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Mon Aug 29 12:00pm
Thumbelina(Season 1, Episode 23) PBS

The Super Readers enter "Thumbelina," where they learn about working together to resolve a problem.

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Tue Aug 30 12:00pm
The Mixed Up Story(Season 3, Episode 9) PBS

The Super Readers help sort out a scrambled story after some of its words fall from the page onto the floor.

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Wed Aug 31 12:00pm
Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Mystery(Season 1, Episode 24) PBS

Jack blames Whyatt for something he didn't do, so Whyatt and the Super Readers enter "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to learn how to clear one's name of mistaken accusations.

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Thu Sep 1 12:00pm
Roxie's Missing Music Book(Season 3, Episode 2) PBS

The pals help a singer and musician locate her missing book of music.

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Fri Sep 2 12:00pm
Beauty and the Beast(Season 1, Episode 26) PBS

After Wolfy seems angry on a play date, Princess Pea and the Super Readers enter "Beauty and the Beast" in an effort to learn why.

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Mon Sep 5 12:00pm
The Banana Mystery(Season 3, Episode 3) PBS

The Super Readers jump into "The Jungle Mystery," where Monkey's bananas are missing, in order to learn how to solve another mystery: lemons are disappearing from Pig's lemonade stand.

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Tue Sep 6 12:00pm
The Underwater Lost Treasure(Season 3, Episode 4) PBS

The pals help a treasure-hunting starfish.

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Wed Sep 7 12:00pm
The Cowgirl Mystery(Season 3, Episode 5) PBS

The Super Readers help a cowgirl whose plans for a picnic with her horse keep getting foiled.

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Thu Sep 8 12:00pm
Sleeping Beauty(Season 1, Episode 28) PBS

The Super Readers fly into "Sleeping Beauty," where they try to persuade the slumber-loving princess that there's more to life than sleeping.

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Fri Sep 9 12:00pm
The Unhappy Puppy(Season 3, Episode 11) PBS

To learn why Whyatt's puppy is always sad when he leaves for school, the Super Readers jump into the book "The Unhappy Puppy" and meet a lonely puppy named Checkers.

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