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Supernatural Episode: "Wishful Thinking"

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: A wishing well is discovered to be the real thing when a girl's teddy bear comes to life, someone wins the lottery and a local geek gets a beautiful girlfriend. But Sam and Dean realize disaster waits in the wings in this town where reality and fantasy are blurred.
Original Air Date: Nov 6, 2008
Guest Cast Genevieve Cortese Jim Beaver
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Season 4, Episode 8
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Length: 40:37
Aired: 11/6/2008
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Wishful Thinking" Season 4, Episode 8

In "Wishful Thinking," Sam wished Dean would open up about his time in hell. And a whole town wished for everything under the sun including a giant teddy bear and the power of invisibility. Me? I wished for another great episode of Supernatural. Which wishes came true?

This one was another one of Ben Edlund's quirky and funny episodes. The giant, suicidal teddy bear that drank and lamented the state of his life was beyond awesome. And in the midst of the laughs, Edlund also managed to break my heart a couple of times too. In "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester," the angel Uriel suggested Sam ask Dean what he remembered about his time in hell. So this week, we saw Sam trying to get Dean to open up. As usual, Dean stayed pretty tight-lipped. Sam started off the hour asking his brother straight out about life in hell, but Dean was way too busy downing shots and chasing them with beer. Later, Dean had a nightmare, an occurrence that provided Sam with the perfect opportunity to inquire once again. And, once again, Dean played the avoidance game. So after the case was put to bed, Dean finally had to give a little and tell his bro the truth. And it was another one of those powerful and emotional Dean revelations. Dean told Sam he does indeed remember everything that happened in the pit. And no, he wasn't going to tell him about it. And even though Sam wanted to help his brother shoulder the pain and everything that came with it, Dean wasn't caring and sharing any time soon.

"The things that I saw. There aren't words. There is no forgetting. There's no making it better. Because it's right here. Forever. You wouldn't understand. And I could never make you understand so I'm sorry."

I figured Dean remembered some of what he went through. I didn't think he remembered all of it. I'm still wondering how in the world the guy has been acting somewhat sane since he got out of hell. Now, when did he remember everything? Did he dig himself out of the grave knowing? Or did it happen off screen and we never even knew it? The drinking and the nightmare we saw in this episode was a great indicator of where Dean's head was. He looked affected. I just wish we saw more of Dean struggling with what happened to him before this week's episode. However, now that we know that he remembers, I hope we see more of this.

While I truly enjoyed Sam trying to get Dean to open up, I kept thinking about "Metamorphosis." I had to go back and look at that last scene in the Impala. Dean apologized to Sam for being hard on him and tried to get Sam to open up about his "freaky" abilities.

"I can't keep explaining myself to you. I can't make you understand." "Why don't you try?" "I can't. Because this thing. This blood. It's not in you the way it's in me. It's just something I gotta deal with."

I kept going back to this conversation, because it almost mirrors the one Dean just laid at Sam's feet. Sam and Dean are both going through something the other cannot imagine. They'll either have to get over themselves and let each other in, or they're going to grow even more apart. So as much as I wanted Dean to stop hiding his problems, I was also kind of glad he didn't because Sammy hasn't exactly opened up either.

I realized just how far we've come from the first season, when Dean asked Sammy what his wish would be. Dean assumed it would be the whole white picket fence scenario. Sam let his brother know he had moved past all that. The normal existence he once craved was now out of his reach. Sam said he would have wished for Lilith's head on a plate. "Bloody." How great was that? Out of everything he could have wished for, he wanted the demon that held Dean's contract dead, Go Sammy!

The other time my heart just about broke was for Wesley, played by guest star Ted Raimi. Ted was in the syndicated action show Xena: Warrior Princess, and he's also the brother of Spiderman director Sam Raimi. Anyway, he was the guy who made the first wish in the wishing well. And the only way the curse would go away was for the first wisher to take it all back. Thanks to this lucky coin, Wes was in a relationship with the girl who had never given him a second look. She never even knew his name. But after paying a visit to the wishing well, she loved him more than anything. To the point where she had Sam struck by lightening so he wouldn't stop the insanity. When he finally grabbed the coin and all the wishes went away, it was so sad when the girl looked at him and didn't recognize him. I really wanted him to get what he wanted. He seemed like a guy who deserved it.

Other Thoughts

  • Sam had some funny dialogue, Dean was handling the case exposition and Dean was having the nightmare. It's like Season One, only with a bit of a twist.
  • I really enjoyed Sam getting his share of the laughs this episode. He's usually the serious one. But he busted out the funny and I appreciated it. One of my favorites was when he was interrogating that girl. He had told her he was an author and she asked what kind of book he was writing: "Oh. Well um...well, the working title is Supernatural." Ha!
  • Dean, of course, was as hilarious as he always is. Loved that he came up with the whole "teddy bear doctors" cover. I watched that scene on the director's cut a few days ago and I was practically on the floor laughing at that one.
  • I loved all the references to Harry and the Hendersons, Superman II and Forest Gump. That kid screaming, "kneel before Todd" was awesome. He and Dean sort of recreated a scene from Superman II (the part where he took a punch at the kid that landed with a thud, and then the kid started choking Dean)
  • The little girl who played Audrey was so good.
  • Loved how the girl at the beginning threw the towel and it landed on the invisible teen.
  • I also love how Sammy cheated Dean out of getting to go the women's health facility where an invisible man was "haunting" women in towels who just got out of the shower.
  • The Sam and Dean moments — both dramatic as well as the light-hearted ones — were just so satisfying. There was that little scene outside the liquor store where they sat down on the bench in synch looking perplexed. And even though they conflicted a little bit, the brotherly Winchester vibe was there more than any other episode this season so far.
  • I'm enjoying all the references to Thursday this season. In "Lazarus Rising," the paper read, "Thursday, September 18." Castiel is the Angel of Thursday. And then there's this line from Dean: "On Thursdays, we're teddy bear doctors."
  • Of course Dean wished for a sandwich. And of course it made him sick.
  • I know I'm going to sound callous here, but the giant 7-foot teddy bear's suicide note on the chalkboard was kind of funny. He signed it "T. Bear."
  • Sam doesn't only make a good FBI agent, he makes a good health instructor. "No, sir. I don't want to slap you with a 44-slash-16. But I will."
  • Busty Asian Beauties makes a return appearance. Hilarious.
  • I'm probably reading too much into this, but Sam and Dean were going to send Audrey to Mrs. Hurley's house to stay until her parents got back and they could dispose of the depressed stuffed bear. Is "Hurley" a nod to Lost? When I was at Comic Con this past summer, I heard that J.J. Abrams [the Lost creator] said he watched and liked Supernatural. Hurley is a character on the show.

Final Thoughts

While I thoroughly enjoyed "Wishful Thinking" and its humor, that last scene between Sam and Dean really whet my appetite for some serious stuff. I'm thinking the next couple of weeks are going to give me exactly what I'm wishing for — plenty of angst, drama, action and brotherly moments. See you then.

Rockin' Lines

"Women...showers...we gotta save these people."

"You wanted to save naked women." "Damn right, I wanted to save naked women."

"Run, Forrest, Run!"

"Amaretto and Irish Cream? It's a girl-drink drunk."

"I got nothing."

"...Deep woods Duchovny."

"We are uh...teddy bear doctors."

"Çlose the friggin' door!

"But now he's sad all the time. Not ouch sad. But ouch in the head sad. Says weird stuff and smells like the bus."

"Are you going to kill this teddy bear? (I love how Jared said this line)

"I don't want some giant flaming pissed off teddy bear on our hands."

"He's got lollipop disease."

"Why am I here?" "For tea parties!"

"Lift with your legs."

"Put on some pants. And stay visible."

"I'm good."

"You ask for a talking teddy, you get a bipolar nut job. And you get e coli."

"All right, you the guys from the health department?" "And florists on the side." "Plus FBI and on Thursdays, we're teddy bear doctors."

"I should have lied to you. I do remember everything that happened to me in the pit. Everything."

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In "Wishful Thinking," Sam wished Dean would open up about his time in hell. And a whole town wished for everything under the sun including a giant teddy bear and the power of invisibility. read more

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