It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • 2005
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

Seriously dark comedy about four dissolute friends who run a struggling pub in Philadelphia. Dennis, Dee, Mac and Charlie are absolutely (even gleefully) amoral. They're 'Seinfeld' characters on steroids, clowning their way through story lines that 'Seinfeld' writers wouldn't have touched.

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Mon Apr 24 1:00pm
Mac Kills His Dad(Season 10, Episode 7) CMDY-E

Mac attempts to clear his dad's name in a murder case.

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Mon Apr 24 1:30pm
The Gang Goes on Family Fight(Season 10, Episode 8) CMDY-E

The gang compete on a televised game show.

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Mon Apr 24 2:00pm
Frank Retires(Season 10, Episode 9) CMDY-E

Frank decides to retire, setting off a power struggle among the gang for control of Paddy's.

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Mon Apr 24 2:30pm
Ass Kickers United: Mac And Charlie CMDY-E

Mac and Charlie become brain washed by a cult.

Tue Apr 25 1:00pm
The Gang Gets Racist(Season 1, Episode 1) CMDY-E

The pub becomes an overnight success when the gang accidentally turns it into a gay bar. Elsewhere, Charlie (Charlie Day) tries to prove to a crush that he's not racist after she catches him making an off-color comment. Mac: Rob McElhenney. Dennis: Glenn H (more…)

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Tue Apr 25 1:30pm
Charlie Wants an Abortion(Season 1, Episode 2) CMDY-E

One of Charlie's old girlfriends (Heather Donahue) claims her 10-year-old son is his. Meanwhile, Mac tries to impress a cute pro-life supporter (Autumn Reeser) by feigning interest in her cause; and Dennis attempts to pick up women at an abortion rally. To (more…)

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Tue Apr 25 2:00pm
Underage Drinking(Season 1, Episode 3) CMDY-E

The gang opens the pub's doors to underage patrons to increase the establishment's profits. Later, Dennis, Charlie and Dee are asked to the prom. Trey: Robert Adamson. Sara: Katie Chonacas. Tammy: Jaimie Alexander.

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Tue Apr 25 2:30pm
Charlie Has Cancer(Season 1, Episode 4) CMDY-E

The gang finds out that Charlie may have cancer, so they hatch a plan to relieve his anguish. Meanwhile, Mac gets involved with a transvestite.

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Wed Apr 26 1:00pm
Gun Fever(Season 1, Episode 5) CMDY-E

The guys buy a gun after the bar is robbed, and Charlie uses it to intimidate his nagging landlord. Meanwhile, Dennis and Mac vow to catch the thief, and Dee feigns interest in guns to win over a crush.

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Wed Apr 26 1:30pm
The Gang Finds a Dead Guy(Season 1, Episode 6) CMDY-E

Four twentysomething friends run a struggling Irish pub in Philadelphia. In this episode, Mac and Dennis reach a new low when they pretend to be acquainted with a patron found dead in their bar in order to get closer to his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Dee vi (more…)

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Wed Apr 26 2:00pm
Charlie Gets Molested(Season 1, Episode 7) CMDY-E

The gang thinks Charlie may have been molested by his high-school gym teacher, so they stage an intervention, and invite Charlie's family and other alleged victims.

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Wed Apr 26 2:30pm
Charlie Gets Crippled(Season 2, Episode 1) CMDY-E

Dennis and Dee's estranged father, Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), returns to town to reconnect with his kids. They don't want anything to do with him, but Frank likes hanging with Charlie and Mac. Meanwhile, Charlie gets hit by Dennis's car (accidentally (more…)

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Thu Apr 27 1:00pm
The Gang Goes Jihad(Season 2, Episode 2) CMDY-E

The gang's new neighbor from Israel threatens to shut down Paddy's, and he has the law on his side. So the gang must “get creative.” This means jihad. And Frank's wife, Barbara (Anne Archer), returns from vacation, but absence certainly didn't make her (more…)

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Thu Apr 27 1:30pm
Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare(Season 2, Episode 3) CMDY-E

Driven to distraction by their dad, Dennis and Dee quit Paddy's and decide to go on welfare. Back at the bar, Frank is driving Mac and Charlie crazy. He's also beginning to treat them like sons.

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Thu Apr 27 2:00pm
Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom(Season 2, Episode 4) CMDY-E

Barbara (Anne Archer) sleeps with Mac to arouse Frank's jealousy, so Dennis decides to seduce Mac's mom as payback. And Frank's decision to put Charlie in charge at the bar prompts an orgy of backstabbing and double-dealing, with sex as the weapon of choic (more…)

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Thu Apr 27 2:30pm
Hundred Dollar Baby(Season 2, Episode 5) CMDY-E

After she's mugged, Dee takes boxing lessons from ex-pug Frank, who runs into an old nemesis (Eddie Mekka) at the gym. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis enter Charlie in an underground street-fight match with hopes of making some money. And both Dee and Charlie ne (more…)

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Fri Apr 28 1:00pm
The Gang Gives Back(Season 2, Episode 6) CMDY-E

The gang must perform community service after their “mishap” gets them arrested for arson. While fulfilling his duty, Charlie discovers that he has something in common with the coffee-shop waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). Meanwhile, Frank's attempt to (more…)

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Fri Apr 28 1:30pm
The Gang Exploits a Miracle(Season 2, Episode 7) CMDY-E

The Madonna of Paddy's? The gang seeks financial salvation when a leaky pipe at Paddy's causes a water stain on the wall that resembles the Virgin Mary. Meanwhile, Dee has an awkward reunion with a priest (David Hornsby) who had a crush on her in high scho (more…)

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Fri Apr 28 2:00pm
The Gang Runs for Office(Season 2, Episode 8) CMDY-E

Frank offers the gang his political wisdom, which unsurprisingly involves bribery. Then Dennis decides to run for office himself.

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Fri Apr 28 2:30pm
Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass(Season 2, Episode 9) CMDY-E

Let freedom ring at Paddy's! After an argument about constitutional rights and smoking in the bar, Mac and Dennis decide to lift all behavioral restrictions, and Paddy's soon goes wild. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee head off to an antitobacco demonstration.

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Mon May 1 1:00pm
Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad(Season 2, Episode 10) CMDY-E

Dee receives e-mails from a man who claims to be her father (Stephen Collins), so she confronts Frank and Barbara (Danny DeVito and Anne Archer) to find out what's up. Meanwhile, Mac seeks out his own dad (Gregory Scott Cummins), who's in prison. Mrs. Kell (more…)

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Mon May 1 1:30pm
The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby(Season 3, Episode 1) CMDY-E

In the third-season opener, Dennis, Dee and Mac find a baby in a Dumpster, and Dee and Mac decide to raise him. They also decide to use him to raise some cash. Meanwhile, Dennis joins an environmental-activist group, and isn't exactly welcomed with open ar (more…)

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Mon May 1 2:00pm
The Gang Gets Invincible(Season 3, Episode 2) CMDY-E

Mac, Dennis and Dee try out for the Philadelphia Eagles, but seem more interested in outdoing each other. Also trying out for the team is Doyle McPoyle, a brother of the gang's archenemies, Ryan and Liam McPoyle. The entire McPoyle clan shows up to cheer D (more…)

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Mon May 1 2:30pm
The Gang Gets Held Hostage(Season 3, Episode 4) CMDY-E

The McPoyles invade Paddy's and take the gang hostage, demanding $100,000, a gassed-up boat and a reversible Planet Hollywood jacket. Meanwhile, Frank is crawling through the ductwork above Paddy's, searching for his will, when Liam McPoyle turns up the he (more…)

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  • Premiered: August 4, 2005
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Premise: Seriously dark comedy about four dissolute friends who run a struggling pub in Philadelphia. Dennis, Dee, Mac and Charlie are absolutely (even gleefully) amoral. They're 'Seinfeld' characters on steroids, clowning their way through story lines that 'Seinfe… (more)

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