Street Time 2002 | TV Show Watchlist


After five years in prison, a drug smuggler moves into the same neighborhood as his parole officer in this gritty cable drama. Ex-con Kevin Hunter never revealed that his brother Peter and brother-in-law Steve were his business partners. Peter and Steve are still smuggling drugs and want Kevin to come back to the fold. But James Liberti, Kevin's hard-nosed parole officer, has other ideas.


Guest Stars

Allegra Fulton
Anne Valentine, Valentine
5 Episodes (2002-2003)
David Carradine
Francis J. Dugan
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
Hector Elizondo
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Rob Smith
Ronnie Skouras, Skouras
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Lyriq Bent
Danny Blackstone
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Giancarlo Esposito
Jessie Haslem
1 Episode (2003)
Carlos Diaz
Tony Rodriguez
1 Episode (2002)
Paulino Nunes
Tommy Ray Burnett
1 Episode (2003)
Serena Williams
Meeka Hayes
1 Episode (2003)
Hamish McEwan
Councilman McGuire
1 Episode (2002)
Gail Maurice
Skye Nighthawk
1 Episode (2002)
John Lefebvre
Parole Commissioner
1 Episode (2003)
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Enrique Abascal
1 Episode (2002)


Director (1 Credit)