Street Outlaws

  • 2013
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Exploring the world of underground street racing.

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Thu May 25 4:00pm
Sympathy for the Devil(Season 9, Episode 5) DSC

JJ and his racers from Memphis come to OKC for two nights of racing, so everyone in the 405 has to step up and get ready to lay it all on the line, but after flagging and technicalities cause drama, the 405 has to fight for every win.

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Thu May 25 6:00pm
Can't You Hear Me Knocking(Season 9, Episode 6) DSC

Chief is back on the list, so he and Shawn map out a plan to get themselves back into the top spots; Farmtruck sets AZN up with a race against a doctor with a super car; and Doc seems like he finally has his car figured out on race night.

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Thu May 25 7:00pm
Time Is on My Side(Season 9, Episode 7) DSC

Everyone gets serious about moving up the list; AZN gets a new tune for the Dung Beetle and tests out the improvements; and Doc gets into trouble on race night, leading Chief to pounce on his chance to make big moves up the list.

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Thu May 25 8:00pm
Fresh BloodNew DSC

Oklahoma City's fastest street racers compete for spots on their top-ten list. After a fight, Chuck begs Big Chief to coach him back up the list, but Chuck is surprised when he is swarmed by cops while street-testing his car.

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Thu May 25 10:00pm
King of the StreetsNew DSC

Farmtruck and AZN prepare for their list race against Varley by hustling street races with randoms on local highways.

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Thu May 25 11:00pm
Murder the NovaNew DSC

While preparing to race Doc, Murder Nova does a test hit on the street that draws the attention of the local authorities.

Fri May 26 12:00am
Stand Your GroundNew DSC

Chuck and Flip's smack talk at a poker tournament leads to another call out; and Monza calls out groom-to-be Daddy Dave for his spot, but Daddy Dave's test hits signal the boys in blue days before his wedding.

Fri May 26 1:00am
Racer's RevengeNew DSC

Doc and Shawn face each other in a rematch for the Crown of Oklahoma's fastest street car.

Fri May 26 2:00am
Last Car StandingNew DSC

The rivalry between Daddy Dave and Shawn comes to a head when Dave calls out Shawn for the top spot.

Fri May 26 3:00am
Interstate Showdown(Season 1, Episode 8) DSC

Farmtruck and AZN take a road trip through Texas.

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Mon May 29 3:00am
King of the Streets(Season 1, Episode 3) DSC

Doc and Murder Nova face off.

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Mon May 29 4:00am
Fastest Chick in OKC(Season 2, Episode 4) DSC

Farmtruck gets called out by a local legend.

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Mon May 29 5:00am
Top 5 List Shake-Up(Season 3, Episode 3) DSC

Farmtruck tries to shake up the race field.

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Mon May 29 6:00am
No Rhino, No Cry DSC

The 405 crew get big shake-ups as everybody wants to move up on the list, especially Dominator, who has been winning a lot lately, while Kamikaze takes a crack at the No. 10 spot. Also: AZN is fed up with new puppy Suzi's biting antics, so Farmtruck gets a (more…)

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Mon May 29 7:00am
Import this! DSC

The 405 are called out by a bunch of mouthy racers with superfast import cars.

Mon May 29 8:00am
David & Goliath vs. the 405 DSC

Daddy Dave unveils his new race car, "Goliath"; and controversy brews as he wants to bully his way up the list. Elsewhere, Farmtruck and AZN become convinced that their firehouse is haunted and they call a medium to rid their abode of evil spirits.

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Mon May 29 9:00am
Top of the List to Ya DSC

The racers threaten to dethrone Big Chief as Dave continues to climb up the Top 10 list. Included: Daddy Dave takes on Derek; Monza calls out Murder Nova; Boosted sets his sights on Doc; and Shane competes against Chuck.

Mon May 29 10:00am
Fear the Reaper DSC

Daddy Dave crashes his new ride, and so Chief attempts to reunite Dave with Jackie Knox so he can drive the Sonoma. Meanwhile, tempers flare when a racer dubbed "The Reaper" takes a shot at the list; and Farmtruck attempts to surprise AZN by trying to loca (more…)

Mon May 29 11:00am
$50K, All the Way! Part 1 DSC

Big Chief hosts Cash Days where 32 cars compete for $50K.

Mon May 29 12:00pm
$50K, All the Way! Part 2 DSC

Big Chief hosts Cash Days where 32 cars compete for $50K.

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Mon May 29 1:00pm
The Empire Builds Back DSC

Jackie Knox wants on the list; Chief and Doc square off; Farmtruck and AZN go fishing.

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Mon May 29 2:00pm
It's Shane In The Membrane DSC

Chief goes head-to-head with Murder Nova. Elsewhere, Farmtruck and AZN enter a small town, lawn mower drag race.

Mon May 29 3:00pm
Jumping The Shark-Pool DSC

Street racers show up weekly to take on #10 in the Shark Pool.

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Mon May 29 4:00pm
Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part III DSC

Part 3 of 4. The crew agree to race the guys from "Fast N' Loud"; Farmtruck and AZN start on their budget build to race Aaron; Chief and Shawn set out in search of a car; and when Chief hears rumors from Texas, he's not sure he wants to build a car.

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