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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Monster Movie"

Season 4, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Several murders occur during an Oktoberfest celebration and it's learned a shape-shifting demon is responsible, and that it is taking the form of iconic movie monsters, such as a vampire, werewolf and mummy. The episode is presented in black and white.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2008
Guest Cast Garry Chalk Michael Eklund Todd Stashwick Melinda Sward
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Season 4, Episode 5
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Length: 42:14
Aired: 10/16/2008
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Monster Movie" Season 4, Episode 5

"Monster Movie" featured Sam and Dean hunting down an old school vampire, Wolf Man and mummy in what was a hilarious homage to classic horror movies. We're talkin' about a time when the hero got the girl, Dracula had a funny accent, and films were black and white. Was this experiment successful? Well...

This quite possibly was the funniest episode of Supernatural ever. I'm serious. It was funnier than "Hollywood Babylon," "Tall Tales" and dare I say, "Bad Day at Black Rock." Dean in lederhosen? Writer Ben Edlund has such a twisted sense of humor. Something fun and refreshing was exactly what was needed, because we've had a long string of angst-filled, dramatic episodes dating back to last season. "Monster Movie" felt old school Season One since Sam and Dean were investigating a case that had nothing to do with demons and angels and hell and powers. The brothers were hunting down what turned out to be a shapeshifter (in the form of classic monsters and a waitress).

The behind-the-scenes crew outdid themselves transforming the episode into a proper tribute to the monster movies of yore. From the retro Warner Bros. logo to the "Intermission" and "The End?" title pages, we were treated to a real experience. The lighting, direction, music and set design were all well executed. Now I'm not an expert on what those movies were like back in the day, but I admired the show's attention to detail.

It all began with Sam and Dean in the Impala on their way to the case. Was it really Dean speaking or the audience when he said he was glad to be hunting down monsters like the good old days? I have always loved the show's mythology and how intricate it has become, but every once in a while a good old-fashioned ghost, spirit or monster investigation is welcomed. But I get the feeling that Dean also saw this as a way to bond the brothers once again. You know, forget about what they've been going through as of late (i.e. that fight that went down in "Metamorphosis"), and get back to what they were always good at: ridding the world of supernatural things so other people don't have to go through what they've gone through.

Immediately it felt like we were in a different world. Although at times it was a tad odd getting used to the classic touches when Sam and Dean's conversations included talking about the new Raiders movie or introducing themselves as Agents Angus and Young (Angus Young: AC/DC guitarist), I just found myself going along for the ride.

What I loved:

• The credits at the beginning of the episode. Nice touch. Jared and Jensen's names were featured together in a font that definitely looked like the style of those old movies back then.

• The flickering of the sign as Sam and Dean drove into Pennsylvania. Or was it Transylvania?

• Once the guys arrived at the Oktoberfest Dean wasted no time buying a big pretzel.

• Were my eyes deceiving me or was Sam actually eating? Diehard Supernatural fans have always known that if Dean's not talking about food, he's eating it. However, big, strong, Sam has rarely been seen eating. Not usually a big deal on a show, but let's just say we Supernatural fans notice stuff like that. Just like we've noticed Sam driving the Impala more this season too.

• I was beyond happy Dean got the girl. It's been a long time for him. Plus, you know, he was in hell. And he and Jamie were beyond cute. Speaking of Jamie, Melinda Sward played her. I was trying to figure out where I've seen her. It turns out she was in a recent 90210. I think she played the ditzy actress the cute teacher went on a date with to the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Apparently she also played Pretty Crane on NBC's now-defunct soap Passions. I really liked her on Supernatural.

• Sam didn't really save the day. Neither did Dean. Jamie was the one that shot the 'shifter dead. Awesome.

• The guy who played Ed Brewer was hilarious – especially when he was telling Sam and Dean about the crime he saw Dracula commit. One of the things I have always loved about the show are the fact the writers pen such quirky supporting characters.

• As usual, Jared and Jensen just thrive at the comedic episodes. Jared's looks are always classic; he comes up with new ones and it's always when someone (usually Dean) has done something ridiculous. And Jensen's timing and his willingness to look stupid is awesome. I don't mean that in a bad way, but he let them put him in lederhosen; and of course there was that foam on his lip after he drank the beer.

• When the shapeshifter was in Dracula mode, the episode was at its funniest. He fled from his confrontation with Dean and Jamie on his scooter. Later, he had Dean shackled and was about to electrocute him. The vampire slowly reached for the lever that would kill Dean. And finally, after what seemed like hours, right when he was about to off his nemesis, the doorbell rang just in the nick of time to save Dean. I'm sorry, but I was on the floor.

• I even loved when the "Dracula" dropped his fang act for a second and tried to get real. The shapeshifter kind of clumsily explained his raison d'etre. He told us how he went from a freak child his dad beat to glorifying the world of classic monster films.

• Mina and Jonathan Harker are characters in Bram Stoker's "Dracula."

• Dracula referred to Sam as Van Helsing – a fictional vampire hunter. I think this was an awesome reference, because if you don't know, I work for TV Guide Network. Anyway, we've got an early interview with Jared and Jensen from Season One where they referred to Sam and Dean as modern-day Van Helsings.

• Jamie thanked Sam and Dean for saving her. The boys don't get a lot of thanks, so it's always nice to hear when they get one.

Final Thoughts on "Monster Movie"

If you guys couldn't tell I pretty much loved the entire episode. It even took a break from the laughs long enough for Dean to explain some things to Jamie. Without letting her in on the fact he went to hell, he let her know that he once thought about giving up the life of a monster/demon hunter. But after his "near death experience" he realized he saved people and that was an awesome thing. Of course, Dean went all Blues Brothers on us mentioning that he was on a "mission from God." I'm not sure, but I swear I read somewhere (maybe it was somebody on this blog) that they expected to hear the phrase "mission from God" on this show sooner or later. I thought it was interesting Dean mentioned he no longer had any scars since his angelic escort back to the land of the living (but apparently, he did have his virginity back - hilarious). And finally, I can't help but get a little shallow. Jared and Jensen looked amazing in black and white. Just saying.


What did you guys think?

What was your favorite moment?

What do you think about the comedic episodes? Love them? Or leave them?

What's the funniest episode of Supernatural?

Favorite Lines

"It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward black-and-white case." (Which of course wasn't straightforward or black and white for that matter. Discuss.)

"Big pretzel!"

"I never forget a pretty…everything."

"Can you describe your assailant?"

"Oh. He was a vampire."

"Describe the creature."

"It was a werewolf."

"Do you think this Dracula would turn into a bat? That'd be cool."

"He was making his own special effects?"

"A mummy with a good sense of showmanship."

"Son of a bitch."

"You must not use such language in the presence of my bride."

"OK." (Punch.)

"You guys are like Mulder and Scully or something and The X-Files are real?"

"No. The X-Files is a TV show. This is real."

"Ever think that maybe you're lonely because you kill people?"

"Or I kill people because I'm lonely." (Love the corny cliché dialogue)

"The guy was about to Frankenstein me."

"No, Mina. Do not weep."

"Hey there, handsome."

"Shut up!"

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"Monster Movie" featured Sam and Dean hunting down an old school vampire, Wolf Man and mummy in what was a hilarious homage to classic horror movies. We're talkin' about a time when the hero got the girl, Dracula had a funny accent, and films were black and white. Was this experiment successful? Read on to find out. read more

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