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Nelson Must Crack 10 Safes in Two Minutes!
01:51 — Nelson has two minutes to crack open 10 safes while being suspended in the air.
Jeff's Incredible Vision Will Shock You from "Genius Knows No Boundaries"
02:03 — Jeff is tasked with the impossible challenge of spotting differences between two city scenes. His attention to detail will amaze you!
Mike Tyson Gets A Dance Lesson from "Powers of Deduction"
00:59 — Mike Tyson learns some new moves, as well as shows some of his own!
Summer Takes on the Rectangled Challenge
02:13 — Summer must determine how many rectangles are in giant rectangle.
Kamen Kicks and Punches His Way Through His Challenge
03:06 — Kamen takes the "Just For Kicks" challenge.
Solving a Crime Scene
01:47 — Caden takes the "Get A Clue" challenge.
The Domino Effect Challenge from "All Parts Extraordinary"
01:26 — Chris must add up all the dominoes before they fall over. Can he do it?
Dave Must Memorize 109 Balloon Colors
02:35 — Dave is quizzed on the colors of balloons after only having a few seconds to memorize them.
Luke Is a Super Recognizer
02:01 — Luke memorizes the faces of a hundred audience members and then is asked to spot the three contestants that were replaced and not there before.
Anthony Must Solve 10 Rubik's Cubes In Two Minutes from "Extreme Awareness"
02:06 — Anthony takes the Block Party Challenge. Can he solve 10 Rubik's Cubes in two minutes?
Dennis Takes The Codebreaker Challenge from "Extreme Awareness"
01:59 — Dennis must spot the differences between two grids made up of 3,440 small letters. Can he do it?
Charity Takes The Puppy Love Challenge from "Extreme Awareness"
02:37 — Charity must memorize 15 dog names as well as their favorite treat and their favorite toy. Can she do it? Find out!
Courtney's Country Match Leads To Endless Jokes from "More Than Meets the Mind"
01:19 — Courtney must determine which random shapes are countries and what their names are.
Jogging My Memory Challenge from "Beyond the Imagination"
01:54 — John is tasked with remembering the name, color and number of multiple joggers as they jog by him.
Seth Tries To Spot The Fake Painting From The Original from "Beyond the Imagination"
01:04 — The judges sit on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Seth can spot the difference in the fake painting.
The Blue Man Group Participate In A Challenge from "Beyond the Imagination"
00:53 — Kaitlyn must reproduce the song the Blue Man Group played while she had headphones on and was unable to hear them.
Mike Byster Astonishes the Crowd With His Math Skills
01:44 — Mike Byster's superhuman ability is mental math. Will Mike be able to determine the sticker price of the car? Find out!
The Blue Man Group Participate in a Challenge
00:48 — Kaitlyn must reproduce the song the Blue Man Group played while she had headphones on and was unable to hear them.
Frog in the Throat Challenge
01:05 — In this challenge Nick must isolate and identify the frog sounds from more than 4700 species in the world.

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