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Sat Oct 1 1:00am
A Tale of Two Jackets(Season 3, Episode 24) FYI

Jarrod and Brandi make a surprising discovery.

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Sat Oct 1 1:30am
Auctioning for Dummies(Season 4, Episode 1) FYI

A visit to Stanton, Cal.

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Sat Oct 1 2:00am
Jurassic Bark(Season 3, Episode 23) FYI

A trip to Mission Hills, Cal.

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Sat Oct 1 2:30am
Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?(Season 4, Episode 12) FYI

A visit to Burbank, Cal.

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Sat Oct 1 3:01am
Portrait of the Gambler(Season 3, Episode 26) FYI

Montebello, Cal., is toured.

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Sat Oct 1 3:31am
Still Nobody's Vault But Mine(Season 3, Episode 30) FYI

Conclusion. The buyers visit Chatsworth, Cal.

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Sat Oct 1 11:00am
The Return of the Mogul's Return!(Season 5, Episode 22) A&E

Jarrod battles a hangover, making Brandi worried about his performance.

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Sat Oct 1 11:30am
The Man in Black Is Back...In Black(Season 5, Episode 21) A&E

Dave Hester returns; an injury forces Ivy to alter his strategy.

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Sat Oct 1 12:00pm
Bunny Owns This Town(Season 5, Episode 23) A&E

Ivy uncovers a treasure; Jarrod and Brandi try to avoid distractions from Dave.

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Sat Oct 1 12:30pm
Bowling for Brandi(Season 5, Episode 24) A&E

Darrell and Brandon return to West Covina, Cal.

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Sat Oct 1 1:00pm
Bid Strong and Prosper(Season 5, Episode 28) A&E

The return of Dan Dotson in Costa Mesa, Cal., where the buyers have their sights set on Dave Hester in his home turf. Also: Darrell and Brandon take things over the top; and Jarrod and Brandi go to a place where no bidder has gone before.

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Sat Oct 1 1:30pm
Hestered in the Highlands(Season 5, Episode 29) A&E

Murrieta, Cal., is explored.

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Sat Oct 1 2:00pm
Auction Boogaloo(Season 6, Episode 1) A&E

A piece of board-game history is found in the Season 7 premiere.

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Sat Oct 1 2:30pm
Locktoberfest!(Season 6, Episode 4) A&E

A special locker is found by Jarrod and Brandi.

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Sat Oct 1 3:00pm
My Little Brony(Season 6, Episode 2) A&E

Oceanside, Cal., is toured.

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Tue Oct 4 10:00am
The Adventures of Max Profit(Season 5, Episode 15) A&E

Jarrod reveals an alter ego to Brandi.

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Tue Oct 4 10:30am
Ghosts Don't Need Money(Season 5, Episode 16) A&E

Casey tries to curb Rene's spending habits.

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Tue Oct 4 11:00am
Pay the Dan(Season 5, Episode 17) A&E

Darrell pulls pranks in an attempt to distract the competition.

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Tue Oct 4 11:30am
The Robot Cowboy(Season 5, Episode 18) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi try out a new strategy.

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Tue Oct 4 12:00pm
It's Bring Your Kids to Work Day(Season 5, Episode 19) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi bring their kids to an auction.

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Tue Oct 4 12:30pm
The Mom Factor(Season 5, Episode 20) A&E

Casey tries her hand at bidding; Ivy transforms his store into an auction house.

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Tue Oct 4 1:00pm
The Emperor of El Monte(Season 6, Episode 3) A&E

El Monte, Cal., is toured in the Season 7 premiere.

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Tue Oct 4 1:30pm
Deep in the Heart of Upland(Season 5, Episode 25) A&E

A surprise visitor arrives from Texas.

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Tue Oct 4 2:00pm
The Daneurysm(Season 5, Episode 26) A&E

The buyers visit Hemet, Cal.

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