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Supernatural Episode: "What Is and What Should Never Be"

Season 2, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: While hunting a genie, Dean finds himself transported to an alternate reality where his mother (Samantha Smith) is alive, Sam is in law school and engaged to Jessica (Adrianne Palicki), and Dean lives a normal life with his girlfriend (Michelle Borth). But then the vision of a strange girl (Melanie Neige Scrofano) makes him wonder where he really is.
Original Air Date: May 3, 2007
Guest Cast Adrianne Palicki: Jessica Michelle Borth Samantha Smith: Mary Winchester
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Season 2, Episode 20
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Length: 43:00
Aired: 5/3/2007
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May 3, 2007: What Is and What Should Never Be Season 2, Episode 20

Sorry that this is so late, guys! Work sucks. 'Nuff said. (Now get ready for a long, long post.) Anyway, that was as good as I had hoped. And consider me as big a wuss as Sammy was in the alternate reality of Dean's because that just shattered my heart in so many pieces. You know how Jared's best episode was BUABS? Well, let me just say right now: this was Jensen's best episode - not only of the season but the series. Thanks to superior writing by Raelle Tucker, Jensen had me laughing, tearing up, on an emotional roller coaster the entire hour. I'm not exaggerating here. He. Was. Awesome. There's so much to talk about I don't even think I'll be able to sound coherent. Gotta say that Dean was kind of stupid for not listening to Sammy and going into that abandoned building alone. That djinni got the drop on him pretty quickly and sent Dean into an alternate reality where Mom is alive, Dad is dead (via stroke, not a deal with the Demon), Dean and Sammy don't get along, Jess is alive and Dean's got a girlfriend. This is as normal as normal can get. It was simply crushing when Dean sees his mom for the first time. Before he can let himself believe it's really his mom, he asks her what she used to tell him when she used to put him to bed as a kid. Like we learned in "Houses of the Holy," she told him that angels were watching over him. Hearing her reply enabled him to give in to the reality that was before him. It's sad that just because you get your wish doesn't mean you're happy. In this other world, Dean's not such a great person. Mom and Sam automatically think that Dean's been drinking. He doesn't seem like he was someone that helped around the house; he hooked up with Sam's prom date on the night of Sam's prom; he snaked Sam's ATM card and bailed on his graduation. And when Dean comes up with that owing-a-bookie story, Sam totally believes that's logical. So, to see Dean being all earnest and big brotherly and have everybody question his motives, that's sad. Dean got his wish that his mother was alive, but in a world where she exists, he and Sam aren't tight. They barely speak other than on holidays and mom's birthday. Some other moments that just broke my heart: - Mom comforting Dean, kissing him on the forehead and wondering if he was really all right. Telling him she loves him. - When Dean saw Jess for the first time - the way he hugged her as if he knew her more than the one time he met her. He was just so happy that Sam could have Jess back. - Giving into the whole girlfriend thing - he realized that Carmen knew him so well. It was nice to see him have a significant other, especially one that seemed to be so strongly on his side. - Yes, even Dean eating a sandwich was heartbreaking, because his mom made it for him. It's something that hasn't happened for him in over 20 years, if ever. - To have Sam and Dean sitting down at an actual family dinner was something I've been waiting for since the show started. Dean just taking it in, getting enjoyment out of seeing his family together = heartbreaking moment. - Seeing all these ghostly figures and hanging bodies appear to Dean and then having him realize little by little that something's up big time. Then realizing that everyone who he, his dad and Sam saved in their world died in this alternate reality. There's no way he was going to be able to stay knowing that. - When alternate-reality Sam tells Dean that they just don't have anything in common. So sad. - Dean wanting to make everything up to everyone. And knowing that it's not going to happen because none of it's real. - Dean's tearful monologuing at BDW's grave. Crushing. - The last-ditch effort to get Dean to choose the new reality and let his body die was too painful for words. You know for a little bit he wanted to do it. Just like he wanted to take that deal to get his dad back. But he's noble and he knew that he couldn't do it. - Dean stabbing himself. - Dean opening up to Sam about how much this job has cost them. How great was Dean mowing the lawn? Even wanting to mow the lawn? Again, he seemed to just want to do all these normal things. During Season 1, I would have said it was impossible that Dean would think any of these thoughts (other than wanting his mom alive); during Season 2, the writers and Eric Kripke did a really great job planting the seeds of doubt where Dean and hunting are concerned. We've heard more than once that he was thinking maybe it was time for them to take a break, that maybe he and Sam could step back from playing the heroes for a while. Maybe take off for Amsterdam, even. But, even though his wanting normalcy isn't a surprise, the whole wanting to mow the lawn was just funny and it all seemed right. And the actual mowing, complete with the rockin' version of "What a Wonderful World," was hilarious. But did you check the neighbor guy? Even he seemed dubious of Dean being all friendly and waving at him. Oh, alternate-reality Dean. Even though this wasn't Sam's POV or anything, it was really nice to see Sam with Jessica. At the end of last year, I got the chance to interview Adrianne Palicki (who plays Jessica) and I asked her if she'd ever consider going back to Supernatural if they asked, and she said yes. So it was great to see her, especially since we hadn't seen her since she was an apparition on the side of the road in "Bloody Mary." Here's to hoping Friday Night Lights gets renewed for a second season (not sure if it has been or not). Sam was such a wuss on that hunt, wasn't he? Although I guess he's allowed - it was his first hunt. This whole alternate journey of Dean's: aside from confirming that Sam and Dean's path is to help people and save them from the things that go bump in the night, it was all about brotherhood. Would Dean be willing to live in a reality where he and Sam just didn't get along? Would he have been able to fix things? Who knows? What we all do know is that Dean and Sam are meant to be tight, they are meant to be fighting demons and spirits and saving people's lives. This episode touched on the heart of Supernatural: brotherly love, sense of duty, saving the lives of people who don't know what's truly out there. So yes, this episode was heartbreaking, but it was a little uplifting as well. As you can tell, I just adored "What Is and What Should Never Be." Other thoughts: - I thought the glamour shot of Carmen that was in the apartment she shared with Dean was kinda weird. Good to know it was actually the same shot as some beer ad that Dean had seen in a magazine. - Loved how awkward Dean was when he first "met" Carmen. That kiss was appropriately unsexy. - The pictures that they Photoshoped together using Jensen and Jared's pictures from when they were young were so great to see, weren't they? - Did BDW's tombstone say: John E. Winchester? What's the "E" for? - It was weird to see the Impala with different license plates. - They sort of recreated that scene from the pilot where Dean breaks into Sam's place. That was cool. - I sort of wish we got to see Sam looking for Dean in the present, but that would have been jarring. - I've been waiting for Mary to return and she finally did. Although the character looked tired, she didn't look like she had aged all that much from when Dean was 4. - I wish we could have seen more of Jess. - Loved Sam being so sure of what he and Dean need to be doing. Remember, last year he was full of doubt. Now he's strong, he's confident and he knows what needs to be done. It's so great to see. - I was so anticipating this episode, I re-watched the pilot. - I'm so glad that Dean opened up to Sammy about his experience. I wasn't sure if he was going to. - Everybody and everything seems to get how much pain Dean's in and has experienced. - This reminded me of the Buffy episode called "Normal Again." Loved WIAWSNB just as much as I loved that sixth-season episode (maybe even a little more). - I'm glad Dean got to kill the djinni and he got to save the girl's life. Loved Sam's look as Dean told the girl he had her. Favorite Lines: - "I'm just happy to see you, that's all. You're beautiful!" - "You kidding? I love your lectures. You make learning fun." - "Son?" "Hmm..." "You been drinking?" "Everybody keeps asking me that. But, uh, no." - "Who'd have thought, baby? We're civilians." - "How did I end up with such a cool chick?" "I've just got low standards." - "I'm dating a nurse. That is so respectable." - "Why do I have to be some kind of hero?" - "Dean, what the hell are you doing here?" "I was looking for a beer." - "I can't believe we're even related." "Sam, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we don't get along." - "Tell mom I love her." - "Bitch." "What are you calling me a bitch for?" "You're supposed to say jerk." "What?" "Never mind." - "You're having a psychotic breakdown." "I wish." - "No, I'm pretty sure. Like, 90 percent sure." - "You're not real. None of it is." "It doesn't matter. It's still better than anything you had." - "Why is it our job to save everyone? Haven't we done enough? I'm begging you, give me the knife." - "I'm sorry." - "Auntie Em, there's no place like home." - "I thought I lost you for a second." "You almost did." - "You were such a wussy." - "I'm glad you dug yourself out, Dean." - "It's worth it." Oh, and one more thing, guys. We're taking more questions for Eric Kripke. If you have anything you're dying to ask, especially in light of last night's episode, or the upcoming two-part season finale, or even a possible third season, please leave those questions in this blog.... show less
Sorry that this is so late guys Work sucks Nuff said Now get ready for a long long postAnyway that was as good as I had hoped And consider me as big a wuss as Sammy was in the alternate reality of Deans because that just shattered my heart in so many pieces You know how Jareds best episode was BUABS Well let me just say right now this was Jensens best episode not only of the season but the series Thanks to superior writing by Raelle Tucker Jensen had me laughing tearing up on an emotional roller coaster the entire hour Im not exaggerating here He Was AwesomeTheres so much to talk about I dont even think Ill be able to sound coherent Gotta say that Dean was kind of stupid for not listening to Sammy and going into that abandoned building alone That djinni got the drop on him pretty quickly and sent Dean into an alternate reality where Mom is alive Dad is dead via stroke not a deal with the Demon Dean and Sammy dont get along Jess is alive read more

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