Adam was interesting. To see Dean pour the holy water and lay out the silverware and hold the gun on Adam underneath the table was smart but also an act of desperation. He wanted Adam to not be real. He wanted this to not be true. What was Sam's first inclination? To research the kid. He did and learned that Adam was the real deal. But the differences didn't end there. After Dean realized the kid was who he said he was (or so we all thought), he wanted to play out dad's wish. He wanted to protect Adam from learning about the things that go bump in the night. It made me think about "A Very Supernatural Christmas" when in flashbacks we were shown how Sam was finally clued into the Winchester life. It was heartbreaking then, and it was now too. Because Dean didn't want to do that to Adam. He wanted him to remain innocent like he wished Sam could have remained ("Something Wicked"). Sam, on the other hand, was preaching the good word of the hunting life. He didn't hesitate to go against what Dean wanted in order to initiate Adam in the ways of the Winchesters, complete with learning how to shoot a gun and lay salt at the windows and doorways.

At one point Sam was talking about how hunting isn't a job, it's a life, and you can't make friends. He suggested using Adam as bait. All I thought of was Dean. Back in Season 1 he said many of the same things in "Wendigo," "Skin" and "Something Wicked." I started thinking he was like Dean. But then I realized Sam had completely transformed himself into John Winchester. Sam is just kind of cold now with the way he's dealing with things. He's got a one-track mind bent on revenge and he's willing to do anything to satiate his need for it. He didn't care what Dean thought, he trained Adam to be just like him. Of course little did both Winchesters know that Adam was dead already and in his place was some sort of ghoul. Meanwhile, Dean has let so much of his hero worship of John go. It's really refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I love John Winchester. I guess he did what he had to do, but he didn't let himself think about how he was screwing up his kids. At least not until it was too late. So that last scene at Adam's funeral pyre, when Dean made the observation about Sam being just like dad, I don't think he meant that as a compliment — at least not at that very moment. And Sam's traveled so far off the reservation he doesn't see that the BDW elements he's exhibiting aren't the good ones. I love it when this show delves into the boys and their daddy issues. It's always fascinating just to see how Eric Kripke and his crew of writers deal with the psychological elements of the Winchester family. And, again, it's amazing to realize the way Sam and Dean's personalities have developed from Season 1 to now.

I didn't know if I was going to be into the third son, but I found myself getting really sad when I realized it was the ghoul instead of the actual Adam. I thought it was weird that Adam believed so readily after Sam and Dean told him what really goes on at night. But I really didn't think anything of it. So when Dean saw what was left of Adam in that coffin, it was a genuine moment of surprise for me. Man, I love it when I'm not spoiled to what's going on in an episode.  The ghoul that looked like Adam's mom confirmed him being John's son. Dean honored Adam with a funeral pyre fit for a hunter who died in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Sam was all, "Let's get hold of Cas and see if we can bring him back." Man, will they ever agree again? Things are so icy between them. I seriously don't know how they handle being together right now. It's not fun. Things are just so difficult between them. This is all setting up a Sam versus Dean smackdown. All season it has been pointing toward this and we're growing closer and closer.

Other Thoughts:

I love the continuity of John's cell phone going off. Since we found out Dean kept his father's phone charged in "Bad Day at Black Rock," it's nice to know the boys kept it that way. Even though picking up said phone call caused quite the shock in Sam and Dean's life.

I loved seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the recap and in the pictures during the episode too. I want to hate on BDW for not telling the boys about the son — he even ripped the pages out of his journal regarding that time in his life —but I can't completely. I just think this was another wake-up call for Dean on the fact that his dad was a flawed man.

Dedee Pfeiffer played John's baby mama. Yes, she is Michelle Pfeiffer's sister. She also played one of Cybill Shepherd's daughters on her short-lived sitcom Cybill. It just so happens, Jensen guest-starred on an episode of Cybill.

Sam didn't really get to use his powers in this one. The problem with him having them is that he immediately becomes invulnerable to me. Not so much invulnerable, but able to rely on his powers at any time. So when I see him being tied down, I often think, why isn't he using his powers right now? Because he doesn't need his hands, he only needs his mind. But once the blood started flowing, I began thinking he's going to be jonesin' big time soon because he lost a lot of blood. And the fact that the ghouls tasted the difference in his blood, that was a nice touch. How ironic is it that they were sucking his blood? After all, he's been doing that to Ruby.

By the way, how creepy was that scene where the ghouls tied up Sam and sucked his blood?

Oh Dean. The fact he and his little bro find themselves on opposite sides of every argument is starting to affect how they do their job. He decides to investigate alone, he gets trapped. Meanwhile, Sam's back with the MOTW in a world of trouble. If they'd just stay together, sure they'd still get in trouble, but they would have each other's back. They don't right now.

Dean's powers of observation were fine tuned in this one. I loved this line:

"You think the cops missed something?"

"Maybe. They don't have my eyes."

More continuity goodness with the whole Rock Paper Scissors game. Dean always loses.

I like it when the show features Sam and Dean doing something normal. Although, come to think of it, when is brushing your teeth while leaning up against the Impala in the middle of nowhere USA normal?

Poor Jensen. He had to creep and crawl through vents and other small spaces.

Loved the Agent Nugent (as in Ted) reference. I totally wanted the recap to be set to a great classic rock song. I really miss those. Hopefully we'll at least get one in the finale.

I also loved the tribute to Kim Manners. I just about missed it, but there was that postcard that promoted a happy hour. It had his picture and K and M in big initials.

Rockin' lines:

"I'm starving. Let's get something to eat."

"Where? We're like two hours from anything."

"But I'm hungry now."

"Who is this?"

"I'm his son."

"Dad would be gone for weeks at a time and he wasn't exactly a monk. I mean a hunter rolls in to town...kills a monster, saves the girl, sometimes the girl's grateful."

"Well now I'm thinking about Dad sex. Stop talking."

"Maybe he slipped one passed the goalie." "Dude!!!!"

"Why didn't I throw paper?"

"You've got that Law and Order vibe."

"So it's over for you. It's never over."

"He really was your brother. You should know that."

"You know I finally get why you and Dad butted heads so much. You two are practically the same person. I mean I worshiped the guy you know? I dressed like him. I acted like him. I listened to the same music. But you were more like him than I will ever be. And I see that now."

"I'll take that as a compliment ."

"You take it anyway you want."


Did Dean mean it as a compliment when he told Sam he was exactly like Dad?

What did you think of the third brother?

Did Supernatural jump the shark with this third brother?

This episode was written by the guys who did "Yellow Fever" and "After-School Special." How do you think they did on "Jump the Shark?"

Are the Winchesters cursed?

Was Sam or Dean jealous of Adam? (Or both?)

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The third Winchester brother was introduced in what was a very creepy way. Sam and Dean's issues with each other and their father John Winchester also took front and center in this episode called "Jump the Shark." read more

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