Wed Jun 3 1:00pm
The Little Mermaid(Season 1, Episode 37) PBS

Pig becomes sad because he's different from his friends, so the Super Readers swim into "The Little Mermaid" to learn why "different" isn't a bad thing to be.

Thu Jun 4 1:00pm
Juan Bobo and the Pig(Season 1, Episode 40) PBS

The Super Readers fly into a Puerto Rican folktale, where they meet a boy who thinks he heard his mother say to put his pig in a dress.

Fri Jun 5 1:00pm
The Rolling Rice Cakes(Season 1, Episode 42) PBS

The Super Readers enter "The Rolling Rice Cakes," a Japanese folktale about an old man whose rice cakes roll into a mouse hole.

Mon Jun 8 1:00pm
Woofster Finds a Home(Season 2, Episode 1) PBS

In the Season 2 opener, the team gains a new member after Whyatt meets a puppy at a pet-adoption fair.

Tue Jun 9 1:00pm
Peter Rabbit(Season 1, Episode 43) PBS

The Super Readers fly into "Peter Rabbit," where they try to stop the bunny from munching the vegetables in people's gardens.

Wed Jun 10 1:00pm
The Boy Who Drew Cats(Season 1, Episode 44) PBS

Whyatt wants to give his sick brother Jack a picture, but doesn't know what to draw. As a result, he and his Super Reader pals enter the Japanese folktale "The Boy Who Drew Cats," about a boy whose sketches come to life.

Thu Jun 11 1:00pm
Aladdin(Season 1, Episode 45) PBS

Princess Pea's attempts to create a playhouse with a wave of her wand fail, so she and her Super Reader pals fly into the story of "Aladdin," where they meet a boy whose wishes come true thanks to a magic lamp.

Fri Jun 12 1:00pm
Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure(Season 1, Episode 52) PBS

A run-down Red learns about healthful food choices when she and her Super Reader pals fly into the story of "Hansel and Gretel" and meet the witch, whose gingerbread house may be the cause of her tiredness and grouchiness.

Mon Jun 15 1:00pm
The Swan Maiden(Season 1, Episode 62) PBS

Red hides Little Boy Blue's horn so their play date won't end, spurring Super Why and friends to fly into the story of "Swan Lake," where they help the Swan Maiden retrieve her feathers so she can return home.

Tue Jun 16 1:00pm
Webby in Bathland(Season 2, Episode 2) PBS

The Super Readers learn about fighting germs from a brave little penguin after Red's grandmother insists that she properly wash her hands before lunch.