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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Heaven and Hell"

Season 4, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Sam and Dean learn why the angels want to kill Anna. They try to save her by helping her restore a crucial part of her past, even as Alastair and his demons close in on her.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2008
Guest Cast Mark Rolston: Alastair Robert Wisdom: Uriel
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Season 4, Episode 10
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Aired: 11/20/2008
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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Heaven and Hell" Season 4, Episode 10

It was a battle of angels versus demons during the final episode of Supernatural for 2008. Castiel and Uriel on one side, Alistair and his posse on the other. Stuck in the middle were Sam, Dean, Anna and Ruby. One would "fall," three would survive.

Once again, I'm curious to find out how everyone reacted to this episode. "Heaven and Hell" featured lots of angels and demons, of course. It even featured a fallen angel. The women were as much a part of this episode as the men, something that would normally bother me. But it didn't this time around. I actually enjoyed Ruby. And I loved Anna's dynamic with Dean.

Uriel and Castiel
We picked up the episode right where we left off last week. Castiel and Uriel arrived at the cabin to kill Anna. Dean and Sam weren't budging, however. There was no way they were going to give her up. Uriel went after Ruby, while Castiel quickly took care of Sam with his mind-meld power. Dean tried to save Ruby, but Uriel quickly gave him a beat-down before Anna, as it turns out, performed some blood spell and temporarily disposed of the angels. In a flash of white light, the angels were flung back to heaven, I suppose. That was kind of cool, but I have to say that at first I thought it was God pulling Cas and Uri out of the cabin. Silly me. It kind of sucked to have to see Castiel be all warrior angel, because I really liked the fact that he was warming up to Dean. I think Anna even told Dean that Cas liked him. During the battle against Alistair, why was it that Cas couldn't exorcise Alistair? The guy had enough juice to raise Dean out of hell but not an ounce of it when it came to Alistair? I wonder if Uriel would have had the same problem? I mean, he was able to exorcise the evil henchmen with the touch of his hand. Would he have been able to take care of Alistair too? Or is he just way too high-level a demon? I'm wondering because both Sam and Castiel's mojo have no effect on him.  Sure, when Anna got her grace back the action took care of Alistair in a blast of white light, but was that just because he was looking at her? And yet a couple more questions: Is Alistair gone for good? Or is he just languishing back in hell ready for another chance to come back to Earth?

Much like the Yellow-Eyed Demon came to Sam in his dreams in AHBLI and Castiel popped up in Dean's dreams in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester," Uriel appeared before Dean while he was sleeping. And he made the one offer he knew Dean couldn't refuse. Those angels can be cold beings. But they knew Dean wouldn't give up Anna to save himself. He would only give up Anna if they threatened to kill Sam. They don't play around. I mean we've seen their un-fluffy ways before. But this was the most extreme we've seen them. There was a thin line between their behavior and the behavior of Alistair. Well, they weren't so much with the torture. They just wanted to get rid of Anna outright. I liked their battle with Alistair. But even more I loved Dean saving Castiel from Alistair choking him. The one problem I had with this showdown was that Sam and Dean were pretty much relegated to the sidelines except for Dean distracting Alistair from killing Castiel.

So we found out she was a fallen angel. She disobeyed God and literally fell to Earth where she became human. She definitely dug the whole human thing. I liked how Dean couldn't believe she wouldn't want to be a perfect angel. It was really sad that in order to save everyone she had to become one again. Normally it wouldn't be sad, of course, but Anna really wanted to stay human. We also found out Anna wasn't just an angel who fell, but when she did have wings, she was Castiel and Uriel's boss. I can't really imagine that, but we never really got to see her as her angel self. She definitely became more sure of herself once she regained her memory, but I'm not sold on her being boss lady.

Anna must have known she was getting her grace back because she sure took advantage of the time she had left. I liked that she was there for Dean. She knew what he did in hell and she told him he needed to forgive himself. I know there was speculation about what happened in the pit and that Dean had to have done something horrible, but I never really wanted to believe it. When she told him she knew what he did, I knew it had to be something beyond horrible. And say what you want about the two of them getting together in the most sacred place of worship, the Impala. At times the love scene was a tad awkward, but I really liked seeing the two of them together, she even touched his ... handprint. I think Dean and Anna had chemistry, especially in that last kiss in the barn when she forgave him for turning her in to Cas and Uri.

I don't even know where to start with him. There were so many emotions swelling up inside him and they were all emotions he would love nothing more to get rid of so he could become numb. The anger flaring in the first scene when he was going up against Uriel; the helplessness in being faced with going to hell again; the guilt and shame in having to betray Anna for his brother; the sheer despair when he told Sam what went down in hell. How is this guy walking around acting like he's not affected when all of this is going on inside him? And how is he going to bottle it all back up once again? Because he's Dean Winchester, that's why. Although, I do wonder if the drinking will continue in the second half of the season.

I love it when Dean mentions his dad, especially when the conversation lets us know he knows his relationship with his father was screwed up. After Anna told him as an angel she waited for orders from an unknowable father she couldn't begin to understand, Dean said he could relate. That's all he said, but it spoke volumes. And when we found out he turned in Anna, I was shocked. But of course he made the deal in order to spare Sammy.

After he saved Castiel, Alistair talked to Dean like he was so familiar with him. Sam was right there, so Dean had to spill. At the end of the episode, he told Sam for thirty years he was tortured in a countless number of ways. Each day his body would be like new and the torture would start again. And at the end of each day Alistair, would come to him and make him an offer to take him off the rack. In exchange, Dean would have to put other souls on the rack and torture them. And after 30 years of saying no, he finally gave in. I don't really know how Dean's ever going to come to terms with that.

Sam and Ruby
Well after we got so much Sam and Ruby in the last episode, I was kind of surprised we didn't get more between the two of them this week. However, It was Sam's plan to get the angels and demons in one place and it ended up getting Ruby tortured. But something tells me she was okay with that since it was Sam doing the asking. I was ready to think the worst of her when she told Alistair she would lead Anna to him. Like I said in my last column, I will never completely trust her.

When Sam asked Anna if there was anything out there that could take care of an angel, I was surprised again. Sam would do anything for his brother just like Dean would do anything for Sam. Even though it was such a messed up kind of question, I liked being reminded of Sam's devotion to Dean.

Other thoughts 

Sam hooked up with a demon. Dean hooked up with an angel. Those guys have major game. Both Ruby and Anna made the first move.

And speaking of, I'm back in the shallow end of the pool for the second week in a row. Yeah, Jensen's been working out a lot in his down time too. Yes he has. Wow.

Jensen continues to amaze. Seriously. There were several times when I was so caught up in what he was conveying I totally forgot to take notes, especially that last scene. At least twice I was reduced to wondering if something was in my eye, if you get my drift. And Jared gets kudos in that last scene as well, cause you could see Jensen's emotions getting the best of him as much as they were getting to me. I love the way those two work together. It's a thing of beauty. I don't know if I spend enough quality time talking about their chemistry, but they just have it all going on.

In the Supernatural universe, only four angels have seen God? OK. I guess it's much like demons haven't seen Lucifer. They all have to go on faith. Just like humans do.

They mentioned Bobby. They were at Bobby's house. But there was no Bobby. I know Jim Beaver was probably unavailable, but to tease like that, is not cool.

And speaking of Bobby, we saw the panic room again. Awesome.

"Gank" seems to be the word of the fourth season. Well that and "d—k."

Pamela was back but for a hot minute. What was up with that? I know her purpose was just help get Anna in touch with her Roma Downey-self, but I was hoping she'd stick around longer.

I love Dean's bratty smile to Sam after Pamela pretty much molested Sam. Pamela rules!

The writers of this show are addicted to porn. I'm just saying...

The episode dealt with a tree that was a source of something heavenly. This is quite the opposite of "Scarecrow" when that tree was the source of so many bad things.

I wonder if Castiel would want to give up his angel wings? Dean said something about how angels don't doubt. Castiel admitted he does doubt.

They got the magic knife back. Yay!

I'm glad Sam didn't push Dean to talk this time around. Sometimes it just has to happen on Dean-time. 

Final Thoughts
So, there's not another Supernatural for almost two months. Not cool. But we've gone through this every year, so I guess we'll just have to handle it. We've seen the first ten episodes of the fourth season. And I think this is the absolute best stretch of ten episodes in a row this show has ever created. I may have liked more than others, but Eric Kripke and his crew have stepped up their game in a big way. Please keep voting for Supernatural — it's nominated for a People's Choice Award for Best SciFi/Fantasy Show. Just head over to and vote.

I'm someone who just sits back and lets writers, directors and actors take me for a ride. I like to analyze, but I also just like to have fun watching what they give me. "Heaven and Hell" was a great way to end the first half of the season. It makes me excited to think of what we're going to get next year in 2009. See you guys then.


  • What did you think of the angels vs. demons smackdown?
  • What did you think of Anna and what she was revealed to be?
  • What did you think of what Dean had to do while he was down in hell?
  • How much is this hiatus going to feel like hell?
  • What do you want to see happen in 2009?
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It was a battle of angels versus demons during the final episode of Supernatural for 2008. Castiel and Uriel on one side, Alistair and his posse on the other. Stuck in the middle were Sam, Dean, Anna and Ruby. One would "fall," three would survive.

Once again, I'm curious to find out how everyone reacted to this episode. "Heaven and Hell" featured lots of angels and demons, of course. It even featured a fallen angel. The women were as much a part of this episode as the men, something that would normally bother me. But it didn't this time around. I actually enjoyed Ruby. And I loved ... read more

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