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Latest Episode: The Right Fit

Dec 17, 2008 Season 1 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

The contestants interview with Roberta Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, and her input drastically changes the game for one of them. For their final challenge, the contestants must design a cover featuring Grammy-winner Eve; and Anne and Joe choose the winner.

Fashion Show 101

Dec 10, 2008 Season 1 Episode 8

The remaining contestants hold a casting call to find the right model for a fashion spread in Elle Magazine. Next, the contestants discover a new designer and produce a fashion show to showcase their work.
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Model Behavior

Dec 03, 2008 Season 1 Episode 7

The contestants must prepare a hotel room for supermodel Maggie Rizer according to her list of demands. Next, Joe Zee tells them they are to put together a multi-page fashion layout complete with a photo shoot and supplies from the Elle closet.
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Clip Show

Nov 26, 2008 Season 1 Episode 6

An unfiltered look at the cast with never-before-seen footage from the first five episodes including freak-outs, poetry slams and fashion faux paux as one Stylista comes closer to landing the dream job.
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It's All About Who You Know

Nov 19, 2008 Season 1 Episode 5

The contestants search for the perfect gift for Anne to present to Amy Sacco, owner of the restaurant, Bungalow 8. For their editorial challenge, the contestants must attend a party with Anne and Joe and let them know who each celebrity guest is and why they are important before they greet Anne.
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Shop It Like It's Hot

Nov 12, 2008 Season 1 Episode 4

The contestants hit Henry Bendel to shop for an outfit for Anne, who is taking a last-minute trip. The group breaks up into teams to design and direct a photo shoot featuring a Tory Burch outfit.
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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Nov 05, 2008 Season 1 Episode 3

Anne tells the contestants they must throw her niece a birthday party and select a mother-daughter team from the guests to use in their next "trend" page. Two of the teams get in a fight over the same mother and demand that she choose sides.
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Hidden Gems

Oct 29, 2008 Season 1 Episode 2

The contestants are asked to dress mannequins for Anne using specific fashion points and while some are clearly capable, others fall very short. They are also separated into teams and asked to find a "hidden gem" in town, a place people haven't discovered yet, and write it up for the magazine.
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Oct 22, 2008 Season 1 Episode 1

In consultation with Elle's Creative Director, Joe Zee, Anne fires one person, until the last assistant standing gets "promoted" to the coveted real-life job opportunity.
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