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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Season 2, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. In the second-season finale, Sam is abducted by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and taken to a ghost town with others who have special abilities. The Demon intends to initiate war against the human race, and he tries to get Sam to join the fight by showing him what happened to one of his parents. Bobby: Jim Beaver.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2007
Guest Cast Frederic Lane: Yellow-Eyed Demon Gabriel Tigerman: Andrew Gallagher Jessica Harmon: Lily Chad Lindberg: Ash Samantha Smith: Mary Winchester Jim Beaver: Bobby Katherine Isabelle: Ava Wilson Aldis Hodge: Jake
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Season 2, Episode 21
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Aired: 5/10/2007
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May 10, 2007: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 Season 2, Episode 21

I'm going to have to start with the last scene and then get to everything else. I wish last week's previews hadn't really given away what I figured was going to be the final scene of "All Hell Breaks Loose" Part 1, but it still was pretty gut-wrenching. I knew something devastating was coming. Poor Sammy got stabbed in the back, literally. And just after he saw his brother Dean come for him. Did you see the look of pure joy on Sammy's face when he saw his big brother? Of course, that joy was short-lived. Jake stabbed Sam and then Sam fell into his big brother's arms. And the fandom of Supernatural (I've read those questions you guys have left for Eric Kripke's Q&As) got the hug they've been waiting for. Well, sort of. I mean, is it really a hug when one of the participants isn't able to hug back? But let me tell you, Dean's speech to Sam was so rip-your-heart-out sad. A great ending to a really good episode. This episode is supposed to set up the second part of the season finale, so there's a lot of exposition. I think it wouldn't have worked if I didn't like so many of the supporting characters. But I did - especially Ava and Andy. Actually, I used to like Ava. My sister and I figured that during her long-term absence she had to have been up to no good. And she was one devilish diva. Who knew she was "the undefeated heavyweight champ" of what's pretty much a demonic Beyond Thunderdome meets Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno meets the wild, wild West? I wasn't really looking forward to Dean and Sam being separated once again, since it's been quite the regular occurence this season. But, I really liked the scenes at the ghost town with Sam reconnecting, so to speak, with Andy and Ava and meeting Lily and Jake. I loved how Sam took charge of the whole thing; I do so adore a confident and in-charge Sam. And how great is it that Fredric Lane returned as The Demon? That guy is just so appropriately creepy. The second he popped in at ghost town central, the scare factor went up. He appeared to Sam in his dream where he flashed Sam back to the night his mom died. How creepy was the Demon blood dripping into baby Sam's mouth? And then Mama Winchester rushed in and said: "It's you." What the hell did that mean? That Eric Kripke (and Sera Gamble) sure raised more questions for us. Like these "other generations": We know that one of these "others" comes from 2006 - after all, in last year's penultimate episode ("Salvation"), The Demon came after baby Rosie. But there have to be even more generations than that. See? More questions. Who knew Mr. Demon was just looking for one soldier to lead his army and had no need for all those kids that had abilities and were born in 1983? And the Evil One said Sammy was his favorite. Is that for real? Or did he just appear to every one and tell them the same thing? Back to Ava. The girl just slipped on her evil suit with ease, didn't she? Andy was hilarious, and I was just getting to know Jake before Jake did Sam in. Dean had a vision! Dean had a vision! Sure, Andy gave it to him. But, now he knows exactly how Sam feels every time he gets one. Love Dean's response to that little experience. I love Bobby. I'm so glad that Jim Beaver's been on several episodes this season. Although, I wouldn't mind him in every one. OK, every other one. And, of course, he knew where to find Sam. Bobby lives in South Dakota, right? I'm only 90% sure. And how could they kill off Ash? I'm hoping that that really wasn't him under the Roadhouse rubble, but how could they kill him off? One thing you can say about Supernatural, they are not afraid of killing really compelling characters. Ava, Andy and Ash are these characters I liked a lot, and now they're all dead. And, of course, there's Big Daddy Winchester. As for Dean, the poor boy had to track down his brother once again. I seriously don't know how he keeps it together. And we can tell from the previews that in the next episode he doesn't do a good job of it. That's all I'll say on that. Except for the fact that I'm very, very excited and would like someone to arrange for next week to happen as soon as possible. Even though it's the end of the road for Season 2. But back to that speech Dean made to a fallen Sam. First of all, how many times did Jensen have to yell "Sam" during the entire hour? And second, the speech may have made me a tiny bit teary. But just a tiny bit. "It's not even that bad. It's not even that bad, all right? Sammy? Sam! Hey, listen to me. I'm going to patch you up, OK? You'll be as good as new, huh? I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to take care of you. I got you. That's my job, right? Watch out for my pain-in-the-ass little brother? Sam? Sam. Sam! Sammy! No... SAM!" Finally, what I really noticed about Sam is how much he's come to rely on his brother. He was with these other people - people with abilities just like him - and when he wasn't organizing the troops, he was talking about Dean. That was really sweet and was very satisfying to hear. I've always believed Sam loves his brother, but maybe took him for granted a little bit. But this season, you can tell things have changed. Sam takes comfort in knowing that Dean's there, even if he doesn't completely believe that Dean can actually save him. Those Winchester boys rule! Other thoughts: - Right after Sam first disappeared from the diner I was totally reminded of "The Benders." That's when Dean started looking for Sam and yelling his name. - Loved seeing Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) two episodes in a row. I've been wondering if they were going to bring her back, and they sure have. - The Sam vs. Jake smackdown was pretty good. Sam gave almost as good as he got. And Jake had some sort of superstrength ability. - When Ava first talks about how her fiancé must be wondering where she's been for five months, the camera cut to Sam, and he had this awesome look on his face. All I could think of is Dean going: "Awkward." Favorite lines: - "Dude, I'm the one who's going to have to ride in the car with your extra onions." - "Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie! Love me some pie." - "What are you doing here?" "I don't know." "What am I doing here?" "I don't know." "Where are we?" "Andy, calm down." "Calm down? I just woke up in frickin' Frontier Land!" - "Give me a minute. Still working through demons are real." - "I was just thinking about how much Dean would help right now." - "D. Hasselhoff?" "Yeah, that's Dean's signature. It's hard to explain." - "That was about as fun as getting kicked in the jewels." Wanna see more Supernatural? Check out our Online Video Guide. show less
Im going to have to start with the last scene and then get to everything else I wish last weeks previews hadnt really given away what I figured was going to be the final scene of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 but it still was pretty gut-wrenching I knew something devastating was coming Poor Sammy got stabbed in the back literally And just after he saw his brother Dean come for him Did you see the look of pure joy on Sammys face when he saw his big brother Of course that joy was short-lived Jake stabbed Sam and then Sam fell into his big brothers arms And the fandom of Supernatural Ive read those questions you guys have left for Eric Kripkes QAs got the hug theyve been waiting for Well sort of I mean is it really a hug when one of the participants isnt able to hug back But let me tell you Deans speech to Sam was so rip-your-heart-out sad A great ending to a really good episode This episode is supposed to set up the second part of the season finale read more

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