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Stylista Episode: "Model Behavior"

Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The contestants are at the mercy of supermodel Maggie Rizer when they are tasked with preparing a hotel room according to her specifications. Later, they must design a multipage fashion layout, and the competition gets to one player, who lashes out at Anne and Joe.
Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2008
Guest Cast Maggie Rizer
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Season 1, Episode 7
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Length: 17:17:48
Aired: 12/3/2008
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Stylista Episode Recap: "Model Behavior" Season 1, Episode 7

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is ready to jump back into trendsetting territory. If you recall, the last contestant to get eliminated was Danielle, and if you tuned in last week, you got a solid recap of the last five episodes, so let's get to part six of the Stylista saga.

Johanna expresses her surprise to have been named one of the bottom two the previous week and Anne seems to have concerns for her leadership abilities. And to top it off, to Johanna's dismay Kate is proving to be some of her toughest competition. Yet again, let's talk about how what Kate's "revealing" wardrobe somehow keeps her from getting a job in fashion. Dyshaun says he'd rather see Ashlie go than Kate so he can still have someone to "make fun of." Aw.

Back at Elle, the contestants are told Maggie Rizer is in town and for the assistant task, each contestant will be preparing a hotel room for her with three hundred bucks and a hell of a rider sheet of everything that Maggie "requires." Whoever prepares the room Maggie selects wins. At this point, it seems to me that Johanna is more concerned by Kate and less focused on herself. This has certainly proven to be Kate's secret weapon so far.

Back at the hotel, it's time to set up and prepare for Maggie's arrival. And there she is skin-tight leather pants and a hell of a red, sharp haircut. Maggie deems Johanna's room smelly, and is most displeased at the cleaning of the sink with an unacceptably scented cleaner. The cherry on the sundae: Maggie's pooch knocks over lasagna (that was laid out uncovered?) because Johanna placed it on a low table ... again, uncovered? Well, that went well! Ashlie's turn, and the lasagna goes down again! Oops, chocolate, and Maggie's allergic, and — the shame — a candle placed by the bed with no matches to be found. Megan's choice of peanuts gets her points, but she didn't clean the bathroom. Kate's off to a good start, but has a totally lame framed photo montage of Maggie's dogs that looks like it's straight out of Legally Blonde. The dog is apparently distressed as well as it proceeds to urinate on the floor before leaving. Onto DyShaun, who has a nice assortment of food that's actually wrapped and therefore dog-proof. But (tsk) no framed picture of the canine. That doesn't stop him for ultimately winning, ripping right out of poor lil' overconfident Kate's hands. Who knew properly wrapped food was the way to a pooch-crazy supermodel's heart?

For the editorial challenge the contestants must create a four-page fashion layout for Elle and style a fashion photo shoot. They will have access to the Elle closet and must pull the right clothes and accessories for their project. They will also be styling the model, hair, and makeup and will be working with the photographer and model to get the right photo to express their "big idea." Brett tells them they will be working in two teams, and DyShaun gets to choose. It looks like Ashlie, and Kate will be spending quality time together and so that means the second team will consist of Megan, DyShaun and Johanna. It seems like Kate and Ashlie are actually doing a pretty good job working together, and that DyShaun and co. are going for a colorful, ladylike look. For some reason DyShaun thinks it's funny to ask Kate if she likes a random pair of daisy dukes (from whence they came I do not know) so he can go in the "opposite direction" of what she says. Okayyy.  DyShaun thinks they're "trashy enough" to be her style, and willingly admits he has no qualms "playing dirty" to win. Johanna thinks Kate is hording all the swimsuits to sabotage her team's chances. Now let's see who can play dirty.

At the photo shoot, and DyShaun's team is up first. He has an acceptable amount of experience in this, so naturally, he takes the lead. Ladylike color splashes takes center stage for his team while Ashlie and Kate seem to favor a more 80s look with Like a Virgin makeup. DyShaun calls it One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I love the oversized bow on a sleeveless top followed up by a sea-green bikini. Ashlie and Kate are also directing really well, and even get into it by splashing their model with water. Looks like DyShaun doesn't have much to say now. And neither do his teammates either, unless "I'm going home" counts.

Back at Elle the teams work on their layouts. Johanna takes a leadership role and Ashlie and Kate sift through endless amounts of photos, worried a bit about the cohesiveness of their layout. DyShaun for some reason calls Kate Chlamydia. I am speechless. DyShaun's team thinks Kate and Ashlie have too many photos, and Dyshaun calls their page more of a collage than a layout. After the editing is over Kate goes off on DyShaun for verbally abusing her for the past five weeks. She does, however, appreciate Ashlie's support. It seems that even Johanna is starting to think Kate's treatment is unfair, and DyShaun finally admits that he should "shut up."

At judges table, Neil Hamil, director of Elite North America is on hand to help choose the winner of this week's challenge. Ashlie's and Kate's looks pretty good actually. The judges seem to be pleased by the two girls' risk-taking and they like the concept too, including the hair and makeup. But wait, the multi-picture layout isn't a hit with Anne, and all judges concur they need to learn to let some images go in the editing process. Next, Team 2. Jee loves the white space on their page, but thinks they played it safe. Anne wants to see more movement in the chosen photos and so does Neil. Uh oh, it seems like Kate is doing some trash talking post-judges table and Anne asks her what's going on before they leave the room. Whoa, Kate goes off to the judges about how DyShaun's team is inept and has a crappy layout, oh, and the best: that being professional isn't her forte. But apparently self-sabotage is! Megan calls her "psychotic."

Brett announces Team 2 the winners, so it looks like Kate and Ashlie will duke it out in front of the judges. In the end, it was their lack of editing that ultimately killed them. According to the judges it was Kate's fashion instincts and point of view that work in her favor, but her petty, unprofessional outburst was a big no no. Ashlie's lack of judgment and failure to edit are pointed out, but in the end, she is saved. But Kate gets in the last word, parting with a quick rant about how "wicked" her competitors are and that Ashlie should win "the whole damn thing." We'll see if her prophecy is fulfilled. Farwell oh wise Kate. Do you think Kate's outburst was enough to send her home, or is Ashlie really the wrong fit for an editorial position at Elle? Share your thoughts!

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I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is ready to jump back into trendsetting territory. If you recall, the last contestant to get eliminated was Danielle, and if you tuned in last week, you got a solid recap of the last five episodes, so let's get to part six of the Stylista saga. read more

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