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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Mystery Spot"

Season 3, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Dean is shot and killed while investigating the disappearance of a man with Sam, who is stunned when he wakes up the next morning to find his brother alive and well. Then he realizes he is reliving the previous day and tries to prevent Dean's death.
Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2008

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Season 3, Episode 11
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Aired: 2/14/2008
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"Mystery Spot" Season 3, Episode 11

You know I always have the intention of making my weekly recap/review short and to the point, but it never ends up that way. Lots of analysis and gushing usually follows, this week is no different. So just bare with me guys. First impression of "Mystery Spot": I loved it. Wholeheartedly. This Groundhog Day concept is not usually my cup of tea. I liked the movie enough, but it was never one of my favorites, I've only seen it once. Add Sam and Dean to this universe, and suddenly I'm all for it. Kudos to writer Jeremy Carver and director Kim Manners for creating an all-around excellent episode that was sad, tragic, funny and intense. The trickster did it. The trickster! It was odd to see the Winchester's foe from "Tall Tales" in the recap. But I didn't think much of it because the djinn from last season was also in the recap. I think the djinn was thrown into the recap mix to throw us off of the trickster's scent. Because I never guessed the sneaky god was responsible for throwing Sam into the most hellish time loop he could ever experience. I'm sure you guys figured things out before I did, however. The trickster said the joke was on Sam, that it was not about killing Dean. So do you think it was acting on orders from something bigger and badder? Sam's supposed boy king rival in the West? Or was something more benevolent but twisted the cause? It kind of felt like "Croatoan" to me. That this was all some sort of test for Sam to see how he would react; to see what he would become; to either see what it would take for him to become devoid of feeling, that would result in him becoming a badass, soulless demon hunter. Kind of like what Ruby was telling Dean Sam would have to become after Dean was gone. Was this all to get Sam on the right track sooner rather than later? Will he be forever changed after experiencing endless Tuesdays? I guess we'll all have to wait until next week to see if that's the case. Let's step back a bit. The recap showed Bobby, Ruby as well as the Crossroad Demon. But the episode simply ended up being about Sam and Dean. The love one brother has for another and the trust between siblings was front and center for me. Sam tried to keep his emotions in check, but you could tell they were about to erupt like lava out of a volcano at any minute. Still, he managed to get Dean on the same page trying to figure out a way out almost every time. Dean was totally thinking Sam was nuts, but it didn't matter. He believed his brother and wanted to help his brother get to the bottom of this. The trust Dean looked at Sam with was so great. So the brotherly love was my favorite part of this episode and it all culminated in that hug Sammy gave Dean after the loop/alternate reality was broken and it was Wednesday. "Mystery Spot" was also really funny. I believe Eric Kripke said there were going to be some laughs. I didn't believe there would be a way I could laugh at a character dying over and over and over and over times a hundred. But I admit I did. There was a montage of Dean's different deaths and I admit to laughing because everything was so preposterous. Dean would die and then things would cut straight to Sammy in bed, we'd hear "Heat of the Moment" and then the madness would start all over again. The least favorite way Dean died (if you can call it favorite): the desk falling on him and all you saw were his legs jutting out from the desk. Way too Wile E. Coyote for my tastes. The toughest to watch was the drunk driver hitting him out of nowhere with the car. There was also the death that happened off screen where I think Sam accidentally ended up killing Dean when they were fighting over the ax. Loved these Dean moments. He was so funny in this episode: " Dean lip synching to Asia's "Heat of the Moment." It was dorky but so cute. " Dean gurgling was hilarious. " I also loved him holding up the bra and asking Sam if it was his. Dean seems to enjoy the little things in life. Saying "pig 'n a poke", for example. It was great to see that with all the darkness and having the life sentence hanging over his head, he was still able to appreciate those little things. Other thoughts: " They actually showed what Sammy would do after Dean died. I guess, that's when this episode became a little like "What Is And What Should Never Be." Like I said before, this alternate reality Sammy just plowed through life like a soulless soldier, bringing down the bad guys. Did you catch him tending to his own wounds? The music was psychedelic; he killed "Bobby" although he was only partly sure it wasn't his friend. By the way, loved hearing Jim Beaver's voice over the montage of Badass Sammy the Hunter. It was so sad to see what would become of the younger Winchester. In "AHBL2", Dean was broken, but he was ready to give up hunting. " The trickster was really trying to give Sam the hard sell on him not being able to save his brother. Why? There has to be a reason. I know everyone and everything keeps saying it's about Sam. But there has to be a reason they're trying to drum it into his head that Dean can't be saved. Thankfully Sam's got a stubborn streak about a mile long. " It was fascinating seeing Sam flipping through a myriad of emotions: frustration, helplessness, fear, desperation, confusion. Then of course he hit crazy town when he was tearing down the Broward County Mystery Spot with an ax. " Dean only remembers Sam being whacked out and meeting up with the trickster. I hope Sam ended up telling his brother what else happened. " "Chuckleheads" seems to be a term of endearment the supernatural world has for the Winchester boys. First Meg, now Mr. Trickster. " Not only did Asia's "Heat of the Moment" get a lot of play but Huey Lewis' "Back in Time" a song made famous in Back to the Future. " Travis Bickle = the character Robert De Niro played in Taxi Driver. Questions: " Is living through this hellish time loop going to change Sammy? " Who was the trickster working for if anyone? " Will Sammy ever tell Dean about the time loop? (He's got some 'splaining to do) " How awesome was this episode? Favorite Lines: "Hey, Tuesday. Pig 'n a poke!" "Dude, Asia." "My god, you're a freak!" "Did it look cool like in the movies?" "You peed yourself." "Of course I peed myself. A man gets hit by a car you think he has full control of his bladder? Come on!" "Rise and shine, Sammy." "Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that." "Hot sauce." "Judge Myers? At night he puts on a furry bunny outfit." "Not today. Not today. This isn't supposed to happen today. I'm supposed to wake up." "There's a lesson that I've been trying to drill into that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of yours." "Dean's your weakness. The bad guys know it too. It's gonna be the death of you Sam. Sometimes you've just gotta let people go." "Right you're a mind reader. Cut it out Sam. Sam. You think you're funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears makeup. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up. OK, enough!" (Sam and Dean in unison) Need more Supernatural in your life? Check out our Online Video Guide. show less
You know I always have the intention of making my weekly recapreview short and to the point but it never ends up that way Lots of analysis and gushing usually follows this week is no different So just bare with me guys First impression of Mystery Spot I loved it Wholeheartedly This Groundhog Day concept is not usually my cup of tea I liked the movie enough but it was never one of my favorites Ive only seen it once Add Sam and Dean to this universe and suddenly Im all for it Kudos to writer Jeremy Carver and director Kim Manners for creating an all-around excellent episode that was sad tragic funny and intense The trickster did it The trickster It was odd to see the Winchesters foe from Tall Tales in the recap But I didnt think much of it because the djinn from last season was also in the recap I think the djinn was thrown into the recap mix to throw us off of the tricksters scent Because I never guessed the sneaky god was responsible for throwing Sam read more

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