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2011, TV Show

Supah Ninjas Season 1 episodes

Cousin Connor Season 1, Episode 26

The ninjas betray each other because of Connor, who then discloses his real identity and battles his cousin Mike. read more

Ninja Intervention Season 1, Episode 25

The trio are reminded of what being a ninja really means when Grandfather stages an intervention. read more

Frostbite Season 1, Episode 24

Amanda assists Mike in preparing for his date with Julie by staging a practice date with him. read more

Limelight Season 1, Episode 23

A former child star tries to recapture the fame of his youth by snatching celebrities. Meanwhile, Owen has trouble hiding his ninja skills. read more

Skeleton Crew Season 1, Episode 22

Mike thinks the Skeleton Crew is burglarizing the city. Meanwhile, Owen pursues a new girl in school, unaware that she's really a detective doing undercover work. read more

Detention Season 1, Episode 21

A vengeful escaped convict poses as a student, and the ninjas attempt to identify him while they're serving detention. read more

Mechanov Season 1, Episode 20

Mike grows tired of doing police ride-alongs with his dad, but this time they encounter dangerous foes: Mechanov's human-machine hybrid offspring. read more

Quake Season 1, Episode 19

Mike's pals encourage him to ask out Julie, and soon after he learns about Amanda's breakup. Meanwhile, a colossal creature known as Quake wreaks havoc on the city. read more

Ishina: Part 2 Season 1, Episode 18

Conclusion. The Ishina Clan kidnap Mike's cousin and demand the Floating Sword as ransom. read more

Ishina: Part 1 Season 1, Episode 17

Part 1 of 2. The feared Ishina Clan release a computer virus, which they hope will ruin the ninjas' lair. read more

Eternum Season 1, Episode 16

A psychiatrist wants to experiment on the ninjas to see if he can transform human nature from good to evil. read more

Snakeskin Season 1, Episode 15

Owen hosts a party on the same night as the popular kids, and Amanda attends both. read more

DJ Elephant Head Season 1, Episode 14

The kids attend a concert at school, where they are shocked to learn their favorite DJ is really a villain. read more

Morningstar Academy Season 1, Episode 13

A gang of expert thieves go undercover as prep-school girls, and the ninjas must covertly take them down while on a field trip. read more

The Magnificent Season 1, Episode 12

Mike and Owen investigate the case of a missing magician. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to make amends to Cameron after repeatedly canceling plans with him. read more

Kickbutt Season 1, Episode 11

A computer geek (Lucas Cruikshank) leads a secret double life as a superhero, but his alter ego gets in trouble when he angers a mob leader. read more

X Season 1, Episode 10

The ninjas track X, an enigmatic assassin who's after a key witness that Mike's dad is protecting during a trial. read more

Dollhouse Season 1, Episode 9

Amanda is captured by a doll-masked villain who transforms people into living dolls for his collection. read more

Jelly Face Season 1, Episode 8

A recently released jewel thief wears disguises while committing crimes, hoping to get revenge on those responsible for incarcerating him. read more

Komodo Season 1, Episode 7

An ecoterrorist targets a commercial developer who has little regard for the environment. read more

Mr. Bradford Season 1, Episode 6

Amanda's biology teacher puts her in jeopardy after he mutates while conducting a secret experiment with insect DNA. read more

Subsiders Season 1, Episode 5

Craving adventure, Owen infiltrates a menacing gang to rescue an old pal. Meanwhile, Mike and Amanda try to soldier on without him. read more

Checkmate Season 1, Episode 4

The ninjas go after the menacing Checkmate following the disappearance of an undercover cop. read more

Two Ton Harley Season 1, Episode 3

Infamous criminal Two Ton Harley (The Big Show) breaks out of jail so that he can get sent to a different prison, where he can be with his motorcycle gang. read more

Katara Season 1, Episode 2

The series premiere of a comedy-action series about a shy teenager who forms a secret team of crimefighters after learning he's a descendant of ninjas. In the opener, the ninjas try to stop an antiques thief who has a talent for knife throwing. read more

Supah Ninjas Season 1, Episode 1

A preview of a comedy-action series about shy teenager Mike Funkanaga, who forms a secret team of crimefighters after learning he's a descendant of ninjas. Mike's holographic grandfather counsels him, and then he and his friend try to rescue a classmate who's being held for ransom. read more

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Premiered: January 17, 2011, on Nickelodeon
Rating: TV-G
User Rating: (38 ratings)
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Premise: A teenager forms a secret team of crimefighters after learning he's a descendant of ninjas.


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