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Stylista Episode: "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: The contestants must throw Anne's niece a birthday party and choose a fashionable mother and daughter in attendance to be featured on their trend page.
Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2008

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Season 1, Episode 3
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Length: 16:45:33
Aired: 11/5/2008
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Stylista Episode Recap: "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Season 1, Episode 3

I was out last week due to this little thing called the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series, but I'm back from baseball to talk fashion and this week's episode of Stylista. This time around nine contestants remain, all faced with a mother/daughter-themed layout challenge with Jason's elimination last episode fresh in their memory.

We start off with Dyshaun chatting up the others as he reminisces about being in the bottom two last week with Jason, and then he talks a bit of trash on Kate (big surprise) who apparently does not embody what he envisions an Elle editor to be. Kate, on the other hand, appears to think she's disliked because she poses a threat to her competition, and decides she is going to separate herself from the rest of the group. William doesn't see her as editor material either, and the two have a disagreement regarding Kate's ability to work on a team. She claims it's because she's a Leo, and thus is incapable of working with others (consult your astrology books, but this Leo would disagree with that), but I don't think William is buying it.

The contestants arrive at Elle where Anne informs them they will be working for a fashionista even more demanding than she: her niece, Erin. This poor child, obviously somewhat styled to appear frightening for the show (think housewife cardigan ... and ... pearls?). We're talking The Shining-like freaky pre-adolescent here. Well apparently this little lady's birthday is coming up, and a party is to be thrown at FAO Schwartz. The contestants are to come up with a theme for this party, decorations, party favors, cake, and entertainers, and then pitch their concept to Erin and Anne. They have 50 dollars to purchase items to make their presentation, and of course, Erin will be picking the winner.

DyShaun accurately describes this girl as a mini-me of Anne, the only difference, in my opinion, being that Anne isn't dressed like a 40-year old housewife. And while I'm being mean, can I just say that Cologne is wearing so much mascara it's verging on ridiculous.

The contestants now have three hours to pick up all their items for the presentations. What do you know, Kate has forgotten her money, conveniently providing more ammunition for the show's resident cleavage-hater, Megan. Cologne tries to be nice in offering to buy Kate a single cupcake (aw), and Danielle notes that her niceness is getting in the way of her task at hand, which is proved right at the next stop, a card shop, where Cologne runs out of money.

Onto the presentations where Megan, Erin's sister, is also on hand as a guest judge. William pushes his secret garden idea that revolves around a British prep school, only leaving the little girls confused. Cologne has no presentation materials to speak of, and is unfortunately left to rely on her inept story-telling skills. Danielle pitches a rock star theme, but the kids are still not impressed; DyShaun brings in a psychic; and Ashlie  starts babbling about sushi and cosmos like she were pitching to Paris Hilton. Johanna's theme is a fashion show, and features an "illusionist," which actually cracks some smiles; Kate's royal court concept involving a bagpiper who, god forbid, can't come up with a quick take on Rhianna also does not impress the girls. The winner? Johanna. Of course, the fashion show seals the deal; she is Anne's niece after all.

Next, Malina's back with the contestants' editorial challenge: they are to create a mother- daughter trend editorial shop page with all sorts of goodies chosen from the Elle closet. The page is to revolve around one trend, and the contestants will be divided into three teams of three. The actual mothers and daughters to be featured in the editorial are to be picked the following day at Erin's FAO Schwartz birthday bash. Johanna, the winner of the first challenge, chooses the teams. They are: Devon, Danielle and William; Cologne, Ashlie, and Kate; Dyshaun, Megan and Johanna. And the broken record plays on: of course, no one wants to work with Kate. Am I the only one that thinks this is getting old?

The teams arrive at FAO Schwartz to set up Johanna's fashion-themed party, and where the editorial challenge beings. Each team must select trendiest mother/daughter pair amongst the party-goers to center their page around. Let the fake conversations begin. Danielle's team spots a mother/daughter pair wearing similar geometric-patterned tunics and chooses them, Dyshaun and Johanna scout out a pretty brunette and her look-alike daughter, but Kate all but pushes Johanna aside, claiming she saw that mom first! But there is an intervention and now this much sought-after editorial-ready mom is asked to choose between Katy and Johanna's teams. The ever too-nice Cologne, obviously uncomfortable, speaks up and says her team will simply pick someone else for argument's sake, and boy is Kate mad. Man, Kate really has her heart set on this brunette, girl-crush style, she's only mentioned her ruffled shirt about 15 times. It *is* a nice look ... but ... enough.

Photo shoot time, and the contestants start to give their mother daughter duos direction. Ashlie, yet again, attests to Kate's incompetence, and yet again, Kate doesn't agree with Ashlie, who wants a more "serious" look. Back at the offices in planning the layout Kate chooses clothes no one likes; William looks for a more bohemian look that his team loves, and Kate voices her disdains for the metallics her teammates have chosen for their editorial, claiming the theme is a winter or late fall thing. Do you agree? I'm not sure. Pretty n' Punk is the theme for Johanna's team, and it appears that Ms. Team Leader is frankly ... freaking out all the time. She actually attests to her periodic lack of confidence, and DyShaun thinks it's time for her to "loosen up." I would agree. Kate continues to express her dislike of the clothes picked by Cologne and Ashlie, deeming them "grotesquely ugly."

And, what do you know, back at the loft Kate continues to express her dislike for her team's metallic them, but Cologne and Ashlie maintain that Kate did not make her disagreement clear enough or soon enough. Kate says that if they are the bottom team, she will voice her dislike for the finished product, and struggles with what she might say to Anne during elimination.

The time for editorial presentation has come and the guest judge is ... Cynthia Rowley? Wow, I'm impressed! Team 1 gets props from Anne, especially the "ketchup and mustard" look that Danielle is sporting (not easy to sport the primary red and yellow, helllooo McDonalds. But she does make it work), but the team's lack of visual consistency gets them a little bit of scolding. Team 3's aptly titled Pretty in Punk page gets praise from Anne, Joe, and Cynthia alike. They love the layout. Kate cringes. But, there is one big problem: they forgot to put in the actual shopping credits, which is "imperative." Not good. Team 2 with Cologne, Ashlie, and Kate, pitches their steel magnolias themed page (so wait, remind me, Kate doesn't like metallics, right?) and it looks ... pretty dark for spring; I guess I do have to agree with Kate on this one! Thoughts? Anne definitely doesn't like that Cologne backed down from her "first pick" of a mother/daughter duo, and also says that the metallic trend has run its course. Joe Zee doesn't like product selection at all and says the page feels like a "duty free" catalogue. Ouch. Cue Kate's tears. Joe implores her for details, and she admits that she hated the concept from the beginning, and goes on to tell Anne that she wanted things with color, actually admitting that she can't stick up for herself in the process. And she calls herself a Leo. Bizarrely enough, Megan backs up Kate after Cologne claims Kate never voiced her contrasting opinion and drama ensues. I like how Cologne and Ashlie refuse to admit that their idea was passé, and it's not actually Kate's fault. Oh wait, apparently Megan is only sticking up for Kate because Ashlie is her biggest competition. Ruthless fashionista!

Time to wrap all this up at judges' table, and the wise ones reveal that the only pieces they liked on the "steel magnolia" page were Kate's. Cologne gets dogged for giving up completely to save face during an uncomfortable situation, and Team 3's concept is lauded as being "near perfect" with that one "critical mistake" of forgetting the credits on where to buy the items. Team 1 wins. So who is on the very bottom? Why, it's Team 2! Interestingly enough, Kate's instinct to add some color to the page is commended, but Ashlie's strong past performances enable her to come out on top of Kate, and more importantly, enable her to stay another week. Now it's only Kate and Cologne left. So who is not the right fit this time? It's Cologne. So much for how far "niceness" will get you.

That's right, Kate lives to see another day, spot another trend. After the verdict the others are in disbelief as Kate walks out unscathed, and actually scores a hug from Megan. Ashlie is in shock and Cologne blames Kate for her elimination. Megan's plan to eliminate Ashlie is obviously foiled, but hey, at least she has Kate as a loyal friend now! We'll have to see what sort of evil plan Megan comes up with next week to cut her losses. Is she just playing the ruthless fashion game, or being downright vindictive? You tell me!

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I was out last week due to this little thing called the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series, but I'm back from baseball to talk fashion and this week's episode of Stylista. This time around nine contestants remain, all faced with a mother/daughter-themed layout challenge with Jason's elimination last episode fresh in their memory...

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