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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Abandon All Hope"

Season 5, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in order to send him back to Hell. They are aided in their dangerous quest by fellow hunters Bobby, Ellen and Jo. Bobby: Jim Beaver. Ellen: Samantha Ferris. Jo: Alona Tal.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2009
Guest Cast Alona Tal: Jo Mark Pellegrino: Lucifer Jim Beaver: Bobby Samantha Ferris: Ellen
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Season 5, Episode 10
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Length: 42:23
Aired: 11/19/2009
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Abandon All Hope" Season 5, Episode 10

In this pure mythology-based episode, Sam and Dean secure the Colt from a Crossroads Demon. Jo and Ellen hunt alongside the brothers and things don't end well. And Lucifer brings death and destruction down on a small Missouri town all in the name of calling up the Angel of Death. Let the casualties of war begin.

Well, we wanted the apocalypse, we got the apocalypse. And it's already claimed some key casualties on the side of the good guys. Jo and Ellen died for the cause. Now I know Jo wasn't originally a popular character, but I truly did like her. I may not have seen her as a love interest for Dean, but I thought she would be a good ally for the boys in their quest to fight the good fight. I was always disappointed that after "Born Under a Bad Sign" we didn't see her again until this season's "Good God Y'all." As for Ellen, she at least made it to the very end of Season 2 before she disappeared. But you know what? Jo and Ellen are a part of the Supernatural universe and they are characters I cared about. So when they went down in "Abandon All Hope" like they did, I felt it. Their deaths meant something. What they did in order to get Sam and Dean out to confront Lucifer was pretty admirable. More on this later.

Things start out with Cas following the Crossroads Demon named Crowley. Cas sees him making a deal with some rich guy, a kiss to seal the deal included. Mark A. Sheppard plays the CD. This guy has been in everything under the sun lately. He's had recurring and guest starring roles on so many shows. He was in a recent CSI, he's recently been on Dollhouse and White Collar, but I know him most from his days as a lawyer on Battlestar Galactica. It's good to see him here playing Crowley. I was thinking he was going to be in more of the episode, but his role is certainly one that could make an appearance at any time. Hopefully he will.

Jo helps Sam and Dean break into Crowley's mansion. He seems like he was pretty much waiting for the Winchesters to find him though. He grabs the Colt, kills the two guards that have a hold of the brothers and offers it to them. He wants them to take the Colt and get rid of Lucifer. You'd think he want him to prevail, but think again, he says. He feels the devil is using them. After all, he's an angel and they're just demons. If Lucifer destroys the human race, what's to prevent him from starting on the demons? He won't need them. So he calls the brothers morons but gives the Colt to Sam and Dean along with a bunch of magic bullets anyway.

Before heading out to topple Lucifer, the hunters prepare for the coming battle at Bobby's place. Jo and Ellen try to out drink Cas. It turns out Cas can really hold his liquor. Sam and Dean have their "we're stronger together" conversation before Dean hits on Jo hoping to go out in style. And in the most unrealistic move in the history of unrealistic moves, Jo turns Dean down flat. She says some mumbo jumbo about wanting to keep her self respect. Stupid girl. And to the tune of Santana's "Oye Como Va," the six allies take a picture. It definitely feels like the wheelchair-bound Bobby's sending his buddies off to a war and some of them won't come back which is exactly what happens.

Fast forward to Carthage, Mo., where there's an instant eeriness because the streets are deserted. Castiel immediately sees a whole mess of Reapers. Raise your hands if you were looking for the reaper from Season 1's "Faith" episode. Reapers only gather like this during times of disaster and what's going on in Carthage can definitely be labeled a disaster. Cas ends up Lucifer's prisoner smack dab in the middle of an angel's trap, the holy ring of fire. We once again get a look at Lucifer and it seems his meat suit isn't holding up so well. He's in dire need of Sam's body. Or at the very least a replacement that will hold him until Sam says yes. Is it just me or does Lucifer like to relate to the people he talks to. He can't understand why Cas doesn't side with him; after all they're both rebel angels who were cast out of heaven. Later he ends up relating to Sam's situation as well.

Meanwhile, Sam, Dean, Jo and Ellen meet up with the villainous Meg. She's got her pet hellhounds with her, a fact that doesn't make Dean too happy. You can tell by the look on his face that he remembers what it's like to get bitten by one of those beasts. With the hellhounds on their heels, Jo ends up saving Dean from one only to get mauled herself. After finding safety, it's clear this is the end of the road for Jo. The hellhounds "patiently" wait outside since bags of salt are now lining the doorways and windows. Dean gets intel from Bobby about what Lucifer's up to. The devil's trying to raise the Angel of Death, the big daddy of reapers. It'll all go down at midnight and in order to do it, he has to create carnage.

It's at this point Jo decides to become a martyr for the cause. They can rig a bomb, throw on the gas and she can trigger the place to blow and take out the hellhounds at the same time. That way Ellen, Sam and Dean can sneak out and get to Lucifer. You can tell Dean's taking it hard. He bends down and kisses her on the forehead and then gives her a kiss on the lips. This moment was sweet and sad and all sorts of painful. Things get even worse when Ellen makes the decision to die with her daughter. She says someone has to let the hounds in and she's just the one to do it. This show has covered this before, most notably in Season 1's "Dead in the Water." No parent wants to see their child go before them. "It's worse than dying" I believe was uttered a couple of times. Sam and Dean leave and Jo dies just before the hellhounds enter the store. Ellen has to face them alone but she does her job and blows up the place.

At William Jasper's farm, Lucifer's plan is coming to fruition. Sam and Dean's plan of shooting the devil with the Colt seems to work, but of course it doesn't. A second later it looks like Lucifer never got shot in the head at all. After he flings Dean into a tree, he's able to talk to Sam privately. And this is what I love about Mark Pellegrino. He doesn't go over the top with his performance. He's very matter of fact, not exactly soft spoken, but he knows he doesn't have to be loud with his words. He just talks simply. He tells Sam he relates to him. He was the younger brother who had a mind of his own. His big brother called him a monster, a freak and beat down on him. He wants to know if it sounds familiar. He thinks Sam's going to say yes to becoming his vessel. And he's going to do it in six months in Detroit. His actions just make it seem like he's going to patiently wait for that time. It's not like his meat suit is showing wear and tear or anything. This is infinitely scarier than having him go all Godfather on us like Alistair did last season. Sam better be freaked out. Sam becoming Lucifer's vessel seems inevitable at least for right now. That's beyond scary. While Dean's unconscious and Sam's dealing with Lucifer, Cas makes a bold move to get out of the angel's trap. He's able to trick Meg into the trap with him and when he doesn't have enough mojo to un-demon her, he uses her body to get out. Cas is free and Lucifer has raised the Angel of Death. I wonder where things are going to go from here. The episode basically ends with Sam and Dean back at headquarters (Bobby's house) burning the picture they had just taken with Jo and Ellen the night before. So incredibly sad. And the episode ends so quietly. I thought it was going to go out with more of a bang.

This was an interesting Ben Edlund episode. He has as much flair for drama that he does for comedy. He had a lot to deal with in this episode. Jo and Ellen's deaths definitely affected me. Yes, there may have been a tear or two shed, that's all I'm going to say about that. We did get a Sam-Lucifer conversation although I don't understand why he didn't try to harm Dean even further. Does he know Dean's the chosen one when it comes to Michael's vessel? Maybe not. A new demon was introduced in the form of Crowley and we got even more of a taste of what Lucifer can do. The worst part of the entire episode is when I found out that not only are we not getting another episode for the rest of the year; we have to wait until Jan. 21, 2010 to get a new one. I like the whole number thing with that though: 01/21/2010. Lots of 2's and 1's, wonder if that means anything. Actually, I looked it up. In numerology it adds up to seven. And seven means "you entered this plane with a gift for investigation, analysis and keen observation." Seems perfect that Supernatural will be airing on this day, don't you think? Anyway, have a great holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I'll see you guys back here at the end of January.

Random Thoughts

I don't know about you but to me it seemed like Sam and Dean gave away the devil's trap when Crowley was about to step onto the rug. The looks on their faces were transparent.

Sam came short of shooting Crowley with the Colt. What happened there?

Why does Dean even think Sam's going to want to sit this battle out?

I like Cas trying to become more human. When he tries to get our lingo down it's hilarious, however. And Dean's reaction is usually funny too.

Crowley said he made it easy for the Colt's whereabouts to be known. So I guess last week's revelation by super fan Becky wasn't really out of the blue. I guess.

The instrumental portion of Santana's "Oye Como Va" is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It worked perfectly in the episode. It gave the scenes it was used in a whole different vibe. Loved it. Please do this more as the season continues.

I love that Supernatural continues to get big guest stars, well in my world anyway. To me, Mark Pellegrino is a welcome presence as is Mark A. Sheppard.

Those huge bags of salt at that store where they hid for safety were so convenient.

That was pretty fierce the way Sam and Dean quickly made the bomb.

I think Sam and Dean need to find more hunters to befriend.

Lucifer says there are five things the Colt can't kill. Besides Lucifer what are they? The Four Horsemen? What was the point of finding the Colt, when they're not going to be able to use it on Lucifer? This definitely puts the screws on Dean and being Michael's vessel, however. What if Michael is the only thing that can kill Lucifer? After all, we do know only angels can kill other angels, right?

I'm glad Dean really felt the impact of the deaths of Jo and Ellen. He always had a connection with them. I am wondering why Sam didn't get a quick goodbye scene with Jo, however.

I really like the fact that Bobby's working his research skills since he's not able to be there in person. His role in this war is an integral one as well. I'm sure he rather not be stuck on the sidelines, but his choice intel was much needed. Plus, he's acted like the Winchester's encyclopedia of everything supernatural for a long time. He also helped get Dean's head back in the game after the Winchester told him Jo was probably not going to make it.

That Angel of Death ritual was creepy.

It was great seeing Alona Tal and Samantha Ferris on Supernatural one last time.

Favorite Lines

"Going down? Right. OK,  Huggybear, just don't lose him."

"So, the Hardy Boys finally found me. Took you long enough."

"You're not taking Sam Winchester. I won't let you."

"You could go straight back to hell you ugly bitch!"

"I think I'm starting to feel something."

"Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon, better late than never." "Can't thank you again for your continued support." "You're welcome."

"Castiel, I'm told you came here in an automobile." "Yes." "What was that like?" "Um, Slow. Confining." "What a peculiar thing you are."

"I know it's awful, but these Horsemen are so demanding."

"What? They're just demons."

"Well, hello Death."

What did you guys think? What were your favorite lines?

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In this pure mythology-based episode, Sam and Dean secure the Colt from a Crossroads Demon. Jo and Ellen hunt alongside the brothers and things don't end well. And Lucifer brings death and destruction down on a small Missouri town all in the name of calling up the Angel of Death. Let the casualties of war begin.
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