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Mon Feb 20 12:00pm
The Cowgirl Mystery(Season 3, Episode 5) PBS

The Super Readers help a cowgirl whose plans for a picnic with her horse keep getting foiled.

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Tue Feb 21 12:00pm
The Unhappy Puppy(Season 3, Episode 11) PBS

To learn why Whyatt's puppy is always sad when he leaves for school, the Super Readers jump into the book "The Unhappy Puppy" and meet a lonely puppy named Checkers.

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Wed Feb 22 12:00pm
The Pupp-athon(Season 3, Episode 12) PBS

The Super Readers help a puppy who's having difficulties with an obstacle course due to a distracting butterfly.

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Thu Feb 23 12:00pm
Where's Woofster?(Season 3, Episode 13) PBS

Woofster, Whyatt's puppy, wants to play a game, but Whyatt and Princess can't figure out what kind of game.

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Fri Feb 24 12:00pm
Super Puppy Saves the Day(Season 3, Episode 14) PBS

Woofster and the Super Readers jump into a book about a canine superhero; and help little puppies that are in big trouble.

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Mon Feb 27 12:00pm
Landon's Circus Adventure(Season 3, Episode 21) PBS

The Super Readers meet a kid acrobat who's nervous about performing in front of people for the first time.

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Tue Feb 28 12:00pm
The Three Bears Go Camping(Season 3, Episode 17) PBS

The Super Readers help Papa, Mama and Baby Bear, who can't agree on which hiking trail to take.

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Wed Mar 1 12:00pm
Mathis' Book of Why(Season 3, Episode 18) PBS

The Super Readers meet a curious boy.

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Thu Mar 2 12:00pm
Attack of More Man!(Season 3, Episode 19) PBS

The Super Readers try to save a town's Fun Day, which is threatened by the mysterious More Man, who keeps adding the letter S to everything.

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Fri Mar 3 12:00pm
Tilden the Caterpillar(Season 3, Episode 22) PBS

The Super Readers meet a caterpillar that needs help preparing for his transformation into a butterfly.

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