Supercar Superbuild

  • 2016
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

Examining the mechanical prowess and building process of luxury cars.

The Expensive Material Behind the Huayra's Incredible Speed
02:01 — While much of the Pagani Huayra's speed comes down to innovative design, one material used in its Formula 1-inspired monocoque is crucial. From: SUP (more…)
The Iconic American Sports Car That Almost Never Got Made
02:29 — Chrysler's Dodge Viper began as a concept car at the Detroit Auto Show, with no plans for mass production. But a show-stealing debut convinced the com (more…)
The Pagani Huayra Is Faster Than a Jumbo Jet at Takeoff
01:48 — The optimum effects of the Pagani-designed dual aerodynamic system are embodied by the Huayra. In just 25.8 seconds, it crosses the 185 MPH mark--fast (more…)
The 2,500-Year-Old Secret to Aston Martin's Beauty
01:42 — The elegant and eye-catching design of an Aston Martin owes much to a 2,500-year-old mathematical formula for beauty. It's known as the golden ratio a (more…)
Why Porsche Is Revisiting the Hybrid Car It Also Invented
02:05 — Though Porsche isn't naturally associate with hybrid cars, it actually invented them in 1900. Now, the luxury car brand is looking to the past for its (more…)
Can This Maserati Withstand 500x the Force of Gravity?
01:22 — Meeting modern crash standards is a necessity when it comes to new cars. Inside Maserati's crash test facility, engineers puts the Ghibli's seat belts (more…)
This Material Is Lamborghini's Secret Weapon
02:03 — In its quest for its lightest car ever, Lamborghini has turned to a new material for its latest model, the Huracan.
Why Is the Ford Mustang So Iconic?
02:11 — From the moment it was unveiled at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was a hot commodity. The first day it went on the mar (more…)
Maserati's Family Sedan Can Go 0-60 in Under 4.8 Seconds
01:43 — Maserati takes their top-performing sedan and shrinks it into a smaller, faster, and more affordable car, the Ghibli. How did they accomplish this? Bu (more…)
The Three Key Lamborghini Design Rules
02:04 — Lamborghini designers adhere to three key principles: Come up with a new look that's still distinctly Lamborghini, never allow form to come before fun (more…)
Why a Tiny Bentley Car Part Takes 7 Hours to Make
02:17 — The Bentley factory is unique among car manufacturing facilities in that it combines modern technology with handcrafted practices from the brand's coa (more…)
This Is What You're Paying for When You Buy a Bentley
01:26 — Manufacturing a Bentley in the traditional way is a time-consuming nod to their brand heritage. Each hand-crafted wheel, for example, can take four an (more…)
Why Airflow Matters So Much to Your Sports Car
02:04 — In the world of extreme super cars, powerful engines always get the glory. But the real key to their awesome performance is managing airflow to preven (more…)

Cast & Details

  • Premiered: February 14, 2016
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: Examining the mechanical prowess and building process of luxury cars.

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