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A defrocked priest believes it's his calling to combat demons that have taken human form.

Man Survives 1,200 Bee Stings
01:26 — Lamar Lacaze from Kyle, Texas miraculously survived being stung 1,200 times by bees from a hive near his home. KEYE-TV's Gregg Watson reports.
Giant poop, massive cockroach featured at inflatable art exhibit
01:07 — A new art exhibit is dropping on China. Six massive inflatable works of art are on display, occupying the future location of "M+," Hong Kong's planned (more…)
World's oldest yoga teacher
01:02 — 93-year old Tao Porchon-Lynch was just named the world's oldest yoga teacher by Guinness World Records.'s Nick Dietz reports.
Human skull donated to Goodwill
01:31 — A Goodwill store in Austin, Texas received a human skull in a group of donations. But before it can go up for sale, police want to know where it came (more…)
Minn. Baby Born at 1:11am on 1/11/11
01:38 — An Eagan, Minn. couple gave birth to a baby girl at exactly 1:11 a.m. on Jan. 11, 2011. What are the odds? Amelia Santaniello reports.
'Yogi Bears' in Finland
01:03 — Visitors to Finland's Athari Zoo observed a mother bear and her cubs stretching in positions that closely resemble yoga poses, giving their abs a full (more…)
"Raining Spiders" in Brazil
00:48 — YouTube video captures a strange phenomenon in Santo Antônio da Platina, Brazil, where a group of social spiders appear to be raining down from the s (more…)
World's Largest Tomato Fight
00:37 — La Tomatina began in 1945 as a food fight between friends in Bunol, Spain. Now, the event draws more than 20,000 people and 100 tons of tomatoes are t (more…)
Ukulele World Record Attempt
01:21 — At the first ever Aloha Festival in Lebanon, Ore., an attempt was made to break the world record for the most ukulele's playing the same song at the s (more…)
Fish Pedicure Comes to Britain
01:59 — Sole Sensation is one of a handful of fish pedicure shops to open in Britain. Customers immerse their feet in a tank of tiny Garra rufa fish which hap (more…)
Niagara Falls: All Dried Up
00:24 — Newly uncovered photos show how the American side of Niagara Falls looked when Army engineers drained it 41 years ago to remove loose rocks.
Swedish company sells coffin with built-in sound system
00:54 — The Swedish hi-fi store Pause is selling a coffin with a state-of-the-art sound system built-in, dubbed the "CataCoffin." The strange invention is int (more…)
Beluga whale mimics human speech
00:17 — Scientists from the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, Calif., have released an audio recording of what they says is NOC - a beluga whale (more…)
Belgian Dinner in the Sky
01:52 — Diners enjoy the opportunity to have their meal cooked and served to them on a platform raised 164 ft above the ground near Belgium's iconic Atomium i (more…)
Dead man's ashes turned into diamond
02:12 — The family of 24-year-old Alex Archer, who died in a car accident in Manhattan, has found a unique way to preserve his memory - turning his ashes into (more…)
2010: Amazing Video from the Animal World
01:51 — A whale slams into a yacht; a dog works construction; and, the bunny that's bigger than your child.'s Nick Dietz brings you some of 2010's (more…)
Wild turkeys go on the attack
01:55 — Despite a number of churchgoers being attacked by wild turkeys, parishioners at Faith United Church of Christ in Frederick, Md., feel they have to pro (more…)
"The world's narrowest house" opens in Poland
00:58 — In Warsaw, Poland, what's being called "the world's narrowest house" has opened. Designed to be an artist's workspace, the home measures only 47.2 inc (more…)
Texas No Arm Pitcher
02:00 — Tom Willis hopes to throw out the first ceremonial pitch at every baseball park in the country despite being born with no hands or arms. KTVT's Carol (more…)
Electric Eel Lights Up Christmas Tree
00:26 — An aquarium in Utah is lighting its Christmas tree with the help of an electric eel. Electrodes in the water pick up the eel's voltage, powering the t (more…)
Stoning Festival in India
00:59 — A religious festival in northern India was celebrated by villagers stoning one another. Gary Hamilton reports.
TX Dog and Goat Adoption
01:56 — Two dogs and a goat separated and found wandering together in Dallas, TX, now adopted by an animal loving family. Selena Hernandez reports.
2nd Largest Truffle From Italy
02:09 — California restaurant owner purchased a 600-gram truffle from Italy, the 2nd largest of a good year, to serve on his menu. Mike Sugerman reports.
Would-be thief gets head trapped under garage door
01:10 — A would-be burglar spent the night trapped under a door at a Rent-A-Center in Brockton, Mass. WBZ News' Karen Anderson reports.
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