Jarrod and Brandi's Glass Chiller
01:38 — Jarrod and Brandi get a cool figure for their CO2-powered glass chiller in this scene from "Santa Ana Surprise."
Rene's Antique Peanut Vending Machine
01:51 — Rene and his dad learn how to use an antique peanut vending machine in this scene from "High Scores in Arcadia."
Barry's Best Buys: Pocket Spittoon
02:04 — Barry finds a pocket spittoon that he likes too much to sell in this scene from "Collector's Last Stand."
Barry's Best Buys: Robo Lawn Mower
Barry heads to Hollywood Forever Cemetery in L.A. to test a poor broken robotic lawn mower in this collection of scenes from "The Full Monty-Bello."
Jarrod Tests His Skateboard Screen Printer
Jarrod sees a skateboard silkscreen machine as a branding opportunity in this collection of scenes from "Who Wet the Sheets?"
Ivy's Cookie Jars
Ivy takes McCoy and Brush brand cookie jars to Snookies Cookies to get a sense of what they might be worth in this scene from "Dreams of Cookies and C (more…)
Darrell's Water Ski Hydrofoil Chair
01:32 — The creator of the water ski chair advises Darrell about its worth before Brandon tests it out in this scene from "Who Wet the Sheets?"
Barry's Best Buys: Kraken the Safe
02:06 — Barry wears a disguise to sneak up on his own safe but quickly realizes he'll need reinforcements in this scene from "The French Job."
Rene's Cream Separator
01:16 — Rene hauls a huge McCormick cream separator to a dairy farm in this collection of scenes from "Dreams of Cookies and Cream."
Darrell and Brandon Crack Open a Safe
After going up against Dave for a locker, Darrell and Brandon crack open a safe they find inside it in this collection of scenes from "Downtown Locker (more…)
Barry Strikes Back: Bidding While Blindfolded
Barry looks back at the time he bid on a locker while blindfolded and wound up with a bag full of candy.
Rene Meets the Creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rene is excited to have a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books appraised by their creator Kevin Eastman in this collection of scenes from " (more…)
Jarrod and Brandi's Laser Pistol
01:58 — Jarrod and Brandi seek out info about their laser pistol and make time for some target practice in this scene from "Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Buyers."
Barry Strikes Back: Darrell's Frank Gutierrez Artwork
01:06 — Barry watches as Darrell makes triple digits on a haul of artwork by Frank Gutierrez.
Mary's Electronic Dartboard
01:48 — Mary plays a game of darts to up her profit on an electronic dartboard in this scene from "Downtown Lockers and Uptown Dreams."
Barry Strikes Back: $3500 Dud
Barry remembers the time he spent a few thousand dollars on a dud of a unit.
Barry Strikes Back: BDSM Gear
Barry looks back on the episode in which he tested out BDSM gear found in a storage unit on his tax accountant.
Mary's G.I. Joe Playset
Mary consults super-collector James DeSimone to find out what a G.I. Joe aircraft carrier playset is worth in this scene from "Mexican Grand Off."
Mary's Antique Bathroom Appliances
Mary finds a few interesting antique bathroom appliances in this collection of scenes from "From Dust 'Til Dawn."
Not Your Average Bear Trailer
01:11 — The buyers make a pilgrimage to the desert of Lancaster, CA. West side heavy hitter Nabila Haniss makes the trek and is richly rewarded. Dave Hester b (more…)
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Ivy's Blind Learning Devices
01:39 — Ivy learns about the history and value of a Braille typewriter and a laptop for the visually impaired in this scene from "From Dust 'Til Dawn."
Barry Strikes Back: Dog-Attack Suit
01:51 — Barry watches the episode in which Brandi and Jarrod took a full-body dog-attack suit to be appraised.
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