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Thursday, October 03, 2013 Season 4 Episode 8 watch on VUDU (Paid)

The auction action goes down in the east Texas town of Longview. Lesa and Jerry play their home-field advantage and lock horns with the new team of Jenny and Mary. "Man in Black" Rudy Castro takes aim at an unusual weapon. Ricky and Bubba, seeking to expand their warehouse, reckon with more than they can handle. Out in Longview, there may be something for everyone--if their competition lets them get it.

Hoopty Dreams

Feb 26, 2013 Season 2 Episode 34

The buyers return to the classic Texas town of Fort Worth, where Victor seeks an ally in his bidding battle against Ricky and Bubba, who have their eyes on a coveted plasma cutter. Jenny finds an antique worthy of scientific examination. Moe and Mary try to stock up for their Hoopty Sale -- even if that means breaking and entering. In a week where teamwork falls short, the buyers learn that two heads in the auction game can sometimes mean zero dollars.
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Hoarder Patrol

Feb 26, 2013 Season 2 Episode 33

The auction takes place in the small East Texas town of Hallsville -- and it seems like nearly everyone shows up to compete with our buyers. Vic meets a local beauty queen, while Ricky and Bubba fight the crowds for a locker that may play a winning tune. Jenny's discovery takes her to a house of worship, while Mary and Moe hope to win a locker -- even if it incurs the wrath of Moe's wife.
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The Ninja And The Pitmaster

Feb 19, 2013 Season 2 Episode 32

The buyers converge in the town of DeSoto where a stranger on a motorcycle raises both prices and eyebrows. With only four lockers up for grabs, Ricky and Bubba aim for a sweep. Moe and Mary find that something is cooking with their car engine. Jenny plans for big furniture and ends up in the doghouse. With so few chances for a profitable find, every locker is a white-knuckle battle and a stealthy new buyer sneaks in to make a few enemies.
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Throw Momma from the Auction

Feb 19, 2013 Season 2 Episode 31

The auction takes place in Lancaster, Texas -- a spot on Bonnie and Clyde's 1934 robbery spree -- and the buyers also hope to make out like bandits. Rick and Bubba seek to stock up for a huge furniture sale. Moe, back from a Hawaii vacation, buys a risky locker, running afoul of Mary. Jenny Grumbles, joined by her mother, finds something in a furniture locker that leaves her hanging, while Victor seems more interested in Jenny's mother than the auction. With one team aiming for a five figure profit, and another just happy to get out in one piece, it's boom or bust once more in this Old West town.
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Shake Your Tailfeather!

Feb 12, 2013 Season 2 Episode 30

The buyers hit the old Chisholm Trail city of Fort Worth. Jenny identifies Ricky and Bubba as obstacles to her success and aims to beat them at their own game. Victor finds women s accessories and offends the appraiser. Moe and Mary make a discovery that leads them to a burlesque performance. While a few buyers play it safe, the ones who leave their comfort zone find the best value in Fort Worth.
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Fast Times At Texas High

Feb 12, 2013 Season 2 Episode 29

The auction in Killeen, Texas, where Bubba Smith went to high school, stirs up teenage memories for the Rangers and the other buyers. Victor overcomes a bad hair day to uncover some Civil War collectibles. Jenny is forced to moonlight as a safecracker. The Doc and the Junkster must use Mary s refurbishing skills to get value out of an outmoded dining room set. While Bubba attempts to be the big man on campus in his homecoming, other buyers may end up most likely to succeed.
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Darth Victor

Feb 05, 2013 Season 2 Episode 28

The auction action gets tense in Arlington, Texas. Jenny must once again face down her nemeses Ricky and Bubba to acquire her dream locker. Moe and Mary discover rhythm and melody. Victor "the Outsider" goes undercover and unearths a relic from the 1970s that could be a thing of beauty. While one buyer discovers their dark side on the way to a victory, the losers are reminded that there are no friends at a storage auction.
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Mayor of Money Town

Feb 05, 2013 Season 2 Episode 27

The buyers return to the town of Carrollton, Texas. Victor pursues a custom motorcycle and finds more machinery than he anticipated. Ricky and Bubba go face to face with one of Ricky s biggest fears. Mary and Moe pursue a "showpiece" while Jenny patiently waits for what develops. With a five-figure haul at stake, what most buyers consider trash is truly one buyer s treasure.
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Bronze Beauty

Jan 29, 2013 Season 2 Episode 26

The auction action takes place in the tiny town of Pantego, Texas. Victor gets back in the game when he discovers a box of antique periodicals. Moe and Mary find a useful item in a beauty salon unit. Jenny competes with Ricky and Bubba, who are locked out of possible riches. While some buyers settle for a bronze, others strike gold, and prove that the best things come from a small town s packages.
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A Ricky Runs Through It

Jan 29, 2013 Season 2 Episode 25

The auction returns to the historic town of Waxahachie, where Victor needs to halt a losing streak. Moe and Mary, trying to help Mary s struggling brick and mortar, hope to score big with an antique instrument. Jenny returns to a time-tested strategy to get ahead. Rangers Bubba and Ricky reel in a surprise. While one buyer attempts to kill the others with kindness, it s the ones who play tough who make a killing.
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You Break, You Buy

Jan 15, 2013 Season 2 Episode 23

The buyers return to Mesquite, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba have experienced a famous losing streak. Jenny fights through a work-related injury. Vic sweats the small stuff. Moe and Mary uncover items that have them jumping and dancing. With half the buyers fighting through real or imagined disadvantages, Mesquite could be a winner for anyone with two hands -- provided they re not all thumbs.
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Rules to Buy By

Jan 08, 2013 Season 2 Episode 22

The buyers travel to the classic Texas town of Waxahachie. Moe and Mary meet Moe s match in wood expertise. Jenny Grumbles finds an item that could make her think like a man. Ricky and Bubba play by the rules and find an unusual weapon. One buyer leans on local advice to gain an edge, but just like the old days in the Wild West, it s the straight shooters who are left standing at the end.
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Bubba and the Chocolate Factory

Jan 08, 2013 Season 2 Episode 21

The buyers travel to the tony town of Las Colinas, where they hope mega mansions mean luxurious lockers. Hoping to assert herself, Mary experiments with new bidding calls. Moe experiences a good kind of bomb scare. Jenny s find leads to the world of high-end sports cars. Bubba and Ricky indulge their sweet tooth, and discover that you don t need a golden ticket to enter a world of pure imagination.
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What Do Women Want?

Jan 01, 2013 Season 2 Episode 20

The buyers return to Mesquite, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba have endured a terrible run of luck and due to unforeseen circumstances, the Rangers get off to a dyspeptic start. Victor sets out to discover what women want and ends up at a high school. Jenny learns something new from a rare jazz album. Moe and Mary find that their storage locker has been home to a certain kind of squatter. Whether going back to school or getting schooled, Mesquite teaches some hard lessons, and no one will be saved by the bell.
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Buyers on the Storm

Jan 01, 2013 Season 2 Episode 19

The buyers return to Mineral Wells, where severe weather complicates a day of auctions--and puts a scare into Vic. Ricky and Bubba find items for a hardcore football fan. Jenny s locker delivers a bundle of joy. Moe and Mary take an unforgettable trip to a cattle farm. Whether running for cover or cowering from cows, this week a few of the buyers get more than they can handle.
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Breaking Bubba

Dec 18, 2012 Season 2 Episode 18

Arlington, Texas hosts the auction action. Ricky and Bubba take their finds off to the races. Jenny gets a chance to trade makeover for makeover. Vic eyes a unit that Bubba guesses was used for nefarious purposes. The Doc and The Junkster show up with Moe at less than full strength--and things take a turn for the worse. As the buyers discover, even having all of your faculties is no guarantee to for success, and hard work sometimes isn t enough.
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Mary's New Hoopty Ride

Dec 11, 2012 Season 2 Episode 17

The auctions take place in Oak Cliff, Texas. Jenny battles Mary for a locker containing antique electronics. Vic finds that it's all about the Washingtons. Ricky and Bubba discover a Vaudeville curio with a hidden surprise. Moe and Mary pursue a locker containing what could be Mary's new truck. While one team's dream gets crushed, another learns that a belief in magic can allow them to take flight.
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Tank Girl

Dec 02, 2012 Season 2 Episode 16

The buyers venture to the Dallas suburb of Addison. The Rangers make an antique find that Ricky believes has its origin on the high seas. Jenny uncovers a piece of Hollywood. Mary, going solo, inventively attempts to channel The Doc as she makes a fateful purchase. The action doesn't stop when the bidding ends, and after two buyers haggle over an item, the buyers find that one person's trash is another person's death trap.
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Mary Defeats Auction

Dec 02, 2012 Season 2 Episode 15

Garland, a city boasting the slogan "Texas Made Here," hosts the auction. Moe and Mary find a rare piece of U.S. history. Jenny Grumbles, influenced by a popular book series, discovers items that may stretch her sensibilities. Ricky and Bubba leave their comfort zone to turn a Texas river into a trading post. While one buyer brings more cash than ever before, everyone is quick to learn that there s a lot to be made in Garland.
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I'd Do Anything for Lesa (But I Won't Do That)

Nov 07, 2012 Season 2 Episode 13

Sparks fly in DeSoto, Texas, as Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson return from East Texas to make another score -- and this time, Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian are ready. Victor's emergency find has him rush to the local fire department. Jenny does an incredible makeover on some old furniture. Mary and Moe go spelunking to appraise some unusual items. To the amusement of the other buyers, the tension between Lesa, Jenny, and Mary boils over, and Lesa finds that what she says can and will be used against her.
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Rhymes With Witch

Oct 24, 2012 Season 2 Episode 12

On the hottest day of summer, the buyers return to the wealthy suburb of Lake Highlands, Texas. Victor Rjesnjansky gets burned by a mistake, but a surprise find leads him to the floor of the Dallas Mavericks' basketball arena. Bubba finds a book that might magically transport him to another realm. Moe Prigoff, Mary Padian, and Jenny Grumbles lock horns with a pair from Storage Wars Texas past. As the temperature rises, the competition has never been hotter, and at least one buyer leaves wanting revenge.
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Pinatas and Ta-Tas

Oct 17, 2012 Season 2 Episode 11

Some buyers have enjoyed a successful first day in Austin, but on the second and final day, the Doc and the Junkster turn desperate. Not wanting to return home with an empty rental truck, Moe and Mary go all in on a locker full of pinatas.
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Aust - in Translation

Oct 10, 2012 Season 2 Episode 10

Walt Cade and his buyers hit the road to Austin, Texas-- the capital of the state and home to a multitude of proudly eclectic weirdoes. Moe and Mary battle for an antique unit with an 8 grand payout. Jenny gets a lesson in rock and roll. Victor finds an energizing item. And Rangers Ricky and Bubba use their home turf advantage to kick out the tourist competition. In a city whose motto is "Keep Austin Weird"-- one team will truly learn the definition of an oddity.
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Jenny Bears All

Sep 19, 2012 Season 2 Episode 9

The buyers ride out to the cowboy town of Mesquite, Texas. Mary Padian tries to impress Dr. Moe with a sleak, refurbished pool table. Jenny Grumbles uncovers a hot and steely garden item. Ricky and Bubba duke it out for a unit with some antique equestrian gear, while Victor Rjesnjansky attempts to snatch up his piece of the pie. But when Jenny suffers a blow to the head, her dreams of storage glory go up in smoke.
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Night of the Pondering Dead

Sep 12, 2012 Season 2 Episode 8

In the small town of Ponder, a dark secret looms; the townspeople pounce on lockers like hordes of zombies. Ricky and Bubba score some intimate objects for cattle. Jenny Grumbles scrambles for antique furniture. Victor hears the voice of doom when appraising motorcycle gear, while Moe and Mary uncover an object that may have been built by Benjamin Franklin. As the buyers quickly learn--in the town of Ponder, the rabid citizens are quite fond of brains.
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Bubbapocalypse Now

Sep 05, 2012 Season 2 Episode 7

In Arlington, Texas tensions reach critical mass. Fed up with Victor's head games, Bubba vows to run the price up on his "Outsider" nemesis. Jenny Grumbles finds an item with some stimulating properties. Mary and Moe try their hand at having a strategy... for once. And Ricky Smith finds a collectable coin that may save the world from the Mayan Apocalypse. With collectable dolls and ancient artifacts at stake, who will feel enraptured and who be swallowed up in the rapture?
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No Stash, Moe's Stache

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 6

Carrollton, Texas hosts the auction. Moe and Mary debate their team name. Victor Rjesnjansky tries to blend in with some camouflage hunting gear. Jenny Grumbles wages war with Mary Padian for a unit with some glass blowing items. And Ricky and Bubba visit in old friend for a lesson in drugs. With the buyers acting crazy, who will be able to turn their storage stash into cold, hard cash?
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Out of Af-Ricky

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 5

The buyers venture to Cedar Hill, Texas-- home of the rich and fabulous Dr. Moe Prigoff. Jenny Grumbles tries to toast Victor for a locker filled with chotskies. Bubba journeys alone to the heart of storage darkness. Mary tries to keep Moe from losing his mind and buying a locker filled with BBQ sauce. And Victor brings his truck to sweep the competition. From civil war prosthetics to voodoo statues--one buyer will curse his locker and one locker will curse its buyer.
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Vic in the Head

Aug 22, 2012 Season 2 Episode 4

The buyers head to Tyler, Texas--a country town with a thriving art scene. Ricky tries to remove the "Vic fungus" that's invaded Bubba's head. Jenny Grumbles finds a rare insect display. Victor Rjesnjansky brawls for a unit with an antique train set. And Moe Prigoff reveals a dark secret in hopes of getting Mary's help. While one team enlists Grand Slam Champion Ann Smith to make heads of their tennis heads, another goes to an old friend to make sure their sculptural bust is not a bust.
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Hate to Burst Your Bubba

Aug 22, 2012 Season 2 Episode 3

Auctions take place in Lake Highlands, Texas--a wealthy suburb of Dallas. Victor Rjesnjansky snakes his way into Bubba's mind--turning him against Ricky. Jenny Grumbles scours the lockers, while working for a very picky client. Mary Padian bids against her former mentor. And Dr. Moe Prigoff returns to the auction--finding an item that blows up in his face. From repurposed to refurbished--the buyers will have to hustle to pump up their profits.
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Mary Had a Little Blom

Aug 15, 2012 Season 2 Episode 2

The buyers travel to the transportation hub of Irving, TX. Dr. Moe's protege, Mary Padian, returns -- giving refurbisher, Jenny Grumbles, a run for her money.
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Flight of the GrumbleBee

Aug 15, 2012 Season 2 Episode 1

The buyers journey to the resort and spa town of Mineral Wells. "Rangers" Ricky and Bubba face off with Victor for a luxury household locker.
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