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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag"

Season 4, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: A formerly famous magician living in a small town makes a deal to acquire real magical powers and pays a heavy price for it when a murder occurs. Barry Bostwick, John Rubenstein, Richard Libertini.
Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2009
Guest Cast Richard Libertini: Vernon John Rubinstein: Charlie Barry Bostwick: Jay
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Season 4, Episode 12
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Length: 43:39
Aired: 1/22/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Criss Angel is a Douchebag" Season 4, Episode 12

This awesomely titled episode managed to entertain and depress all at the same time. The hour featured some great guest stars; signaled the return of Ruby for the first time in 2009; and served us a nice side dish of Sam angst. But the lesson I really learned is that characters on a network TV show can say douche eight times in one hour. Who knew?

Disclaimer: I apologize now for the rampant use of the word "douche."

Seriously, there were all these things that happened, and I was busy keeping a tally of how many times "douche" was used. It was distracting in such a good way. I don't know why but I couldn't get enough of them using it. In fact, I liked it better than another D-word they've been using a lot this season. By the way, if we're keeping score, Ruby used that word in this episode as well.

OK, moving on to the brothers. How much did I love finding out something I never knew about Sam? Since Season 2, we have known the tall guy hates clowns. He did when he was a child. He still does. So who knew he loved magic? After all, he knew the name of that tool magician with the cameras (Jeb Dexter).

It was nice to get an extended conversation between the boys in the middle of the episode, even if it was about growing old in the family business. I almost had flashbacks to Season 1's "Shadow" when Sam told Dean he wasn't going to live this life forever. I guess I had been used to Sammy telling Dean (and subsequently us), that he was in this life for good; there wasn't any going back for them; it was kind of shocking to hear him actually say he didn't want to be doing this when he was an old man. I totally understood where he was coming from. It's a hard life. He has experienced a lot of tragedy. At a certain point it's logical to want all the blood and the battling to be over. And then on the flip side was Dean who's pretty much resigned to dying young. It made me feel like we've sort of come full circle, and the end result is that they're still on different paths. This was all heartbreaking to me.

Now let's tackle the guest stars. First of all, I'm not a big fan of magic, so I wasn't sure I was going to like this episode. But one thing I was sure about; I was looking forward to seeing how the three guest stars were going to fit into the Supernatural universe. Barry Bostwick (Jay), John Rubinstein (Charlie) and Richard Libertini (Vernon) all played magicians who had seen better days. I have loved Barry Bostwick in everything from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to his days starring in great 80s miniseries like Scruples, George Washington and I'll Take Manhattan; some of you may also know him from his days on Spin City. Richard Libertini has pretty much been in everything under the sun, but I loved him most in the movie All of Me. John Rubinstein is another veteran actor that's been in everything, but I remember him most from his stint on Angel. He played nasty Wolfram & Hart boss Linwood Murrow. If I remember correctly, Lila had his head decapitated during a meeting.

As best friends, these has-been-magicians were forced to see Criss Angel and David Blaine-type magic men steal their thunder. That is, until the Incredible Jay did the unbelievable. His table of death act — the one he had hoped would put him out of his misery — actually worked. While he didn't get speared by the ten swords that dropped from up above, the magician jerk that had recently given him so much trouble mysteriously dropped dead on the street from 10 stab wounds. Someone was using some real magic.

While all three guest stars rocked their Supernatural appearances, I have to single out Bostwick. The man made me so sad for his character. After all, the Incredible Jay ultimately had to kill his best friend in order to save the lives of strangers. Charlie was behind it the entire time, even though we saw him drop dead after another one of Jay's death defying acts. It turns out Charlie really wasn't the old guy we'd been seeing. He was young and immortal and was using real magic (in the form of tarot cards) to get Jay back in the game. Then he offered his best buds the gift of immortality so they could hang out forever, but Jay chose to save Sam and Dean. And what did he get for his sacrifice? A life of loneliness! I said the episode got depressing, didn't I? Seeing what Jay went through really made Sam up the ante on finding Lilith.

Other Thoughts

I thought Sam was going to use his powers to get himself out of the whole table of death act. I thought it would have been appropriate. Instead he ended up joining Ruby back in his car on the hunt for Lilith. So does that mean he's cutting Dean out of the equation again? We all know what happened last time he did that. I know Dean wasn't exactly accepting of Sam using his powers and aligning himself with Ruby, so I understand Sam heading back to the land of secret-keeping once again. But I really hope he doesn't hide what he's doing for too long.

And I don't know about you, but we have been hearing about Lilith all season long. I think it's time the boys have a confrontation with the white-eyed demon. We're halfway through the season now. We've only seen her in Dean's hallucination. I'm anxious. I hope it happens sooner rather than later. Speaking of Lilith, we now know she's broken 34 of the 66 seals.

Ruby's back. Now I'm hoping for a Castiel sighting. I'd be willing to go for a Uriel sighting too.
I recently saw a trailer for Jensen's My Bloody Valentine 3D running during Supernatural, this time around it was Jared's Friday the 13th trailer. It's coming out Friday, February 13th just in case you guys didn't know.

I love that Vernon and Charlie tried to trick Dean — they sent him to that scary underground club. The look on Dean's face was priceless.

I loved that Sam and Dean couldn't keep Jay tied down to a chair for long. Also great was Dean's reaction to Jay's Executioner trick.

I had to watch the scene a couple of times before I realized that it was the scar that gave away the fact The Great Dessertini (sounds like a drink) and senior Charlie were one and the same. By the way, the actor who played the de-aged Charlie was Michael Rubinstein, John Rubinstein's real life son.

Ruby insisted Sam was the only one who can stop Lilith. I just don't know if I believe her. The angels pulled Dean out of hell for something. What if it's going to take both brothers to stop the demon?

Agent Ulrich = another Metallica reference (as in Lars Ulrich).

Jay killed Charlie to save others, could it be Dean may end up in the same sort of situation? Just asking...

Vernon and Charlie both say "what a douchebag" at the same time. So very Sam and Dean of them.

The cops arrested Sam and Dean without it becoming a big deal. That hasn't happened in a while.

Favorite Lines

"Is he wearing eyeliner?"
"The light has to find me!"
"What a douchebag."
"He's famous. Kinda." "For what? Douchebaggery?"
"You had a deck of cards and a wand." "Dude, I was 13. It was a phase."
"I ain't Guttenberg and this ain't Cocoon."


What did you think?
What did you think of Ruby's return?
What did you make of the "growing old" conversation?
What did you think of the guest stars?

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This awesomely titled episode managed to entertain and depress all at the same time. The hour featured some great guest stars; signaled the return of Ruby for the first time in 2009; and served us a nice side dish of Sam angst. But the lesson I really learned is that characters on a network TV show can say douche eight times in one hour. Who knew? read more

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