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Stylista Episode: "Shop It Like It's Hot"

Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: The first challenge on tap for the contestants is selecting an outfit for Anne for a last-minute trip. Later, the players break into teams to manage a photo shoot for clothes from designer Tory Burch, who appears as a guest judge. In a surprise move, two contestants are cut.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2008

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Season 1, Episode 4
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Aired: 11/12/2008
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Stylista Episode Recap: "Shop It Like It's Hot" Season 1, Episode 4

On this episode of Stylista the trendsetters seek out an outfit for Anne's last-minute trip to the Hamptons, and then break into teams to manage a photo shoot featuring pieces from designer Tory Burch. Last week's juicy blow-up involving Cologne, Ashlie, and Kate may have reached its climax with the previous episode, but is far from forgotten as we start up this week.

As a matter of fact, that conflict which eventually resulted in Cologne's departure takes center-stage from the get-go as Ashlie claims she's devastated to have seen her teammate leave, blaming Kate for the team's loss and ultimately for Cologne going home. Ashlie is really upset, and at one point starts crying hysterically, sobbing how it's "not fair' (aka it's not fair that Cologne went home and not Kate). Megan, not known for her show of emotion or her tender heart, thinks the display is ridiculous. William expresses his doubts when it comes to Cologne's qualification level, claiming her mere two years of experience is not necessarily enough. Devin then brags about her own fashion editorial experience and Megan questions Williams's capabilities. There is just a lot of dissing of others' "experience" or lack there of, all round.

Brett calls and tells everyone that she has this week's first challenge, and the contestants head to Henri Bendel, where they are told they must purchase one outfit for Anne's impromptu trip to the Hamptons that can easily transition from day to night. Picking out an outfit for Anne, perhaps the most particular woman on the planet — good luck, guys. They have a budget of 1000 dollars and the winner gets to pick teams for next editorial challenge. Danielle's been a personal shopper, so this is no problem for her, DyShaun heads right to the bangles, and Johanna seeks out a more sophisticated, muted look, but  points out that $ 1,000 doesn't go very far at Bendel's. Everyone seems to be having a bit of a time getting it together. Devin tallies up at around 3,000 bucks at the cash register and has to re-think her choices. Now it's time for Anne to take a look. Anne doesn't like the orange that Ashlie has picked out (it's her worst color), but Devin's choices are a hit, especially the thin belt. DyShaun misses the mark on the casual chic bit, and Megan's look is a bit urban for the Hamptons, but good, and Anne is pleased with Kate's as well. The winner? Devin. They also learn that after the next elimination editorial challenge, two people will be eliminated.

The tension continues back at the house, as the participants discuss yet again, the topic du jour: experience level. Megan criticizes Devin's capabilities, and DyShaun agrees, saying that Devin brings "nothing to the table," because she ... doesn't talk? Megan the proceeds to explain to Devon that she should go home because she's too young, and lacks professional experience. Wow, a little up front, are we? Although it's Megan, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Back at Elle the designers have to style a two-page print featuring designs from Tory Burch. The background for the photo shoot must have identifiable theme, including props (that don't overwhelm the outfit); and a "captivating" title to bring the theme together. The contestants are to work in two teams of four, and are Ashlie, Kate, Danielle, and Megan; and Devin, William, Johanna, and DyShaun. Devin claims she sought out participants who leave behind the drama. We'll see if it work out.

There are already tensions on Kate's team, as she expresses her dislike for the minimalist idea on the table, while Team 2 is appears to be doing just fine, and Devin is constantly claiming to "love," well, everything.

Back at the house Megan continues to talk about ... who else? Kate. But Kate calls her out on it, yet again, and Danielle tries to play mediator, but it's not really working. Kate still thinks the others are "intimidated" by her. Danielle and Kate get into a shouting match, while Devin consciously stays out of the altercation, calling those involved "immature." Ashlie eventually goes wild on Kate too, but Kate remains surprisingly calm. It doesn't last, however, as minutes later, while on the phone with her mom. Kate's mom bluntly says that if she were her, she'd be "home already." Kate thinks she's made a huge mistake by being on the show, and says she wants to go home.

The next day, however, Kate has appeared to have re-thought her decision from the night before, and reminds herself that she dropped out of law school for this opportunity, so she survives to style another day. Cut to Malina, who welcomes the contestants at Brooklyn Studios to kick off the editorial shoot that featuring Tory Burch's bright, bold, print dress. Now it's time for photo shoot prop shopping. Johanna comes up with the idea of using faceless mannequins, the idea of the page featuring a woman who does not want to be "part of the in-crowd." Team 1 with Ashlie and Co. is contemplating themes, and starts to talk up a retro, art-deco TV that Kate really likes; for that reason, Megan doesn't like it, and begins to question their message. Megan's "depressed' by the TV, yet has no proposals of her own. But that doesn't seem to daunt her teammates who end up taking well to the retro-vibe/bored 60s housewife motif that is slowly coming together, and which actually ends up energizing the team a bit. Megan continues to belittle Kate (I'm actually sick of typing that), claiming she would do things completely differently. But Kate continues to fight for her TV-centered idea. DyShaun takes the lead on the other team in styling the background, but clashes a bit with William, claiming William doesn't have the "taste" he has. Devin is still "loving" well, everything.  

Let the photo shoots begin. Megan starts directing the model, but Kate doesn't like some of the poses, and begins to annoy everyone with her criticisms. Megan's embarrassed and essentially walks away from the shoot! Danielle thinks she needs to "chill" and "get it done." The Gossip Girl theme of DyShaun's team is up next. Devin is still loving it! Everyone seems to be getting along well on their team at least, and there really isn't much drama.

Back at the loft, it's time to pick out the perfect photos, but the Gossip Girl concept isn't looking right. It's definitely not dramatic enough. Team 1 has some good shots in my opinion, but Megan still doesn't like the TV. Devin thinks the layout is too "intellectual" for a fashion magazine ... okayyy. Retro Revival is the name Danielle comes up with for her team, and there is still friction in the air as Megan claims no responsibility for the page ... again.

Judges' table. Joe Zee and Tory Burch herself are on the scene to critique the spreads. Anne wants to know whose idea the theme was, and Megan steps in to claim she wanted something "less literal," and Tory claims that even though retro wasn't what she had in mind ... that she likes it, and Megan tries to take credit for it! No worries though, Kate calls her out — yes! Megan claims she never removed herself from the project--blatant lies. Now it's time for Danielle to call her out. Megan is so full of it, I can't take this! Zee says Megan's walk out is not acceptable. Team 2's turn. Devin has a hard time telling the judges what she actually did. Who knows, but she loves it! Tory's not wild about the headless mannequins, and neither is Anne, who says it's a bit "elitist" for Elle, and that the essence of the designer is lost. Not to mention that it's "soulless" — ouch! Zee likes the risks taken and the reference to Gossip Girl though. The judges deliberate. Megan tries to talk more crap on Kate ... still. She simply cannot stop herself.

Kate gets props from the judges for taking a stand on her ideas, and Megan gets dogged for walking away from the shoot and then backtracking at judges' table. God, I hope they kick her off. Team 2's execution is not enough, and the mannequins were just a bad idea — they find it "flat" and "lazy." I think we know who's going to win here. The teams are called in — both of them. Team 1 is praised for owning an idea that was successfully pulled off, and are deemed the winners. Team 2 is left behind, but Anne admires Johanna's ability to take a risk, and so she's safe, leaving William, DyShaun, and Devin. Who's saved from these three? Dyshaun. Interesting. I thought it was going to be Devin, but I suppose Anne has her reasons? What do you think? Devin and William both have to pack their desks and go.

And so ends another episode, tears and all. What do you all think of the Kate/Megan drama? I hope I'm not alone in my lack of patience for Megan's shenanigans and endless Kate tirades. Ulch. Let's hope she at least finds someone else to pick on next week. Fashion and variety go together well.

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On this episode of Stylista the trendsetters seek out an outfit for Anne's last-minute trip to the Hamptons, and then break into teams to manage a photo shoot featuring pieces from designer Tory Burch. Last week's juicy blow-up involving Cologne, Ashlie, and Kate may have reached its climax with the previous episode, but is far from forgotten as we start up this week. read more

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