Thu Jul 2 1:00pm
Dr. Doolittle(Season 1, Episode 50) PBS

The Super Readers try to better understand Red's whimpering and whining puppy by flying into the story of "Dr. Dolittle" to meet a boy who can speak with animals.

Fri Jul 3 1:00pm
Alice in Wonderland(Season 1, Episode 49) PBS

After Princess Pea misses a birthday party, the Super Readers enter the world of "Alice in Wonderland," where they learn about a white rabbit who's running late for a tea party.

Mon Jul 6 1:00pm
The Story of Mother Goose(Season 1, Episode 65) PBS

When Red has difficulty writing a song, the Super Readers learn about rhyming and word choice from Mother Goose.

Tue Jul 7 1:00pm
The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan(Season 1, Episode 55) PBS

Pig is puzzled when he becomes too big for his bed and his sneakers begin pinching his feet. To learn what's going on, he and the Super Readers enter the story of "The Ugly Duckling."

Wed Jul 8 1:00pm
Jasper's Cowboy Wish(Season 2, Episode 6) PBS

The Super Readers jump into "Jasper's Cowboy Wish."

Thu Jul 9 1:00pm
Baby Dino's Big Discovery(Season 2, Episode 7) PBS

Whyatt and friends learn about the different types of dinosaurs in "Baby Dino's Big Discovery," about a baby dinosaur searching for its mother.

Fri Jul 10 1:00pm
Princess Gwennie Saves the Day(Season 2, Episode 8) PBS

The Super Readers learn about medieval times in "Princess Gwennie Saves the Day," about a princess with a silly sense of humor.

Mon Jul 13 1:00pm
The Three Little Pigs(Season 1, Episode 1) PBS

Pig learns about friendship when the Super Readers enter the “Three Little Pigs” story and meet the big bad wolf.

Tue Jul 14 1:00pm
Muddled Up Fairytales(Season 1, Episode 51) PBS

The Super Readers enter "Muddled Up Fairytales," about a young dragon who moves in with three pigs and inadvertently upsets the world.

Wed Jul 15 1:00pm
The Story of the Tooth Fairy(Season 1, Episode 58) PBS

Whyatt learns about the Tooth Fairy after losing his first tooth, and wonders what would happen if he decided to keep the tooth. To find out, he and his pals set off to meet the bicuspid collector herself.