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Sun Jul 3 4:00pm
A Civil Accordion(Season 3, Episode 6) A&E

A visit to Industry, Cal.

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Sun Jul 3 4:30pm
Willkommen to the Dollhouse(Season 3, Episode 13) A&E

Garden Grove, Cal., is visited.

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Sun Jul 3 5:00pm
The Yup Stops Here(Season 3, Episode 14) A&E

A visit to Riverside, Cal.

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Sun Jul 3 5:30pm
Buy, Buy Birdie(Season 3, Episode 15) A&E

Chino, Cal., is toured.

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Sun Jul 3 6:00pm
The Return of San Burrito(Season 3, Episode 16) A&E

San Bernardino, Cal., is visited.

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Sun Jul 3 6:30pm
There's Something About Barry(Season 3, Episode 17) A&E

A visit to Lakewood, Cal.

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Tue Jul 5 10:00am
Locker Mountain High(Season 6, Episode 15) A&E

Upland, Cal., is toured.

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Tue Jul 5 10:30am
Fontan-o-rama(Season 6, Episode 16) A&E

Fontana, Cal., is explored.

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Tue Jul 5 11:00am
Mr. Nezhoda's Opus(Season 6, Episode 17) A&E

Torrance, Cal., is toured.

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Tue Jul 5 11:30am
Leader of the Packed(Season 6, Episode 18) A&E

Bellflower, Cal., is visited.

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Tue Jul 5 12:00pm
Padian: P.I.(Season 7, Episode 1) A&E

Season 7 begins with Ivy looking to score items he needs in Fontana, Cal., while Jarrod and Brandi decide they'll have to employ a sharp strategy in order to land a good locker.

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Tue Jul 5 12:30pm
The Thrill of a Kitty and the Agony of Smoked Meat(Season 7, Episode 2) A&E

In Moreno Valley, Cal., Darrell proves that sometimes treasure can look like trash; Mary tries to elicit information from the more seasoned buyers; and Rene is determined to win the contest for best locker.

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Tue Jul 5 1:00pm
Storage Wars A&E

A team of professional buyers seeks gems within repossessed storage units.

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Tue Jul 5 1:30pm
There Will Be Blood Money(Season 7, Episode 3) A&E

Mary hopes to turn a rough day around after she arrives in Riverside, Cal., for an auction, where she faces stiff competition from Rene, Dave and Brandi.

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Tue Jul 5 2:00pm
It's All Smoke and Mirrors(Season 7, Episode 5) A&E

The locker hunters are looking for big buys, and even Ivy is willing to spend his money, when they travel to Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.

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Tue Jul 5 2:30pm
Bozek Is My Spirit Animal(Season 7, Episode 7) A&E

There are treasures for some and turmoil for others as the buyers square off in Lake Elsinore, Cal.

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Fri Jul 15 10:00am
What Cowboy Dreams May Come(Season 7, Episode 8) A&E

Dave Hester makes the other buyers struggle to get a decent locker when they show up at his old stomping grounds of Santa Ana, Cal.

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Fri Jul 15 10:30am
Too Many Cooks in the Locker(Season 7, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers head to Ivy's home turf of Lancaster, Cal., where Mary tries to strike a deal with a surprising ally. Also: Jarrod and Brandi turn up the heat on the competition—and each other; and Rene goes well outside of his territory to prove his dominanc (more…)

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Fri Jul 15 11:00am
They'll Always Have Perris(Season 8, Episode 1) A&E

In the Season 8 premiere, an early morning auction in Perris, Cal., begins with Jarrod and Brandi in high spirits, but things get tense when Dave shows up with more bluster than usual. Meanwhile, Mary tries not to let the other buyers get her down; at the (more…)

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Fri Jul 15 11:30am
Tinseltown Tussle(Season 7, Episode 10) A&E

Dave doesn't let his hatred of Hollywood keep him from an unusual auction; and Mary gets a leg up on the competition with a not-so-secret weapon.

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Fri Jul 15 12:00pm
Ivy for the Win(Season 7, Episode 11) A&E

A first-class auction in Arcadia, Cal., brings high stakes and even higher bidding amounts. Included: Sparks fly when Dave targets Jarrod and Brandi; Ivy strikes early in hopes of landing a solid unit; and Mary struggles to keep up with the spending of her (more…)

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Fri Jul 15 12:30pm
High Stakes and Low Blows(Season 7, Episode 12) A&E

Ivy looks to score a major find no matter what the cost in Montebello, Cal.; at the same time, Jarrod and Brandi resolve not to let another big locker get away from them; and Dave paces his bids, but not his temper.

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Fri Jul 15 1:00pm
Valley of the Hauls(Season 7, Episode 13) A&E

The buyers travel out of their way in hopes of finding treasure in Moreno Valley, Cal. While Mary tries a daring new approach, Ivy decides to keep it old school by targeting a working man's unit. Also: Dave does his best to distract Rene from the lockers.

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Fri Jul 15 1:30pm
Some Like It Hotter(Season 8, Episode 2) A&E

The bidders make the long trek to hot Palm Desert, Cal., where a few locals give Rene a run for his money and Mary is tempted to spend beyond her budget. Also: Jarrod and Brandi find themselves relying on some unreliable help.

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