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Tyrus Wong's kites
01:12 — Artist Tyrus Wong, who died last month at age 106, was famed as much for his exotic and colorful kites as he was for designing the Walt Disney classic (more…)
Sunday Passage: Louis Armstrong
01:05 — Charles Osgood takes a look back at the man and the musical impact of Louis Amstrong. This week, Washington's National Press Club released an all-but- (more…)
Couple thankful for repo man who took their car
02:21 — After Pat and Stan Kipping fell behind on their car payments, an unexpected guardian angel helped them get their wheels back. Steve Hartman reports.
Lee Daniels on directing Oprah Winfrey
01:29 — In this web exclusive clip, the director of "The Butler" talks with Mo Rocca about how he got Oprah Winfrey to work with a washing machine.
Side by side: Matisse and Diebenkorn
05:14 — How do works by two painters from two different eras compare when we see them side by side? A new exhibition is answering that question. The show feat (more…)
Calendar: Week of January 9
01:02 — Jane Pauley reports on some of the coming week's most notable events, including National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and President Barack Obama' (more…)
Faith Salie's curation nation
02:29 — Nowadays it seems you can find a curator at every corner, willing to curate anything and everything. Faith Sallie explores who is doing it, and why th (more…)
Nature: Pennsylvania woods
02:04 — We leave you this Sunday Morning in a wintry wood near Craley, Pennsylvania. Videographer: Brad Markel
Search for a lost city
08:40 — It's been called the White City, or the City of the Monkey God - a lost ancient city that has fascinated adventure-seekers searching the jungles of Ho (more…)
The reality of the virtual world
08:53 — Virtural reality headsets were one of the many hot items creating buzz at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. There is no shortage of companies manufa (more…)
A tribute to lifeguards
01:30 — Scores of Americans hit the beaches this holiday weekend to frolic in oceans and lakes - and standing watch over them are the nation's lifeguards. Cha (more…)
Calendar: The week of November 30th
01:25 — Here's a look at the week ahead. Some of the highlights include a climate change conference with many global leaders in attendance and the lighting o (more…)
Teaching your kids to love Shakespeare
02:25 — In this web exclusive, award-winning playwright Ken Ludwig, author of the book "How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare," talks to NPR's Scott Simon ab (more…)
World landmarks lit in solidarity with France
00:54 — In the wake of Friday night's terror attacks, the people of Paris - the City of Lights - were quick to rally to their nation with the colors of their (more…)
Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin duet: "The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened"
02:04 — In this behind-the-scenes look at her new album, "Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway," Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin discuss their performance o (more…)
A North Carolina sculptor turns sticks into art
06:29 — Work crews deep in the woods collect raw materials to build the grand designs of sculptor Patrick Dougherty, also known as “The Stickman.â€? Anna We (more…)
American shakes up the German beer scene
05:26 — In Germany, foaming golden beer is more than a drink, it's the lifeblood of tourism, and for Germans, a pillar of national identity. But the younger g (more…)
From 1994: The "Unsinkable" Debbie Reynolds
09:18 — Debbie Reynolds, the Hollywood girl-next-door, became a star virtually overnight with the success of "Singin' in the Rain." Not even suffering bad mar (more…)
On The Trail: Year's end
03:47 — Conor Knighton is winding up his year-long journey through our National Parks. He's returned with a backpack full of picture postcards, along with som (more…)
Search for gunman in Istanbul nightclub attack
01:06 — Police in Istanbul are searching for a gunman who opened fire during New Year's celebrations, killing 39 and wounding scores more. Elizabeth Palmer re (more…)
The story of "A Christmas Carol"
04:13 — Without question, Charles Dickens' fable of Ebenezer Scrooge is one of the great holiday classics. Since it was first published in 1843, the brief nov (more…)
Q&A: Adam Driver
07:44 — You may know him as "Star Wars" villain Kylo Ren. But Adam Driver is now starring in two new films, as a poetry-loving bus driver in "Paterson" and a (more…)
A classic CBS Christmas animation
00:56 — In 1966 illustrator R.O. Blechman designed this touching animated Christmas message, which aired for several years on CBS.
Poinsettias: A Christmas tradition
04:17 — Poinsettias provide a canvas of seasonal color. Mark Strassmann explores the history of how this red-and-green foliage, imported from Mexico, became A (more…)
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